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Chapter 7: Exchanging Numbers


Waiting was not Guinevere’s favourite past time. In fact, she hated waiting more than anything else. Having grown accustomed to the upper class lifestyle, she outgrew her patience. However, she did put on a show for her fiancé. It was indeed an act, but in all honesty, she really wanted to see him that night.

After being told of the assignment that stood before her, Guinevere needed someone to vent to. As brat-ful as that sounded, she just wanted the company of the man that loved her. It was not as though he was the only one, but Wayne always made her feel better. Guinevere did thought of going to her mother and sister about it, but she knew they would tell her to suck it up. After all, they’ve been doing it for years. Her family did not dine with silver spoons, but they made sure to be in a healthy wealthy range. Sucking up was how they managed to keep their status.

As Guinevere waited for Wayne in his minimalist themed office, she could not help but stare at the clock on the wall. He told her five minutes ago that he would be back, but ten minutes had passed and he had yet to return. She thought of giving him a call, and then was reminded that he always left his personal phone on his desk. There was no point giving him a ring… but she was the only one that knew that.

Wayne was a simple man, so his phone rang with its default tone. Guinevere hesitated for a moment before heading to his desk. If his parents were calling, it was not good to make them worry, or so she told herself. Unfortunately, when she saw the caller’s name she could not help but sigh.

Sliding the green icon across the screen, she answered, “What do you want?”

The voice on the other line chuckled before replying, “I’ll call back when he answers.”

Guinevere wanted to demand an explanation, but Jodie hung up immediately after. Rolling her eyes, she roughly placed the phone on the desk and just as she did, Wayne walked in.

“Did someone call?” he asked.

“Nope,” Guinevere replied.

Wayne nodded before adding, “I’m sorry for making you wait.”

“Can we go now?”

“Yes, we can,” Wayne said with a smile.

Wayne was a tall and handsome catch. All men looked good in a suit, but Wayne looked great in one. The way he carried himself, full of confidence and charm, gave Guinevere a hard time in reeling him in. There were so many fishing for him, it was like hitting a jackpot when he responded to her. Now the only thing she had to deal with was Jodie. Guinevere often wondered why Wayne and Jodie never got together instead.

“I lied,” Guinevere said, just as they entered the car.

“Huh?” Wayne simply responded.

“Jodie called.”

“Oh, did you answer?”

Guinevere nodded. “She’ll call back later.”

“It’s quite a coincidence how both of you were chosen. I mean, what are the odds?” Wayne said with a short laugh.

“God is playing a horrible trick on me,” Guinevere replied.

“No, God is doing me a favour. Now you two can be best friends.”

Guinevere rolled her eyes again. It was not as though she did not try to befriend Jodie. There was a time where she thought they could actually get along, but after exchanging a couple of words, she knew it was not going to work. Jodie clearly did not like her, and she did not bother trying to be liked.

“Ha, ha,” Guinevere said.

“I don’t understand you two. In the future, we might have to babysit each other’s children,” Wayne replied jokingly.

“Ha! Not going to happen.”

“You never know.”

After a short drive, they pulled up in front of a restaurant. Guinevere usually did not eat that late, but for the sake of Wayne she closed an eye. Even so, she ordered a salad just to be safe. She already tried on her wedding dress and she did not want to have to make any alterations.

“So, I heard about the horror of the upcoming task,” Wayne brought up, just as their wine glasses were being filled.

“Jodie told you?” Guinevere asked.

Wayne shrugged and Guinevere nodded. She was prepared to tell him more about it when his phone rang again. Guinevere did not have to be psychic to guess who was calling.

“I’ll take it outside,” Wayne said.

“You can take it here.”

“I don’t want you glaring at me,” Wayne said with a smile.

Sighing, Guinevere watched as he strode out of the restaurant. Wayne was right though, she would be glaring at him. What was so urgent about the call anyway? Deciding that she was not going to wait for him looking like an abandoned puppy, she reached into her bag and pulled out her compact powder case. But just as she did, a couple of cards fell out together; the ace of spades and two business cards.

The first business card belonged to Richard. He had handed it to her on their way to the lounge that evening. The second business card belonged to Matthias. He met Guinevere at the car park and offered services if she needed any. Guinevere accepted both cards happily because she did not want to miss an opportunity to network. Who knows, they could be useful later on in the ‘game’.

At that very point of time, Guinevere whipped out her phone and decided to drop them a message, since she did not have a business card to trade. But when she looked up at Wayne, he seemed to be done with his call. So, she decided to give one of them a text, while the other would just have to wait. Who should she connect with first? Guinevere had to choose.

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