Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 21:

Joanna crept down the stairs slowly with renewed energy she had just obtained through her curiosity.

When she heard the front door shut softly, she hurried down the steps, made a grab for her cloak, scrambled into her boots and peek through the main door’s keyhole.

Joanna watched as Tom hurried out of the front gate and into the cold and deserted town. Without hesitation, Joanna went after him. As she tailed him not too far behind, she forced herself to take bigger strides and draw deeper breaths, hoping not to lose sight of him.

When she saw Tom enter a tavern, Joanna slowed down, and eyed him through the old glass window panels. Tom took a seat at the far end of the tavern, where a hooded figure joined him shortly after.

Making sure not to be spotted, Joanna sneaked into the tavern and sat at a table behind a half-giant. She was close enough to spy on Tom, but not close enough to eavesdrop.

As she peeked over the old, dog-eared, menu, she watched Tom get into a private conversation with the hooded figure, as they bowed their heads low, over what looked like a list of something. Finally, after watching them converse for nearly an hour, Tom stood up, shook the figure’s hand and watched as the figure left.

Just as Tom was to leave as well, Joanna sunk deeper into her chair, burying her head behind the menu. But when she heard someone clearing their voice, she was pretty sure it wasn’t a waitress.

“Pleasure meeting you here,” Tom said.

“I needed a drink,” Joanna lied unconvincingly.

“Oh? It must be silly of me to think you were spying on me then.”

“It is,” Joanna quickly said as she looked away.

“I don’t understand you. Why don’t you just ask me, instead of spying on me?” Tom asked as he sat down across from her.

“Fine. What were you doing talking to that person?”

“That wasn’t a person. And I was asking on where to obtain certain items.”

“What items?”

“Rowena Ravenclaws diadem. And other special items for my horcruxes.” Tom said it so blatantly as though he didn’t care if anyone overheard him.

“I see. Was he the one who saved me from Rose?”

“No.” Tom chuckled. “He’s incapable of duels. I saved you.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Joanna almost whispered her gratitude.

“Don’t worry about it. She won’t be bothering you anymore.”

“Why? What did you do to her?” Joanna asked, but immediately added, “Wait, I don’t wanna know.”

“I didn’t kill her if that is what you’re worried about.”

“Right, well, good. Let’s go back now, shall we?” Joanna asked as she stood up and waited for him to follow. There were old rugged men staring in their direction and Joanna did not want to stay any longer.

After the short silent walk in the cold, they finally reached home, and Tom did the same thing he did before. He made sure Joanna was in bed before he went to his room. And this time, he shut his door loud enough for her to hear it.

When morning came, Joanna quickly forgot about the night before because Rose had a miraculous turn around. She gave Joanna her room back, and became the goody two shoes no one would have expected her to be in her lifetime. It was all thanks to Tom. He mentioned about speaking to Rose, but Joanna knew he was lying. Joanna was certain he did something to her, but she couldn’t be bothered in finding out what.

When the holiday finally ended and school was back in session, everything took on a different turn. Joanna realized that she did no good to Tom, but rather, he did good to her. And the moment she settled down in her dormitory she had a feeling the year was going to go by very quickly.

And though she was happy to be able to finish her studies, without being expelled again, Joanna knew that when it came to Tom, she was running out of options, and she couldn’t think of graduating when she knew her friend was going to commit such a hideous act.

Joanna was at the end of the road as she could not convince Tom to stop what he was doing, and she failed miserably at proving that being good paid off. So what was she going to do next?

After a week into classes, Joanna found herself bombarded with homework and she didn’t even have time to think about Tom. Their final exam was happening earlier this year as the ministry of education made a mistake with their scheduling, and this was such a horror to most students.

Tom, however, was rather relaxed. Apparently, he had already prepared the year before and he just couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was in that very same conversation that they were having, at their secret tower hideout, that Tom asked about her future.

“Where do you see yourself after you graduate?”

“I don’t know. You?”

“I’m still planning,” Tom answered.

