No Post Today!


Technically, this is a post, but at the same time, this isn’t a normal post. What I’m trying to say is that this post is written and scheduled in advance to post today… because as you read these words, I’m most probably out doing family visitations in occasion with the first day of the Lunar New Year. Oh, and if you’re celebrating it too, 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year!

Potterheads will get this reference.

Anyway, since there will be no The Clubhouse post today, the polls will be extended till this Sunday. For those who need time catching up, here’s your chance! But if you’re not into The Clubhouse and you want something to read, you can check out my short stories and fan fictions. And if short reads are not your cup of tea and you want something more solid, check out my bookshop. Also, consider making an investment, by pre-ordering my newest novel by Inkshares. Yes, today’s post is a shameless plugging post 😛 And I’m not done!

How indecent!

If you want to get in touch with me and stay updated, head on to Facebook! And Twitter! Follow and Like! I’ll probably tweet and post my outfit or the amount of ang pows (red packets filled with cash) I’ve collected today. Who knows? Maybe I’ll tweet/post about random stuff too, like a normal person. I’ll be more active on social media the next few days, because the holidays are the only time my life seems a little more exciting. Haha! So be sure to check out my pages 🙂 I’ll appreciate any response to my shameless plugging. Oh yes, I would.

Well, that’s it. I guess that’s all for today. Happy ang pow collecting and have a great weekend ahead!

*Btw I saw a real owl last week and I posted the story on Facebook. See, you’re missing out! The owl perched on my windowsill while I was sleeping. Can’t help but wonder… perhaps it had a letter for me 🙂


Dedicated To You

2500 Subs

This is my 25th thank you post, which also means I’ve hit 2,500 subs!

Now, if you guys are tired of me writing a thank you post every 100 new subs, let me know. I’m hoping to write something on top of these posts (updates, get-to-know-me, etc) as time goes by… so it’ll be more than just ‘hello, thank you, goodbye’.

So, for this post I would like to thank all of you guys again. The lack of words created to show gratitude has made ‘thank you’ watery at this stage. If only I could thicken it up… hmm.

I know! I could announce that my first picture storybook is now available for download… free! Oh, and this book is dedicated to you guys!

Though this story may be different, but the theme reflects on every creative individual out there; as creators of our own works we are not only happy to finish a piece but to share it as well. Hence, I dedicated Magnum Opus to my readers for their support in all of my creations!

My beta readers classified this picture storybook for kids and young adults. It was written in a simplistic manner but I did include certain themes that only older individuals could relate too. Something like The Little Prince, though not as philosophical.

You can download the book HERE for free. Just type in 0$ for the amount, or if you wish to pay for it you can place whatever amount you like.

The art was done by a friend of mine (the one who did The Dreamer cover) and I just wanna thank him for doing so. He’s really good and he brought Magnum Opus to life. Thanks Tham!

Anyways, I really hope you guys like the book and I’m looking forward to your comments 🙂

Thanks again for your support and I can’t wait to go on more adventures with all of you!


7 Things About Me


Hip hip hooray for 2,400 subscribers!

I just want to thank all of you, both old and new, for your readership. I can’t say it enough, and at the same time I’ve probably over said it. But you know what, there’s no overdose with gratitude. So thanks guys!

Recently I’ve been getting a few blog award nominations, and since my last ‘get-to-know-me’ post was when I hit 1,111 subscribers, I thought I should do another.

So here are 7 things about me (none repeated, of course):

#1 I have a brother, he’s 5 years younger than me. I’m glad that our age gap made us close. I’m also glad he has outgrown his angst-y years, cause we don’t fight anymore, yay!

#2 I secretly wish I could draw. Then I could paint my fictional characters and worlds as close to my imagination as possible. I also wouldn’t need to ask for favours all the time.

#3 I recently discovered Running Man and I love it. HaHa is my favourite! Now I want to learn Korean 🙂

#4 Apparently I’m allergic to a particular sunblock. And here I was thinking I’m not allergic to anything.

#5 I hate horror films; horror in terms of ghostly women with long hair and white robes that either crawl or contort. Let’s not forget their faces… after all, that’s the mission of horror films; horror at first sight.

#6 That being said, I don’t believe in ghosts. Demons yes, ghosts no.

