Fan Fiction (Shorts)

A Slippery Gift

She hatched into the family of the rather insane Mr. Grabbill Hookland.

Grab, whom his friends commonly called him, was a collector of rare magical creatures. He would keep them as pets and sometimes mate them. And when the little cross breeds were born, he would sent them as gifts to his nephews and nieces.

Yes, an odd man he was.

You would usually see him in his black tuxedo, striding on the streets of London, claiming to be a business man. And with a wicked sense of cruelty towards muggles, he would often invite them home to give them a scare. Of course, with a memory charm, he covered up that hobby of his easily.

Among his friends, Grab constantly bragged about his “pets”, and how fantastically unique they were. He would flaunt the new breeds and the recently hatched, and today, he flaunted a snake.

“Oh, such beauty isn’t she?” Grab said to Tawrent Lovegood.

“Yes. Rather.” Tawrent gave the snake a poke and sank deeper into his chair. He hated snakes, especially this one. There was something about it, something that made it feel dangerous to be around it.

“Do you know that this one can grow up to 50 feet! If brought up properly that is,” Grab stroked the snake’s head.

“How… delightful,” Tawrent said uncertainly.

“But I’m not keeping this one.”

“Which unlucky nephew or niece are you giving this creature to?”

Grab laughed at what he thought was a joke. “Well, I have a special buyer who’s particularly interested.”

Grab went on to placing the baby snake into a small plastic box. He then waved his wand and brown paper messily wrapped itself around the box. A small card addressed to an unknown source also sat nicely on top of the box. And as an owl swooped into his living room, Grab tied the gift to its legs.

“You know who to send it to,” Grab said cheerfully to the owl. And the owl obediently went on its delivery.

“Is it legal?” Tawrent asked as he watched the owl fly off.

“What is? Selling my pets?”

“Yes. Especially to people you don’t know,” Tawrent said.

“Why not?” Grab smiled as he sipped at his tea.

“I thought there’s a license process for sales and purchases of such creatures.”

“You have too many friends in the ministry that the law is starting to confuse you.”

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble,” Tawrent said with a sigh.

“I won’t be in trouble. This buyer knows a great deal about snakes.”

“Really.” Tawrent was not convinced.

“Oh yes. But I told him that at this age, the snake needs a lot of grooming, and if he has any intentions for it, he best wait till it is fully grown. I also told him not to show it off to anyone, since, it is a very rare breed that I would consider dangerous.”

“Right. Lets hope he doesn’t send it on a killing spree.”

“That would be a waste of her potential if he didn’t. But I think he only wants a companion.” Grabbill laughed.

“Odd choice for one.”


The packaged arrive in a house outside of town. The special buyer sent the owl off with the money he owed before heading to his reading room to unwrap it. But before he could do so, he saw an intruder hiding in the shadows.

Panicking, he pulled out his wand and demanded, “Who are you?! How did you get in?!”

Before he could react. he saw a flash of green light, that even an attempt to draw his last breath was impossible.

“Thank you for the slippery gift,” the person in the shadows said, before heading to the package.

Knowing that the old man he just killed was a loner, he took his time at opening the gift he claimed. And when he first laid eyes on the snake, he was amazed at the beauty of it.

“Hi,” he said.

The baby snake curled at a corner and watched him closely.

“I won’t hurt you. I just want to be friends,” he continued.

He then put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a rat he had bought from the market earlier in the day.

“Here’s a treat,” he said, as he carefully released it into the plastic box.

She hesitated for a moment, watching his hand pull out from her safe zone. Then, without thinking twice, she striked at the rat.

“Fast one,” he said, sounding impressed.

“I am,” she replied.

“I hope you liked it.”

“Thank you,” she said as she moved out from her curled position.

“Do you have a name?” he asked.

She shook her head at him in reply.

“I shall call you Nagini then. Do you like that name?”

“I guess. Do you have a name?”

“Yes. I’m… master. Call me master.”

“O.k master,” Nagini replied.

“Let’s go home,” Master said as he picked up the snake and disappeared in a swoosh.

Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 27

Joanna made her way to the tower that night. She wasn’t sure why she was going to see Tom, but she just felt like she had to. When she finally reached the landing in front of the door, she hesitated for a moment. Would it seem weak if she gave in to him? Joanna asked herself. She didn’t like being weak. But as her heart did the pondering, her brain moved her hand towards the door and pushed it open.

