Chapter 17: Red Or Blue


It was all business. From the moment they said ‘hello’, all the way to the end of the main course. Everything was strictly professional, until dessert arrived. That was when the topic of interest changed to a very unexpected one.

“So, out of curiosity, what’s up with you and Jodie?” Matthias asked, as he dug into his bowl of red bean soup.

“Nothing’s up. Our relationship is pretty much a downhill one,” Guinevere answered while she twiddled with her soup spoon. “Why? Is it obvious?”

“There’s noticeable tension. Is she friends with Mrs Dune?”

Guinevere chuckled. “How do you know I have a problem with Mrs Dune?”

“You pretended to be her, remember?”

The memory of posing as the politician’s wife during the ice-breaking session came to mind. Guinevere could not believe such a glorious event went forgotten so quickly. She briefly wondered if Mrs Dune had strange encounters due to her play pretend and decided to find out when she got the chance.

“Oh, yes. But no, Mrs Dune is probably the last person Jodie would befriend.”

“You seem to know her well.”

“Well enough, I guess,” Guinevere responded, as she finally sunk her spoon into the glistening beancurd pudding.

“She seems very serious to me, if you know what I mean.”

“She is, annoyingly so. She’s the girl in school who’s always elected as the class monitor.”

“I didn’t know that,” Matthias said with a hint of surprise.

“I’m assuming. I had lunch with her one time, not alone of course, it would have been awkward, but with a couple of friends in common. And when the change for the bill came back with a few cents extra, she insisted we return it. A few cents, nobody is going to miss a few cents.”

She was hoping Matthias would have found the story ridiculous, but instead, he looked impressed. Getting an inkling, she asked, “Are you… interested in Jodie?”

Choking at the question, Matthias quickly cleared his throat before answering, “No, no. I’m just curious, that’s all.”

Guinevere had a suspicion that Matthias was up to something, but she could not be bothered about it. If it had anything to do with Jodie, she wanted nothing to do with it. It was not that she hated Jodie, she just disliked her and her opposition. For them to actually be friends would be highly unlikely.

That night, as Guinevere lay in her bed thinking about how Jodie and her were like oil and water, she received a text message from Ms Leona. It simply read, ‘Red or blue.’ It wasn’t a question but a statement, which made Guinevere silently wonder, is that the dress code? Not wanting to take any chances, she hurried to her closet to pick out a bright red dress. There was no surprise with her choice of colour, as anyone who knew her briefly would have been able to expect that of her. After all, it is the colour of power. With that settled, she called it a night, hoping tomorrow would not have her scrubbing the floors again.

The following morning, Guinevere was happy to find that she was not the only one who came in red or blue. Matthias wore a black suit as usual, but it was accompanied with a blue tie, Zach wore a simple light blue shirt, Jodie had on a red blouse, and Richard stole the show with an oriental print, dark blue jacket, over a striking red graphic tee.

“What are you wearing?” was the first question Matthias asked when Richard entered Skypeak lobby.

They did not know where to gather, so they decided to lounge among the empty armchairs early that day.

“Better clothes than you,” Richard replied with a smirk, before greeting everyone, “Morning.”

Everyone responded before another voice replied, echoing through the almost empty lobby, with a good morning.

Guinevere recognised it and turned towards the direction of the voice. Without a doubt, she saw Ms Leona confidently striding in her Jimmy Choo’s. It was a pair she had once coveted, a special edition with a heart breaking price tag.

‘Either she’s loaded or she’s smart,’ Guinevere thought.

After her eyes tore away from the black heels, Guinevere noticed five files in Ms Leona’s arms. Two were red and the other three were blue. When she finally reached them, she laid the files on the glass coffee table and gestured for them to each take one.

Jodie reached for the red file almost immediately, but before any of the men could make their pick, Guinevere stopped them.

“Ladies first, gentlemen,” Guinevere said.

The three men gave in and Richard gestured for her to go ahead. But before she did, Guinevere turned to Ms Leona and asked, “This is not a team task, is it?”

Ms Leona gave her a smile before saying, “No, it isn’t.”

Nodding in reply, she heaved a silent sigh of relief. Guinevere disliked working in teams and she was more than happy to be able to fly solo again. Even if the task was dreadful, it was better to count on herself to complete it rather than count on someone else. Maybe that was the only thing that Jodie and her had in common.

