Am I International?

Am I International?

Yay! 1700 subscribers! I’m so close to the 2k mark, I’m getting excited!

Thanks so much to all of you who have subscribed! You guys have really put the pressure on me to do better, and I appreciate it πŸ™‚

Also, thank you for all the blog award nominations! I’m sorry I can’t do the little award game on my blog, but you must know I am thrilled to find my name on your nomination list.

To all the old timers, thank you for sticking around. To all the new, I hope you would continue to support me. And to those who always, without fail, leave a comment… thank you for your kind and encouraging words πŸ™‚

I know I’m not a big time author, but this is considered a success for me. So for those who have just started, or are trying to get a little success, here’s a word of advice: Don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t compare yourself with others, cause your time will come. In fact, there’s no rush. There’s a perfect timing for everyone… trust me πŸ˜€

One last thing, I have actually been wondering where all my subscribers are from. So do a shout out to your country in the comments below! If you also wanna tell me why your country is awesome, go ahead!

I hope to hear from you guys soon! Have an awesome July!

*If you are new here, this is the current blog post update: An alternating of an original short story and a Harry Potter fan fiction every Thursday. Not a Harry Potter fan? Read my originals!

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