I’ve worked with different artists along the way and it’s only right to give them credit for sharing their time and talent. Here are the awesome people who deserve their very own spotlight. So be sure to check them out and tell them I sent you!


#1 Ivan Wong

I’ve known Ivan for many years and he has always been so willing to draw for me. Do me a favour and check out his blog. He’s really talented!

Each drawing you see below was hand drawn for the Joanna Chen fan fiction novel.

*The colouring of the landscape art was done by Jewel Y. We went to the same kindergarten when we were kids!

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#2 Tham Yang Chee

Tham doesn’t have a blog or a deviantart, but he was the one behind The Dreamer and Magnum Opus. He also added on and digitized the cover of Raindrops. He’s truly a gifted graphic designer—his works never fail to impress.


#3 Zaquard Kim

I met MinHo through a friend. He was the artist behind the teaser artworks for The Battle For Oz.  You should pay his deviantart a visit! He has much more awesome artworks to show. Oh, and he’s a game developer too!


rsz_raindrops-danielle#4 Danielle Soong

Danielle is a super talented traditional art artist.

She’s a pro at pencil and colour pencil art, so I decided to enlist her help for the Raindrops cover. This piece was done with only colour pencil and water colour!




#5 Jason Lee

Dr Slubgob

A talented graphic and motion graphic designer, Jason offered his time to design the book cover of Dr. Slubgob’s Letters. It was the first minimalist book cover I had on my book list! Isn’t it cool?

Check out his portfolio here!




5#6 John Robin

I worked with John on the realm map and kingdom map for The Slave Prince.

I featured him in this post, where he shared about the entire process of putting my imagination onto paper. John is also an author who blogs on TheEpicFantasyWriter. Do pay his fictional works a visit!



This isn’t the end of the list—there are more to come. But for now, aren’t these people awesome? I’m so glad you agree!


93 thoughts on “Collabs”

    1. Years ago (2016), I uploaded a not-so-amazing pic on Deviantart 😂, but, after some improvements, I think I’ll use WordPress and/or Instagram, sites without Elitists (the 1’s that just ignore or insult you) or over-charging to make your page more appealing. 😒 Or maybe I’ll create my own site someday (my fave artists do this). 😆 Line Webtoon seems like a wonderful option too, considering I love drawing comics. 😊

    2. Oh, I didn’t know that’s the case on Deviantart. Well, ignore those people! Your passion is what matters most 🙂

      Do drop me the link once you’ve found a new place for your art! I’d love to take a peek 😀

    3. Yeah, I met some nice DA people, so it’s not THAT bad, but it still saddens me a bit. 😢 I try to ignore them.

      Ok, sure! 😆 I’ll send a link ASAP. 😃

      I was actually thinking of making a drawing version of the “3 Words, 1 Story” thing (I have an OC that works for the “Panda, Freckles, Space Pilot” 1… 😊). It may not be a story, but it inspired me.

      Have an excellent day! 👋🏾

    4. Wow, what an honour! Please share that with me. I’d love to link it to the story once you’re done 🙂

      And you too! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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