“World domination and the disposal of muggles?” Joanna asked jokingly.

“That’s part of it,” Tom replied without addressing the question as a joke.

“I see.” Joanna immediately regretted her question.

“Part of my plan is to have you with me.” Tom caught Joanna off guard, and continued, “What are plans if you don’t have anyone to share it with?”

“But, I’m not really excited about you splitting your soul,” Joanna replied quickly.

“Then you have to make a decision now,” Tom said as he turned to look her in the eye.

“What decision?”

“Are you with me, or are you not?”

Joanna didn’t know how to answer Tom. It was a tough question, but deep down, she wanted to be with him.

“I can’t contradict my beliefs,” Joanna said softly and Tom heard her.

“Then I’ll make you the exception. You don’t have to help me with my plans, you just have to be in it.”

“How does that work? Are you asking me to be… your girlfriend?” Joanna asked, extremely confused at his statement, yet secretly hoping that that was what he meant.

“Just say yes,” Tom replied.

To Be Continued…

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Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 20:

“Fine,” Joanna said as she hurried down the stairs to the kitchen.

Once she took her mother’s misplaced wand, she turned to Rose, who was merely smiling at the kitchen doorway.

“So where shall we do it?”

“Hang on, whose wand are you using?” Joanna quickly asked.

“My mother’s spare. You see, we have-“

“Whatever, lets go,” Joanna interrupted as she headed out through the kitchen exit.

She didn’t know why she had agreed to do it, but she felt a surge of adrenaline, rushing through her veins, and she knew she could beat her cousin anytime.

Out in the freshly mowed lawn, Joanna took ten paces away from her cousin. It was a good day for a swim in the nearby pool, but all Joanna could think about was making her cousin suffer when she loses her pride.

“Are you sure about this Joanna?” Rose asked without a hint of sincerity.

Joanna smiled in return and bowed in response. Seeing her reaction, Rose did the same and immediately went into her dueling stance, with her wand overhead, ready to cast the first spell.

And though Joanna knew her cousin would never play fair, she failed to see it coming when sparks flew and she was disarmed.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready!” Joanna shouted as she stared from her cousin to her mother’s wand, lying twenty feet away.

“Go get it,” Rose said as she raised her eyebrows.

“Don’t you dare make another move,” Joanna said, as she hesitated to go for her wand.

“I won’t,” Rose replied with a smile.

Joanna knew she couldn’t trust her cousin, so she made a dash for her wand, but before she could reach it, a spell hit her so hard, that it sent her flying further from the wand, and into a Rose bush.

“Oh look, you landed on my turf.” Rose laughed as she hurried over.

“Let me help you,” Rose added as she offered her hand, but Joanna pushed her out of the way as she stumbled out.

Her skin started to sting as the thorns in the bush pricked her more than once.

“I’m not dueling anymore. You don’t play by the rules,” Joanna said, trying to get up.

“No, you don’t get to choose. A duel ends when someone doesn’t get up anymore.” Rose shoved Joanna on her back and pointed her wand right at her face.

“What are you doing?” Joanna quickly asked.

“I learnt a spell in school. It’s famous in duels but I haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. Oh, don’t worry, I know how it works, so I won’t mess it up. And since we ARE in a duel, I am just dying to try it out.”

“What? Don’t do anything you would regret,” Joanna said as she moved backwards, away from Rose.

“Crucio!’ Rose shouted, and before Joanna could even blink, a pain unlike any other rose from her spine and into every vein in her body.

The pressure in her veins felt as though it was about to burst and the stinging feeling on her skin became far more excruciating, as though the little pricks were tearing itself wider.

Joanna could not even say a word as hot tears flowed from her eyes, and her screams muffled in the grass as she rolled around, trying to make the pain stop.

But just went she thought she was going to die, she faintly heard someone else joining them, and a second later, the pain stopped and everything faded to black.