Hearing the answer she wanted, Guinevere now had to make a decision. Red file or blue file? Power or stability? It had nothing to do with the dress code after all, but Guinevere still had to choose.

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No Post Today!


Technically, this is a post, but at the same time, this isn’t a normal post. What I’m trying to say is that this post is written and scheduled in advance to post today… because as you read these words, I’m most probably out doing family visitations in occasion with the first day of the Lunar New Year. Oh, and if you’re celebrating it too, 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year!


Potterheads will get this reference.

Anyway, since there will be no The Clubhouse post today, the polls will be extended till this Sunday. For those who need time catching up, here’s your chance! But if you’re not into The Clubhouse and you want something to read, you can check out my short stories and fan fictions. And if short reads are not your cup of tea and you want something more solid, check out my bookshop. Also, consider making an investment, by pre-ordering my newest novel by Inkshares. Yes, today’s post is a shameless plugging post :P And I’m not done!

How indecent!

If you want to get in touch with me and stay updated, head on to Facebook! And Twitter! Follow and Like! I’ll probably tweet and post my outfit or the amount of ang pows (red packets filled with cash) I’ve collected today. Who knows? Maybe I’ll tweet/post about random stuff too, like a normal person. I’ll be more active on social media the next few days, because the holidays are the only time my life seems a little more exciting. Haha! So be sure to check out my pages :) I’ll appreciate any response to my shameless plugging. Oh yes, I would.

Well, that’s it. I guess that’s all for today. Happy ang pow collecting and have a great weekend ahead!

*Btw I saw a real owl last week and I posted the story on Facebook. See, you’re missing out! The owl perched on my windowsill while I was sleeping. Can’t help but wonder… perhaps it had a letter for me :)


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Chapter 16: To Understand Is To Know


There were numbers in his phone that existed merely for him to ignore, and that list included his father, ex-girlfriend, and Richard. Matthias had Richard’s number saved when they were in university. After graduation, Matthias completely forgot the number was still in his phone. It was only when he received a call from him that he realised he had not erased it.

It was on a Monday afternoon when he saw Richard’s name as his phone vibrated during a meeting. Just as Matthias had previously intended, he ignored the call. That very same night, Richard called again. Once more, Matthias let it ring out. He did not know why Richard was calling him and he could only assume it had something to do with the reunion on Friday. Matthias had already given his answer and began feeling annoyed when the calls continued.

Tuesday, Richard called three more times. On Wednesday, he sent a text instead. It simply read, ‘Pick up your phone. This is important.’ When Richard called again and Matthias did not bother to answer, the calls stopped. It was as though Richard had gotten the message, and the silence on Thursday was a relief. But when the sun rose on Friday, Matthias found himself with a series of messages he could not ignore.

They came in the form of pictures, making his phone bleep like an alarm clock. When they finally stopped, Matthias groggily scrolled through them before being rudely awakened when it got too personal. The images sent to him were snapshots of his and his sister’s private information. Seeing whom it was from, he immediately returned the call.

“I can sue you for this! What do you want?” Matthias demanded, the moment he heard the line click.

“I told you it was important,” Richard replied.

“Why do you have my info? And why do you have my sister’s info?”

“I thought you would know. I mean-”

“I’m in no mood to play around with you, Richard.”

“Relax, ok? I found them. Let’s meet up and I’ll tell you about it.”

“You found them?” Matthias found that reason hard to believe.

“It’s a long story. Like I said, let’s-”

“I don’t want to meet up. I’m not playing your game.” Matthias had enough of Richard’s childish endeavours.

“I’m not playing a game, I’m serious. I tried to call you the whole week, but you wouldn’t pick up. I’m sorry I had to send you the pictures. It seemed to be the only way to get your attention.”

Matthias remained silent at the response. Richard did not sound as though he was joking around, and Matthias began to worry. It was one thing to deal with Richard if he was planning to exploit him, but it was another whole ballgame if it wasn’t him.

Calming himself down, Matthias took in a deep breath before saying, “Fine. Where did you find it?”

“Can’t we meet up?”

“I can’t. I have a full day. Why, is there more?”

“There’s more.”

“What do you mean there’s more?” Matthias felt his heart skipped in panic.

“More information, but not about you, about someone we know. I didn’t know who to tell and since you’re sort of involved, I thought…”



Matthias wasn’t expecting to hear Jodie’s name. He was tempted to ask what the information was, but quickly pulled himself back.