#7 I love coffee and tea. I love them differently and I can’t choose one over the other. Don’t make me!

There you have it! Now you know me a little better 🙂

If you would like to support me further, check out the bookshop, follow me on twitter and like me on facebook! I would thoroughly appreciate it!

Thanks once again guys, I hope you have been enjoying my stories as much as I have been writing them 🙂

*Current blog post schedule: A post every Thursday alternating between an original short story and a Harry Potter fan fiction. On a side note, my picture storybook is almost done! Free download soon enough.



wait. i dont have a title yet

Before I barely have enough time to think of a title for my 1,900 sub count, here I am having to write it. Man, you guys gather fast!

Well, I just want to say thanks for your speedy subscription and loyalty. I have always dreamt of having over a thousand subscribers and today I’m nearing two thousand! It’s exciting yet… kind of scary as I have a lot of expectations to meet. But I’m really grateful for all of your support. I have said this before and I will say it again, all of you help me become a better writer. Your presence itself makes me want to do better every week! So thank you 🙂

Just a little update: My free e-book is still in progress. I’ll probably have to run through it a few more times while my friend finishes up the illustrations. It’ll definitely be out before Christmas, but I don’t want to push it till then. If possible, I’ll try to get it out sooner.

Secondly, if you are new subscriber I would like to inform you on the current blog post ritual. I publish a post every Thursday, alternating with an original short story and a Harry Potter fan fiction novel. The fan fiction is for  those awesome Potterheads out there and for writing practice, the original short story is for everyone to read, share and hopefully be inspired.

My goal as a writer is to write stories that carries a message. Sometimes, I’ll try out different genres for fun, but ultimately I want to create fiction that is meaningful. If you have read my past short stories, you would have noticed the trend.

I believe in the power of words, and words that can touch, inspire and bring a positive change can really make a difference. Here is me trying to make a difference 🙂

Anyways, enough of heart sharing. Thanks once again everyone, and stay awesome!


It’s Just A Number…



It’s not just a number! Sometimes it may seem like it, but when I take a few steps back and imagine 1,600 people in a room… man, it has to be one big room!

Once again, I just wanna thank you guys for your support and readership. This would be my 16th time thanking everyone and it would not be my last. I hope to be able to write a thank you post 100 times, so heads up to all of you!

Anyways, I really appreciate your support and encouragement. I treasure all your comments and feedback, and I’m always excited to hear from you guys. Thank you so much for being present, even though I can’t see you the internet sends good vibes 🙂

I won’t say much for this post, but I’ll just give a quick update. I’ve moved to a new job where I write a Hello Kitty kids magazine. Don’t laugh.. cause all my friends did. I guess no one saw me doing something like this, but it’s a pretty interesting job 🙂

Also, I realize I have been posting short stories instead of Miss Fiction’s Collection on this blog. That’s because I have nothing to write for that, and my short stories are getting more feedback than usual. Hence, I might just keep posting short stories… as some of you voted for it anyways.

Well… that’s it! I really hope to read more of your comments soon 🙂 It always makes my day!


The 1500 Convention


Happy Weekend Everyone!

So… I’m having a gathering for all of you, my 1, 500 subscribers! Yup, I think it’s about time we meet up. How?

I’ll throw a convention! Well… that’s not really possible and I would if I could, but I thought about setting up a chat room or a Google hangout where I can just talk to you guys. The only problem is… the time zone.

This is just a really random idea, but I thought it would be fun for me to meet some of you, especially those who have been around from the very beginning and have seen me grow in my writing. On top of that, I might also do a book giveaway (most probably my 2nd novel) to a lucky few during the chat 🙂

So, let me know what you think of this idea in the comments below!

Anyway, I just wanna thank all of you once again for subscribing to my blog. I feel like I’m slowly getting closer to my dreams as more people subscribe to me. It’s a wonderful feeling and a feeling I would not have if not for all of you! So thank you 🙂 Your readership means a lot to me.

I hope you guys are excited about the new HP fan fiction, and I think I should get the ball rolling next week with Miss Fiction’s Collection (though I don’t have a good story yet – if you have one, share it with me!).

Well, that is all for this short thank you post 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!