When Joanna finally gained consciousness, she was in her room, and the sky was already dark. Joanna wondered if the experience was just a nightmare, but when she saw the pricks on her hands and arms, she knew it wasn’t. Trying to sit up, she sent herself right back to sleep as she blacked out again.

Joanna woke up in intervals. One moment it was day, the next it was night. When she finally found enough strength to pull herself up, the clock by her bedside ticked 3a.m.

Thirsty and hungry, Joanna slowly got out of her bed and headed down to the kitchen. It took her so long to reach the kitchen as she had to focus on pulling her legs forward to walk. When she finally sat down by the kitchen table, she drank a whole jug of water and swallowed half a loaf of bread without even chewing.

She felt very much alive and her mind started racing with questions. Who was it that saved her? And what happened to Rose?

Just then, she heard someone walk into the kitchen from behind her.

“Looks like you’re finally up.” The familiarity of the voice calmed her wildly beating heart immediately.

Tom took a seat next to her as he continued, “Feeling better?”

“I think so. What happened Tom?” Joanna quickly asked.

“I’ll tell you in the morning, right now, you should get back to bed.” Tom said as he offered his hand.

“But, I’m not tired,” Joanna said.

“It’s three in the morning. You should go back to bed. Let me take you.” Tom didn’t wait for her reply as he took her hand and led her back to her room. Once she was in bed, Tom wished her goodnight and left.

Joanna silently waited to hear Tom’s bedroom door close, but oddly she didn’t. Immediately, she got up and quietly hurried down the hallway to peek down the stairs.

In the dimly lit hall, Joanna saw Tom pulling a cloak over his shoulders as he headed towards the door.

Where was he going? Joanna silently asked herself. And then curiosity set it, should she follow him or go back to bed?

To Be Continued…

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Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 19:

“What makes you think I’ll just give you my room Rose?” Joanna blurted out what she was screaming in her head.

“I just told you, I hurt my leg,” Rose replied. Joanna found it funny that she didn’t have the guts to demand her way with Tom standing right there.

“Well, I’m not giving it to you anyway.” Joanna raised her eyebrows as she folded her arms.

Just then, her aunt walked in looking rather cross. “My goodness child, what have you become? Rose is unwell and you’d rather her suffer than give her your room?”

“She’s lying!” Joanna tried to defend herself.

“Stop it Jo,” her mother said from the door. “You will give your cousin your room, and that’s final.”

Rose smiled sympathetically as she looked at Tom and said, “I’m so sorry you have to see our family feud.”

That was it, Joanna couldn’t take it anymore, and she stormed out of the room. She wanted to lock herself in her own bedroom but it wasn’t hers anymore. So she entered the guest room one floor up and never came out even for dinner.

When the clock stroke 10, a knock came from the door, followed by, “It’s me.”

Joanna opened it to let Tom in, and locked it again after.

“My guest room looks better than this one, want to trade?” Tom asked.

“It’s my house, I don’t have to trade for anything.”

“Then why did you?”

“I don’t have a choice. I told you already!” Joanna was getting frustrated. She regretted letting him in immediately.

“Well, it’s your house, isn’t it,” Tom added.

“Shut up.”

“Being nice makes you weak. Unlike you, Rose takes what she wants, and she’s not afraid of being mean.”

“If you like her so much, her room is just downstairs,” Joanna pointed at the door as she spoke.

“She is beautiful, and tall. And she does seem to like me,” Tom said, ignoring her anger on purpose. “But I’m not here for her.”

Joanna thought she had misheard him, and before she could say another word, Tom asked, “So, I hate my name and I’m planning of giving myself a new one. What do you think of Voldemort?”

Joanna laughed immediately. “And where on earth did you come up with such a ridiculous name?”

Tom pulled his diary from under his sweater and scribbled his name on it with a quill.

“I rearranged my name to I am lord Voldemort,” Tom said as he wrote it down.

Joanna took the quill from him and wrote something else down.

“Do you know, that if you rearrange Voldemort, you get Tom R Loved?”

Tom narrowed his eyes at the words and then chuckled. “I think I better change that now,” he added.

