12 Genre Months

Writing the same genre day in, day out can be quite a bore. So to shake things up—to push the boundaries of my writing and creative abilities—I’ve decided to embark on this new challenge.

Every month of the year, I’ll write a story in one of the set genres below. And if you’d like to come along for the ride, you are most welcomed! The only rule you must follow is to write within the genre—everything else is up to (me and) you.

It’s time we stopped stifling our creativity by creating within our comfort zones. The only way to grow as a creator is to face the unknown.

– The 12 Genres Of 2018 –

January – Philosophical: Cave of Dreams
February – Romance: The Myth of Politicus and Zhen
March – Action: Blind Faith
April – Crime: Dear Victor
May – Adventure: Alexa the Great Explorer
June – Historical: Moonlight Pavilion
July – Slice Of Life: How About John?
August – Thriller: Missing Buttons
September – Mystery: The Murder Of Lady Patricia
October – Horror: Voices From The Attic
November – Fantasy: Wishing Well
December – Science Fiction: Five Words

– The 12 Genres Of 2019 –

January – Western: A Single Coal
February – Dystopian: The Above
March – Mythology: The Little God
April – Fable: Crown Prince Philius
May – Swashbuckler: Lady Chivalry
June – Lost World: 36,200 Feet
July – Anti-Novel: The Man With The Missing Fingers
August – Psychological Thriller: Search Future
September – Realism: Puteri & The Frog
October – Space Opera: The Songbird Of Andromeda
November – Detective Fiction: Circle Of Chalk
December – Superhero Fiction: The Winter Raven

– The 12 Genres Of 2020 –

January – Legend: Rebirth
February – Magical Realism: Glamour
March – Mythopoeia: Mortal
April – Tragicomedy: Tragedy
May – Dying Earth: Quietus
June – Spy Fiction: Geheim
July – Melodrama: Hashtag
August – Dark Fantasy: Umbra
September – Alternative History: Twenty-Twenty
October – Monster Literature: Monster
November – Pulp Fiction: Spliced
December – Bildungsroman:

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