“Wait, let’s back up a little. Where, when, and whose, first.”

“I was in my father’s office the other day and I found his safe.”

“Naturally, you had to open it,” Matthias added.

“And it’s a good thing I did,” Richard snapped. “Anyway, I found your information inside an envelope, and Jodie’s inside another.”

“What info on Jodie in particular?”

“Hers is a case. I think my father is representing someone to sue her company. It’s none of our business but some of the claims seem stretched. It doesn’t feel like a clean case.”

“I don’t know Jodie well. I don’t think we should tell her either.”

“That’s why I told you. The things my father knows about you, it’s like he or someone he knows, is stalking you.”

“Thanks, for telling me. Sorry for, you know, not answering your calls,” Matthias said, feeling a little bad for assuming Richard was always up to no good. But he still didn’t trust him fully and was curious why he wanted to help.

“You’re… welcome?”

“Why me though? I know the information is about me, but why choose me over your father?”

“I guess, I like you more,” Richard replied with a chuckle. “Besides, it didn’t seem right.”

“Well, yea, it doesn’t seem right.” Matthias never knew Richard had a moral stand, and it came as quite a shock.

“So, what do we do with Jodie’s case?”

“Send it to me, I’ll have a look at it. Then we can decide later,” Matthias said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m not even supposed to have it.”

“Trust me. If it’s really dirty, I’ll find out.”

Richard remained silent for a whole minute before agreeing. After they ended their call, another series of pictures were sent to Matthias’ phone. He briefly scanned through them before a strange feeling nudged him in the gut. What if, the person involved with Jodie is the same person who needed his information? Something told him that if he found the answer to one, he would find the answer to the other. Unfortunately, to understand Jodie’s case is to know Jodie.

Matthias did not know Jodie well. The only ones that knew her were Guinevere, who had issues with her, and Zach, who somehow befriended her easily at Skypeak. If Matthias wanted to know more about her, he needed to ask one of the two. He had to choose.

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Chapter 15: Disconcerting Discoveries


Richard usually woke up earlier than his wake up call. His internal clock always sounded the alarm an hour before the young maidservant came looking for him. However, that morning was different. Even when the knocks on his door thundered like a stampede of elephants, Richard could not fully awake.

“Master Richard? Master Richard, your father insists on having breakfast with you,” the maidservant said.

She probably repeated herself for a good half hour before Richard finally sat up. He came home the night before a little tipsy and his body ached from the work he did all weekend, making it difficult for him to leave his bed.

“What? Why did you wake me up so early?”

“It’s ten thirty, sir. Your father has requested you to join him for breakfast. He has been waiting for about… an hour now.”


Richard could not help but grunt at the idea. Since his mother left, his father did not seem interested in Richard anymore. It was his mother that glued the family together, and with her gone, Richard and his father became strangers.

“I don’t know, sir. But he has been waiting,” she repeated.

“Fine, I’ll be down in ten minutes,” Richard replied.

Dragging his aching body out of bed, he quickly washed up before heading downstairs. On his way, he began to wonder what his father wanted with him. Just as he entered the dining room, he felt as though a weight had been placed upon his shoulders.

“Did you sleep well?” his father asked.

Richard nodded, before giving a thin smile to his father’s assistant. He seemed to be joining them for breakfast, along with Richard’s own assistant.

“What’s going on?” Richard asked, as he took his seat cautiously.

“I’ll need you to help me with something while I’m gone.”

“Where are you going?”

“Not important. But I’ll be gone for two weeks, so I need you to take over the firm during my absence.”

“What?” Richard could not believe his ears.

“Make sure it is still around when I get back,” his father stated, before casually taking a sip at his coffee.

For a brief moment, Richard was lost for words. All he had in his head was the question ‘why?’. His father could have trusted someone more suitable for the job, but he chose to let Richard reign for two weeks? Was he out of his mind?

“I don’t know. I mean, why me?” Richard asked.

“Why you? You’re my son, that’s why. Don’t worry, they’ll help you,” his father answered and pointed to the two other men in the room.

Richard quickly reached for a glass of water to loosen his tightened throat. The conversation felt so out of place, and he wondered if he was still dreaming.

“When will you leave?”

“This evening.”

As though the situation could not have been any more sudden, Richard simply nodded. A few minutes later, his father told him he needed to get ready and left without a goodbye. Nonplussed, Richard ate a slice of bread before heading to his room to get changed. His assistant waited for him patiently, and when he was done, Richard was ushered to the car in a confounded state.