“Come on, you don’t have to cause I saw it that way. Besides, that name is horrid enough that people would not bother looking at it too closely.” Joanna smiled.

“I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing,” Tom said. “And Tom R Loved does not even make sense, I have never loved anyone or anything.”

“You love yourself?”

“But loved is a past tense, which means I have to be dead in order to have LOVED myself.”

“Whatever, I’m just saying,” Joanna said as she slumped on her bed.

That night, Tom accompanied her as she rambled on about her horrible cousin and it was until past 2 in the morning that she found out she had bored him to sleep.

Joanna watched him for a while before she pulled his diary from under his arms and decided to write in an entry herself.

‘Summer of 1945.

Tom and I have finally settled down in my oh so boring home. My cousin is also staying for the summer and I know that her stealing my room is just the start of it all.

Anyways, I think Voldemort is a ridiculous name. Who on earth would actually come up with it? Only Tom can. But on the brighter side, I found out that if you rearrange the alphabets, you would get Tom R. Loved.

He’ll hate my guts if he finds this entry and reads this. Haha! Too bad Tom, who asked you to fall asleep when I’m talking.

You know, I think you’re a very nice guy. If only you would open up your heart a little, then maybe you could experience love yourself 🙂

Anyways, I’m done doodling in your bloody diary. At least this entry isn’t about you killing somebody.’

When Joanna was done, she shut the diary, folded her arms on the table, and fell asleep.

Morning came with a knock on the door, and the familiar voice of her horrible cousin was calling to her. When she stared at the door contemplating, she noticed Tom was no longer in her room. And then realizing that her cousin was actually on the second floor, she opened the door and glared.

“Thought your leg hurts?”

“Oh, feeling much better today.” Rose smirked.

“What do you want?” Joanna asked as she rolled her eyes.

“Nothing, just wanted to see how you’re feeling.” Rose paused before she continued, “But I guess you are used to feeling useless huh? Expelled from how many schools already?”

Joanna merely gave a false smile in reply.

“That must have a bad affect on your studies right? I bet you can’t even duel properly. And you’re like what, 15 already?” Rose added in a mocking tone.

“I’m the same age as you Rose. I’m sorry you can’t count.”

“Then it’s worst! You know, I’m the best duel-er in my school. You do know that Drumstrang has pretty high standards.”

“I don’t care Rose, I really don’t.”

“Of course you don’t, because you suck. Unless you want to prove it,” Rose said, as though challenging her to a duel.

“Oh by the way, I think your mother left her wand lying on the kitchen table this morning, before she went to town,” Rose added so conveniently.

She was definitely challenging her to a duel. Should she accept the challenge and prove her cousin wrong?

To be continued…

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Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 18:

“Hey, maybe you could stay at my place for the holidays?” Joanna suggested and Tom raised an eyebrow skeptically in reply.

“My parents wouldn’t mind,” Joanna continued. “It’s up to you really.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Tom finally said.

“Great.” Joanna smiled.

After her suggestion, she wrote a letter to her mother to get her approval, and once she did, they brought it up to Professor Dippet, who merely smiled and said, “Very well my boy, I’ll inform the orphanage.”

Professor Dumbledore didn’t seem too happy though. Joanna overheard him once, telling Professor Dippet that it wasn’t a good idea, but Professor Dippet insisted that it was no big deal.

Finally, the year end feast announced the house cup winner, which went to Slytherin after their victory at Quidditch and Tom’s brilliant school results, which gained them another 200 points.

The following day, students were packing up what was left unpacked, and by midday, they were ushered to the Hogwarts Express.

“Great news you don’t have to be go back to the orphanage,” Abraxas Malfoy said as he entered the compartment Joanna and Tom had settled down in.

Tom gave a false chuckle as he replied, “No thanks to you.”

“If not for my parents Tom, I swear,” Malfoy quickly spoke.

“Whatever.” Tom shrugged.

As the train started to move, more Slytherins entered their compartment, and Joanna decided to join Annoria instead. She finally returned when the train stopped.