Tom was standing by the balcony, over looking the night sky. There were no stars that night, only a pitch black, endless sky. As Joanna entered and closed the door behind her, Tom did not turn, nor did he even flinch.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Tom spoke, “I heard you have an uncle who sells exotic snakes. Do you think you can get one for me?”

“You called me here to ask if I can get a snake for you?” Joanna couldn’t believe her ears.

Turning his head to look at her, he seemed to be deciphering her tone. And then he said, “No.”

“Then why do you wanna see me?”

“Why did you come to see me?” Tom asked in reply.

“I asked first.”

“Clearly you’re afraid of your own answer.”

“Clearly it has been a mistake,” Joanna said as she turned and headed towards the door.

“I’m sorry,” Tom immediately called out.

“Sorry won’t do you any good if you won’t tell me why you called for me.” Joanna said as she turned to face him, angry at his fondness of word play.

“No. I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Joanna was getting frustrated.

“I’m just sorry.” Tom turned away, and gazed back into the darkness of the sky.

It took Joanna a while to realize what he was saying, and she knew it must have taken him a lot to say those words. She was so tempted to ask for further explanation, but she knew he would never give her one and was afraid he might change his mind. So she kept quiet for a while before saying, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

Joanna waited for a reply, but when he said none, she headed towards the door. Just as she was about to shut the door on her way out, she could have sworn she heard him say, “Don’t get caught.”

The following day, Joanna felt like she had accomplish something, and everything was returning to the way it use to be. But before the day could end, that theory of hers was proven wrong.

Matilda had decided that she wanted revenge for the duel, and before Joanna had returned to school, she had spread a rumor that Joanna was infected with muggle disease. Hence, everywhere she went students were avoiding her, except for most of the Ravenclaws (which Joanna was thankful they had more brains than the other houses).

Joanna felt as though she could easily accept what was going on as rumors always die down after a few weeks, but when Matilda decided to gather a bullying party in the courtyard that evening, and waited for her arrival just to start a word fight, Joanna decided she would do as she had promised Matilda at their last duel.

“So, I heard your mother was sent to a muggle hospital,” Matilda shouted from across the courtyard, turning many heads towards Joanna’s direction.

“Because no magic or science can cure this..” Annoria shouted a reply before she trailed off, unsure on what to call her mother’s condition.

“This muggle disease?” Matilda finished her sentence for her.

“Let’s just go. She’s just being stupid.” Annoria quickly said as she tugged at Joanna’s arm. But Joanna did not move. She was thinking hard on whether she should draw her wand and send her a crucio.

“Annoria, becareful! You might get infected!” Matilda added, and Joanna caught the sight of a few interns, who used to be their seniors, giving Matilda odd looks as they walked past her.

“What? It’s true!” Matilda said in reply to their response, and they laughed at her instead. Getting frustrated that she could not convince everyone that Joanna was infected with muggle disease, she strode over as she shouted, “Instead of being here and infecting everyone, why don’t you go back to your sick mother and die together!”

And as much as Joanna did not fancy her mother, she was not going to stand around while someone cursed the woman who raised her. Pulling out her wand, more students began to stop in their tracks, excited to watch what was going to happen next.

“No, don’t!” Annoria quickly said.

 “Why not?!” Joanna asked in return.

“Because there are aurors in the school today,” a voice whispered into her ear from behind her.

Together with Annoria she turned her head to see who it was, and behind them stood Malfoy. He quickly backed into the crowd which was already forming a big circle to spectate.

“Joanna, keep your wand. You don’t wanna be caught by aurors!” Annoria said.

I don’t want to be caught doing that spell you mean? Joanna silently asked in reply. It’s not illegal yet, is it?

Joanna watched as Matilda pulled out her wand, clearly confident that she might win this round, and Joanna had the urge to show everyone how much of a sore loser Matilda was. But with aurors in the school? Should she really get into this duel?

To Be Continued…

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Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 11:

“Are you afraid of the dark?” Tom asked sarcastically.

“No.” Joanna narrowed her eyes at him before she stepped onto the edge of the pipe and slid down.

The only light that shone down the winding tube finally disappeared when the opening of the sink closed after Tom. Joanna was uncertain on where it was taking her, and just as she was about to shout a question to Tom, the pipe ended and Joanna landed on a damp floor.