When he finally clocked in, his assistant told him that he had a series of meetings to attend. First with the marketing directors, then with the partners for a big case. Richard stared at his assistant blankly for a few seconds before asking, “Can we… cancel them?”

“No, but nothing much happens during those meetings. You just have to be there to represent your father.”

“Right. Can I have the agenda for the meetings then?” Richard said.

“It’s in-”

“My father’s office? I’ll go get it,” Richard interrupted.


“Don’t follow me. I can find it myself.” Richard needed to gather his thoughts and the short walk to his father’s office would help. Sitting down in a confined place, with his assistant lurking around, only made him feel worse.

Once inside his father’s office, Richard headed to his father’s desk and skimmed through the files. He then noticed a picture seated next to the lamp; an old picture of his parents. Richard wasn’t in it, and they were smiling. Feeling a little hurt that his father did not seem to care about him at all, he slumped onto the chair and heaved a sigh.

“I should have said no,” Richard muttered.

He gave the chair a spin and then stopped it just as it faced a painting on the wall. Richard recognised the painting, as it used to hang in his parents’ bedroom. Curious, he got up and began examining it. Then a strange thought surfaced and he found himself taking the painting down. When he saw what he was thinking, he chuckled.

The little snooping helped Richard relax, so he decided to continue. He began punching a series of numbers on the hidden safe’s lock in attempts to open it. When all his guesses failed, he tried it once more with the date his mother left. The moment the safe unlocked, Richard stood speechless for a couple of seconds.

When he finally snapped out of it, he took a cautious look around before examining the contents of the safe. There were bundles of cash, a square locked box, and a few brown envelopes. The box had a key lock, so he reached for the envelopes instead. He thought he would find nothing interesting, but instead, he found familiar names on the envelopes.

The first envelope had Jodie’s name on it and when he opened it, he found legal documents. It seemed as though someone was building a case against her and her company. The second envelope had Matthias’ name instead and inside was his portfolio and family records. There was even detailed information on Matthias’ sister.

What was his father doing? Why did he have these? It didn’t seem right. Those thoughts sent a shiver down his spine. Not knowing what to do, Richard felt like he needed to share his new find with someone. Maybe Jodie or Matthias might know what’s going on, and if they didn’t, they needed to know. But who should Richard tell? He had to choose.

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Chapter 14: Mama, I Love You


When Matthias turned Richard down, she assumed he already had plans on Friday night. So, it was quite a surprise when Guinevere received a text message from him at the end of the day. She was the first person to bounce out of her horrible uniform and head straight to her car. Half an hour later, just as she pulled into the carpark of her fiancée’s office, she received a text message.

It read, ‘Let’s meet over dinner. 7pm at Dragon Scroll Palace. Or would you prefer someplace else?’

‘No, I like that place,’ Guinevere swiftly typed in reply.

‘Great, see you then,’ a reply beeped in.

‘Looking forward to it. Remember, it’s a secret.’

‘My lips are sealed ;-)’

‘Good, and thanks.’

‘You’re welcome. Goodnight, sleep tight!’

“Sleep,” Guinevere muttered. It was something she wanted. If it weren’t for her sister dropping by Skypeak with an assignment from her mother, Guinevere would be home, ending the day with a warm cup of tea before bed. Oh, how she struggled to love her family then. They were always scheming and setting things up, just like that night… just like her engagement.

There was no need to deny to herself that her engagement was for the benefit of her father’s company. Though the reason may be much more cynical than what was painted in the media, Guinevere still loved Wayne. Yes, she approached him under the orders of her mother, but he grew on her. It had become hard to imagine what she had to do after they got married. The thought of it scared her, and the move into investment was a backup plan should she fail her task.

Finding the thought of her future too troubling, she quickly pushed it aside as she reached for the red paperbag on the passenger seat. Inside, was a square box with a designer watch her mother had ordered. Guinevere was to give it to Wayne on the pretence that she bought it for him. Not wanting to waste any time, she made her way to the top floor. Once there however, she was told he was still in a meeting.

When Guinevere called Wayne in the evening, they planned to meet for dinner. But shortly after, Wayne told her he had an emergency meeting with a client. As much as he loved his job, having to clock in on a Sunday night meant he was dealing with a big client. Wayne suggested they meet on another day, but Guinevere insisted on seeing him just for a short while. She knew her mother would only nag at her if she brought the watch home.

