The Lucrative Business

A collection of 4 short stories of 4 connected individuals that are affected or involved in one of the world’s most lucrative business.

I wrote this based off a short film I did because I was inspired to write what I could not put on screen, and I wanted to give the characters a deeper back story. The setting of the story is in the heart of my country, Kuala Lumpur, which is where the film is based in as well.

I believe that spreading awareness about the global crisis of modern day slavery and human trafficking is important, as many countries around the world are affected by it. The more people know about this social issue, the more people would want to stand up and fight against it.

So, here’s me doing my part in spreading awareness.

You can read the short stories first, OR, watch the film first; your choice. Just do me a favour and spread the awareness once you are done 🙂 We all can make a difference in one way or another!

Story List:

The Transporter

The Merchandise

The Man in the Suit

The Apprentice

Watch the short film below!


The Lucrative Business © 2012 by Jeyna Grace. 
All rights reserved.  

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