As she got up and examined the place, Tom pulled out his wand, brightening up their surroundings just enough to see a passageway in front of them. The damp and musty walls gave her a forboding feeling, making her immediately regret coming down with him.

Joanna had to hold on to the back of Tom’s robes as they walked down the dark passageway. There were times Joanna thought she felt something scurrying by her feet and she would jump in response, only to have Tom laugh at her.

They finally stopped in front of a big door. It looked like one of those vault doors you would see in Gringotts, but the only difference was that there were 2 snakes. Not real ones of course, but metallic snakes, which green glowing eyes, that formed a lock.

Tom whispered 2 syllables in parseltongue and the door started to unlock with a hissing sound.

“Now when we enter the chamber, you need to do something,” Tom said as he slid his wand under his sleeve.

“What?” Joanna asked, squinting at the hissing door.

“You have to close your eyes and open ONLY when I tell you to,” Tom instructed. “Understand?”


“No time to ask why, just do as I tell you.” Tom sounded stern and Joanna obeyed. There was something in his voice that made others obey him, and Joanna was no different.

The hissing sound from the door finally stopped. Joanna took it as her cue and shut her eyes. She felt Tom’s hand grabbing on to hers as he led her forward.

As she took a few steps, she heard the door closing with the same hissing. Right then, she knew she was in some kind of a room. And it was brightly lit. She could also smell water as a cool breeze swept through her hair.

Joanna strained her ears to hear for anything else that might explain why she had to keep her eyes close and she did.

It started off as a soft hiss. But then it grew louder, and louder, painting an image of a giant snake. The ground vibrated as the giant snake slithered pass her, and when part of its cold, scaly body brushed passed her legs, Joanna jumped immediately.

“DON’T open your eyes,” Tom said in response.

Joanna pressed her eye lids tighter as she felt for more of Tom than just his hand. Tom, knowingly sensed her fear, pulled her closer and was seemingly conversing with the snake.

A few minutes later, Tom whispered into her ear, “You can open your eyes now.”

Joanna slowly opened her eyes, peeking behind Tom as she examined her surroundings. She knew she looked stupid but she was not a fan of snakes, 5 inches long or 10 feet tall.

“It’s gone,” Tom brawled.

Joanna nodded and stepped away from him. “This is the chamber of secrets. It was built by Salazar Slytherin,” Tom said, as though giving a tour.

“As you can see, there’s a statue of him right up front,” Tom continued comically. “These pillars are also carefully designed with an artistic touch to resemble snakes.”

Joanna couldn’t help but laugh. Her previous expression must have been rather unpleasant to have Tom trying to crack her up.

Tom waved for her as he headed towards the foot of the statue of the monkey looking man, and knelt on the floor beside a cauldron. Which Joanna assumed he had prepared earlier.

“Is the snake coming back?” Joanna asked as she sat across him.

“No, I told her not to come in here for a while.”

Tom took no delay as he started laying out the ingredients.

“Tom, are you sure-“

“We’re just making the potion, its not like I’m going to make a horcrux now,” Tom interrupted.

“Right.” Joanna nodded and started helping him prepare.

Tom, who was exceptionally well in potions, finally completed the disembodiment potion before sunrise. Joanna who had barely helped, sat playing with the remaining ingredients. She constantly wondered why he asked her to follow along, being that she was rather useless the whole time. But by the time they left the chamber of secrets, Joanna just wanted to fall into the cushions of her bed.

Tom was kind enough to walk her back to her common room, and this time, he waited for her to disappear behind the painting before he left.

As she entered the quiet and deserted common room, Joanna tip toed up into her bedroom, careful not to wake anyone. She was ready to hit the sack without even changing, when a thin leather covered book fell from under her robes.

That was when she remembered Tom asking her to help him hold on to it while he closed the chamber. And she never gave it back. It must have slipped her mind.

Curious of its contents, Joanna flipped it open, but all she found were empty pages. Blank, clean pages, which did not resemble it’s dirty, overused looking cover.

It was at that very moment she remembered her cousin saying something about books with secrets. And if it was a book of secrets, it must be Tom’s diary. It’ll only take a while for her to figure out how to dig out everything in the book, as her cousin so conveniently showed her all the tricks in the book, but should she do it?

To Be Continued…

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