“Could you just let him know I’m here?” Guinevere told Wayne’s assistant, who was seated outside the office.

“Sure,” the young man replied, as he walked up to the office door and gave it a knock. A few seconds after, he peeked his head in.

“Yes, David,” Guinevere heard Wayne say.

“The lady is here.”

“I just need to pass him something,” Guinevere quickly stated.

“She needs to see you briefly,” David conveyed.

Wayne said something Guinevere could not catch, and then she heard a response from his client.

“Oh, we don’t mind. Please, attend to your missus.”

“Thank you, Mr Lee. I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time,” a female voice added, over what sounded like speakers.

A few clacks of the shoes later, Wayne was at the door. He ordered David to attend to the client before asking, “What’s so urgent?”

“I’m sorry. Here,” Guinevere said as she handed him the paperbag.

“A gift? I could have waited,” Wayne replied with a chuckle.

“Well, I have a busy week ahead. So I just wanted to make sure you have it before your big meeting on Tuesday.”

“Is this a good luck charm?”

“It could be. You should go back to Mr Lee now,” Guinevere said with a smile.

“Yes, definitely. It has been hard to arrange a meeting with those two.”

“Mr Lee and his wife? Which Mr Lee is this?” Guinevere curiously asked.

“Lawyer Mr Lee.”

“THE Mr Lee? Richard’s father?”

“I believe so,” Wayne replied as he raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“He’s in there with his wife?”

“I have to get back now. I’ll text you later, O.K?” Wayne quickly replied, before pecking her on the forehead and disappearing behind his office door. He did not give her a chance to respond, which made the situation even more suspicious. Guinevere attempted at getting answers by questioning David instead, but unfortunately, his lips were sealed too.

It shouldn’t be strange that Wayne had a meeting with Mr Lee, but the presence of the wife made it odd. During lunch that day, after Matthias had left the table, Richard made a statement of not having a mother. When Guinevere probed, he said she left when he was seven. Richard, nor the press, made mention of Mr Lee remarrying. So if that woman was his wife, she never really left.

Could Richard be lying? Why would he? Guinevere had the urge to clear it up with Richard. Even though it was none of her business, the twisted family drama overshadowed hers. It was comforting to know that other families had secrets too. But, Guinevere still hesitated. Would she be helping Richard or would she be making things worse? Casually making a statement wouldn’t hurt, right? Guinevere had to decide.

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Chapter 13: Secrets


Getting to know him, that was Matthias’ plan. He promised not to mix work and play, so he wasn’t going to bring it up unless Zach did. Matthias never once broke a promise and he was not going to start. There were always other ways to get what he wanted without having to go back on his word, and he pride himself in living by that motto.

After Zach had agreed to Matthias’ dinner invite, they met at a famous sidewalk stall in the city. Matthias arrived first, so he got them a table and went ahead with the order. When Zach finally arrived, the food had already sat for a couple of minutes.

“Sorry, there was a delay,” Zach said.

“No worries. I went ahead and ordered. I hope you don’t mind,” Matthias responded as he gestured for Zach to take a seat.

It was a cool and cloudless night. The road by the sidewalk was dwindling in cars while the stall greeted more hungry customers. There was nothing much to expect on a typical Saturday night.

“No, of course not,” Zach replied.

The two ate silently for a while as they attended to their grumbling stomachs. When the urge to refuel had stopped, Matthias asked, “So, how was your day? Didn’t see you after lunch.”

“They made me do the kitchen. It wasn’t fun,” Zach answered with a chuckle.

“Ha, well, only tomorrow to go.”

Zach nodded as he held a thoughtful gaze. Matthias wanted to ask, but decided that it would be too intrusive at their level of relationship.

“So, where are you from?” Matthias asked.

“Around here. You?”

“I’m a country boy. My parents live out of town.”

“You visit them often? Must be tiring to drive up and down.”

“Nah, no time,” Matthias replied with a shrug.

“They must be proud though. You’re very accomplished for your age.”

Matthias felt the compliment came out rather strange, but he answered Zach anyway.

“Thanks. Things just fell into place.”

“How’s it like working for big shots?”

The strange feeling had not left him. Matthias had observed Zach at Skypeak and him being vocal did not feel right. Was that the true Zach or the Zach with an agenda?

