[VOTE] 3 Questions For A Better 2018

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and truthfully, planning for the new year is always a challenge. With every blogging year being an experiment – attempting to balance fictional stories with relatable content, while juggling day job writing and personal book projects – I’m constantly hoping each of my blog post is of value. But to be honest, I don’t know.

I don’t know if you enjoy reading my posts. I don’t know if I’m boring you more frequently than I used to. I don’t know if you simply ignore the email notifications – classifying me as one of those people you used to read but not anymore. I don’t know if my words are impacting you positively. And with a diversity of readers, I don’t know how to appeal to all of you.

Back in 2016, 3 Words 1 Story was well received. There were comments, and many of you left 3-word suggestions. But this year, the engagement has dropped. I plan to continue the challenge because it helps me with my writing, but even then… I don’t know if you would continue to read them. It’s safe to say, blogging is tricky. And planning for the new year is even trickier. So here I am, again, asking for your assistance to help device my new year plan. How? With the 3 polls below.

To be able to create better and more relatable content in 2018, I need to know you better. I need to know what kind of reader you are and the type of posts you enjoy. If you’d like to share any further thoughts, please do so by leaving me a comment or dropping me an email. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love hearing from you. Your thoughts and comments matter to me, because you matter to me. So cast your votes below!




Thank you for ticking off your choices! They may seem like simple questions, but your answers make a difference. If you’d love to help me further, head over and contribute to 2018’s 3 Words 1 Story challenge prompts – I could use your creativity on this one too.

P.S Don’t you just LOVE how it snows on the blog every December? I sure do!


Flying By

Flying By

Just like how last month flew by, so was the subscription count on my blog.

Not that I count the days or anything, but the fastest subbing rate I got was 100 subs in one month. And, I’ve not been hitting that rate for most of my blogging days, so this round was sort of like a jet plane zooming past a commercial aeroplane (trying too hard with that description).

Anyway, I would like to say thank you once again to all my 1, 400 subscribers!

Thanks to those who decided to give me chance 🙂 And thanks to those who have been sticking around!

For future reference, if ever I’m boring please let me know before you leave. I never want to be boring. Who would right?

I believe that my readership now contains a variety of people. Not all are Harry Potter fans for sure, and I want to do my best in entertaining my non HP fan readers. So, I’ve decided to do a poll to understand what appeals to my readers in general.

There is a possibility of me running 2 projects simultaneously; alternating between weeks, but lets not get there yet.

Below are the ideas I have to run on this blog. Please vote for the one that you would love to read 🙂

(IF you are a random passer-by, please do not vote. This is just for my readers.)

Thanks for the vote, and thanks for reading! You guys rock 😀