From the poll I have decided on what to run for the next few… months? I don’t know how long exactly, but that’s the fun part isn’t it?

Those who voted, thanks so much! Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated 😀

So, here’s the final lay down. Alternating between weeks I’ll run a HP fan fiction novel (vote as we go), and Miss Fiction’s Collection.

Which character for the HP fan fiction? Heh, a secret! Well, you’ll soon find out when I do the introduction later  today 🙂

For Miss Fiction’s Collection, I’ve set up a dedicated page. So check it out to learn how we can turn our life stories to crazy, out of this world shorties 🙂 I hope that this project would let me learn more about my readers and vice versa. I’m also excited to try out new things, and this would really be a challenge!

I know that short stories did get more votes than Miss Fiction’s Collection, but when I thought about it, they are pretty much the same. Miss Fiction’s Collection is a collection of short stories after all. But don’t worry, once in a while, I will post up short stories as well.

Well, that’s about it! For those who have followed Dr. Slubgob’s Letters from start to finish, do drop me an email at jeynagrace@gmail.com and let me know what you think!

Till the next dragon ride and deep sea exploration, have a great non-fictional week!


Nescience & The Lucrative Business

What is Nescience? And what is The Lucrative Business?

Nescience was a short docudrama mixed corporate video which I did for my final film assignment. But like many other film students, I did a re-cut for myself. The re-cut will be up on youtube this Sunday (GMT+8).

The short film will be posted on my Facebook page and my Twitter Account. I will also publish ‘The Lucrative Business’ page on this blog, where the video will be on as well.

You can like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or just revisit my blog on Sunday to find the video 🙂

The Lucrative Business is a collection of 4 short stories based on the characters in my short film. They are more like back stories to give the film a little more depth. One short story will be out on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since I don’t like cramming multiple stories on my blog on a single day, I decided to spread it out.

 Briefly, both the short film and the 4 stories are based on the global crisis of human trafficking. The stories are fictional but set in today’s setting, to be more precise, in Malaysia.

To find out more about the stories and why I have decided to embark on this short series, visit ‘The Lucrative Business’ page (under the Originals tab) this Sunday.

I hope you guys would enjoy it, and share it with as many people as possible. I’m looking forward to reading your comments soon!


The 900 Mark

Dreamworld has ended a while back, and now Joanna Chen will be ending pretty soon (Awww…)

Those who followed the series’, please please leave a comment on what you think about them! I would really love to hear from you guys 🙂

When I’m slightly free-er, I’ll be coming out with e-books for downloads, so just wait for them. You can re-read the entire series’ all over again if you want to.

Anyways, as some of you may have already noticed, I added 2 new sub pages called Dr. Slubgob’s Letters and Short Stories.

Dr. Slubgob’s Letters is a new original series I’m currently working on, and hopefully it will be out by the end of this year/ beginning of next year. This one will be published for everyone to see with no exclusivity. Do check out the page!

Short Stories is where you can find the list of all the short stories I wrote and published on the blog. Be sure to check that page out as well 🙂

Anyways, I have a lot of cool stuff coming your way as plots and characters have already been laid out. I just need to find the time to write them! I’ve been busy making sure that I will graduate in December, so once I exit the education stage of life, I should be able to catch up with some of my ideas.

Do look out for a new Dream World mini series and the upcoming demon letters on this blog next year. I hope to be able to write them soon.

Oh, last but not least, if you are new here, welcome to my blog! I hope you stay and subscribe. If you are old, well, thank you for sticking around, your support keeps me writing 🙂

With all your support, I’ve finally hit the 900 subscribers mark! Yay! Hitting 900 since the 800 mark took a really long time to achieve; about 4 months. I wonder why… hmmm… I hope it has nothing to do with my content.

I guess that is all for this short post. Remember to leave a comment and have a nice day!


A Week and One Third

Hey guys!

You have 9 more days to submit your short stories for a chance to win a copy of my e-book, The Dreamer! Your story would also be featured here with a customized banner 🙂

So be sure to post them in the comments of THIS post, with all the information required, by the 14th of July, 2012.

I’m really looking forward to reading some awesome stories, so get your thinking caps on and let that imagination of yours soar!

Till next time, enjoy this weeks fan fiction and the newest chapter of Dreamworld!