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Chapter 8: Coffee House Crime


Day arrived without the sun. The clouds thundered as the rain poured outside the window. Richard did not want to get out of bed on such a gloomy day, so he lazed for an hour staring at his bedroom ceiling. When someone finally knocked on his door, it was when his father had left for work.

“Master Richard, your father has left,” a maidservant said.

Richard rolled out of bed and snatched for his phone before lazily pulling his bedroom door open. The young maidservant quickly dropped her head as she gestured towards the stairs.

“What’s for breakfast?” Richard asked.

“Eggs benedict.”

“Change that to pancakes.”

The maidservant nodded and went ahead. By the time Richard entered the large and empty dining room, a chair was pulled out for him and his glass was filled with juice. Taking a seat as he waited for the arrival of his pancakes, he checked his phone and found a text from Guinevere the night before.

“Nice,” he said to himself, and then he wondered why Jodie had not sent him a text too. He had hope she would, but before he could come up with an excuse to convince himself she did not hate him, his phone rang.

“What?” Richard answered.

“I wanted to remind you about the meeting today,” his assistant said; the assistant his father placed in his presence to spy on him.

“After lunch, I know.”

“Please don’t be late. Your father will be there.”

“Great. I can’t wait to see him. How has he been?” Richard asked sarcastically.


“Tell him I said ‘hi’,” Richard replied before ending the call.

The day was pretty much uneventful after breakfast. Richard dragged himself to the bathroom before dragging himself to his car. Did he want to attend the meeting? Not at all. He had no choice. His father threatened to cut him off of his inheritance if he did not make an effort to take over the reigns of the law firm. As a matter of fact, he needed his inheritance. Richard was never given the chance to do what he loved, so his skillset was built upon the things he was talentless in. Truthfully, he would not be able to survive without his father’s money.

Knowing that he was useless in society aside from the wealth he was living in, Richard wanted to make something of himself. That was why he tried his luck and submitted his request for the clubhouse challenge. If he actually won the ownership of Skypeak, he would no longer need to conform to the blackmail his father had placed before him. Richard could finally be his own man and live his own life. But at that point of time, he still needed to do as he was told.

When Richard arrived at the glassy skyscraper in the heart of the city, he confidently strode into the building with a wide smile on his face. Smiling was his forte that one found difficult to tell if he was faking. But if he was being honest, all his smiles were fake. It was a show to perhaps gain favour from his subordinates, even though it gave those higher up a wrong impression.

“Good afternoon sir,” the young lady at the front desk greeted.

“Good afternoon to you too,” Richard replied. He wanted to carry on and ask about her day, but he was interrupted.

“You’re here! Finally!” his assistant called out, as the man jogged to his side.

“Yes, finally! Aren’t you happy to see me?” Richard asked with a smile.

His assistant, unable to decipher sarcasm, gave a forced smile in return.

“So where is this meeting? I should be the first to have arrived,” Richard said.

“Not quite. Everyone’s waiting for you.”

“Don’t you people eat lunch?”

This time, his assistant gave a shot with sarcasm as he shook his head with a grin. Richard could only laugh at his horrible attempt. That was the only time that day he found humour, as the meeting was as depressing as a funeral. By the time it was over, Richard wanted to bounce out of there as quickly as he could. Unfortunately, his father asked him to look into a case with one of their attorneys. Forced to obey his father, Richard was only able to leave the building way past dinnertime. He concluded that lawyers did not need food.

No longer having the appetite, Richard decided to head straight home. But on his way back, he made a stop at his favourite coffee house. He could really use a big cup of Frappuccino to end his day on a happier note. It was there in the coffee scented café that he stumbled across two unlikely individuals. Richard never thought that he would have seen those two on a normal day, but after having met them at Skypeak, it was as though the world had shrunk.

As Richard waited for his name to be called, he saw Zach entering the coffee house. Zach made his way to the counter and instead of making an order, he said, “I’m here for a job interview.” Richard was a little curious and wanted to continue eavesdropping, but a barista managed to drown Zach’s voice by calling, “Matthias!”

The world had shrunk alright. When Richard took a quick look around, he spotted his favourite rival on the phone by the window. He had the most childish desire to snatch his order, but at the same time, he wanted to know if Zach would get the job. Which was more important? Richard had to choose.

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