“A headache. Too many secrets to bear.”

“I guess so. Wilhelm Group is too big to not have secrets.”

“I don’t work directly for them, I-”

“But you could. I mean, there’s room for you to work your way up.”

Matthias nodded as he watched Zach closely. Zach lowered his gaze and Matthias said, “Yea, but not yet.”

Shortly after that, they discussed about Skypeak before calling it a night. On his way home, Matthias could not help but wonder if Zach agreed to dinner in search for something. Perhaps Matthias could dig it out of him, but he was not curious enough to do so. Besides, what secret could a man like Zach have that would benefit him?

The following day, Matthias decided to clock in earlier. He had a lot of windows to cover and he wanted to attempt at cleaning them all. It definitely sounded silly being that determined, since it would be an impossible task, but the prize was worth it.

As Matthias made his way to the janitors’ lounge, he bumped into Guinevere. She was dolled up from head to toe, as though ready for tea with royals.

“Good morning,” Matthias greeted.

“Good morning! Could I have a word with you, before we start this horrible day?” Guinevere asked.

Matthias laughed with a nod, and Guinevere hooked her hand around his arm. Leading him in the opposite direction, Guinevere said, “I’m interested in doing some investment. How’s this Friday night sound?”

“The coming Friday? I’ll have to check my schedule first.”

“Great,” Guinevere replied as she let go of him.

“If you don’t mind me asking though, why invest with me? Your fiancée is-”

“I would prefer to work with you.”

“Ah, I see,” Matthias simply replied. His sixth sense for strange human behaviour was kicking in again.

“And, I would appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone,” Guinevere added.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Guinevere gave him a wide smile before gesturing to where they came from. On their short walk back, Guinevere started her complaining and by the time they arrived, Matthias completely forgot about her request. It was only during lunch that he was reminded of it again.

Matthias sat with Zach and Jodie in the staff canteen, when they were later joined by Guinevere and Richard. It was unusual for all of them to be at the same table, but miracles do happen.

As Matthias hurried to finish off his meal at the arrival of Richard, he found himself choking when Richard gave him a smack on the back.

“Sorry. Didn’t realise you had food in your mouth,” Richard said.

“I’m done,” Matthias replied as he got to his feet.

“Hold up,” Richard quickly responded and handed him an invite. “You’re invited to our class reunion.”

Matthias took a look at the card before asking, “You too?”

“Why not?”

“It’s says graduating class. You didn’t even graduate,” Matthias pointed out.

The three at the table fell silent as they found the scene entertaining.

“Well, what can I say? Jessica invited me personally. She also asked me to confirm with you. You remember Jessica, right? The girl that said you-”

“I remember Jessica,” Matthias interrupted.

Matthias wanted to leave Richard hanging, but with three extra pairs of ears listening, he might as well give Richard an answer. The reunion was on the coming Friday and he knew Richard told him at the last minute on purpose. Having little time to think, Matthias had to decide.

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The Sixscriber Milestone

sixscribermilestoneI know, what a bad play with words. ‘Six’ and ‘Sub’ do not sound alike, so forgive me. I tried. And failed.

ANYWAY, why the horrible title? Well… I’ve hit a milestone! The 6k subscriber milestone!

Thank you so much to all the sixscibers of my blog :) Many of you have been around since the very beginning, while some of you have just hit the subscribe button, but each of you has helped make my blog grow. Thank you for being a reader of my works and thank you for supporting me. I’m always trying to improve and I’m really grateful that despite some horrible writing, you are still around. Thank you so, so very much!

This year, I’m looking forward to more awesome adventures with you. There will be more book releases, one even in paperback, and I just cannot wait to see how 2015 will play out. I do hope you would still be with me when the year ends. Chasing dreams can get lonely and tiring, but knowing that you enjoy my works will keep pushing me forward :)

Lastly, BUY MY BOOK! BUY IT NOW! BUY! BUY! BUY! Lend me a hand and pre-order my soon to be released novel. It would help a lot! Thank you in advance! (Now you have to buy it :P )

Keeping this extremely short and sweet, I just want to say another big thank you. I don’t know what else to add to express my gratitude, but do know that I’m really thankful for you… thank you for being here!

*If you have suggestions, questions and comments, you can leave them down below or send me an email. I’m always happy to hear from you. Which writer does not want to hear from their readers, am I right?

Have a good week! 


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