“I think he’s here already,” Joanna said as she grabbed for her trunk.

“Who is?” Tom asked.

“My butler,” Joanna answered as they exited the train, waved goodbye to some of their friends and headed to a tall, skinny man, in a black suit.

“Hello George,” Joanna greeted and added, “This is my friend, Tom.”

“Welcome home Miss Joanna, and it’s nice to meet you Master Tom,” George said as he hoisted the trunks above their heads with a wave of a wand.

“Right this way then,” George said as he led them, not through platform 9 and 3/4, but through another exit that brought them to a room filled with chimneys.

“We’ll be taking the floo network to town. Flylily Interchange, that’s what you got to say,” George said to Tom.

Tom nodded as Joanna took some floo powder, stepped into a chimney, and said, “Flylily Interchange.”

Green flames rose from the ground and within seconds Joanna reappeared at the interchange. At the Interchange, people were reappearing and entering the many chimneys stationed in the building. Joanna merely waited for a few seconds before Tom appeared, followed by George.

George then ushered them to the a car, waiting outside of the Interchange Building. It was an hour drive before they finally pulled up in front of a tall white gate.

Shortly after, the gate opened and the car drove down a pebbled driveway. When the car finally stopped, it did in front of a tall white mansion. The clean white walls and marble porch wasn’t all that welcoming, as Joanna was hoping to see her mother by the door, but she wasn’t there.

When they exited the car, Joanna couldn’t help but ask, “George, where’s mother?”

“She’s accompanying your aunt Josephine in the garden,” George answered as he pulled the trunks out from the boot.

“Your cousin is here too,” George added as he opened the front door and gestured for them to enter.

“Fantastic,” Joanna muttered.

“I’ll bring your stuff up,” George continued before he disappeared up the wide staircase.

“Why don’t we clean up before we meet my mother and her atrocious step sister,” Joanna suggested.

“Fine by me,” Tom replied as he followed Joanna up the stairs to the second floor where she showed him his room.

“You have a nice house,” Tom said as he sat on the queen size, silk covered, bed, in the huge guest room.

Joanna shrugged in reply as she took a seat next to him.

“You don’t like your aunt?”

“I don’t like her and her horrible off spring. If my cousin stays for the holiday, I’ll be doomed.”

“Don’t tell me you get bullied?”

“I don’t have a choice, my mother is always trying to please her mother. So I have to do the same.”

“Sad. I could kill her for you if you want?” Tom offered with a smirk.

Joanna laughed, though Tom seemed pretty serious about it. “There’s no need,” Joanna quickly said, before he got anymore ideas in his head.

Just then, the door opened, and standing in the doorway was Rose, her cousin. She had long golden hair, and big bright blue eyes against her perfect complexion. She was tall and thin, and when she smiled, Joanna knew she wasn’t smiling at her.

“Oh, my bad, wrong room,” Rose said as she entered.

“Didn’t know you were back already,” Rose added, not even taking a glance at Joanna as she smiled at Tom.

Before Joanna could reply sarcastically, Rose continued, “So, who’s this handsome friend of yours?”

“Tom,” Tom said as he stood up and offered a hand shake.

Rose shook his hand so slowly that Joanna swore she didn’t want to let go.

“I’m Rose,” Rose introduced as she gave a gentle squeeze on his shoulder.

Joanna was about to laugh when Rose turned to her and said, “Your mother said I can have your room for the holidays.”

“What? You’re staying?”

“Yes, mother is going to Germany to see father and well, I didn’t want to follow,” Rose said.

“Fine. Then why do you need my room?”

“Oh, I hurt my leg during a Quidditch match in school, and I still haven’t recovered. It’s really painful climbing up the stairs. Since your room is on the first floor, it’ll be less of a strain on my leg,” Rose explained in a sweet voice, as though nothing suspicious was going on.

“You seem fine right now,” Joanna pointed out.

“I have to put on a good show for the other guest.” Rose smiled weakly at Tom as she faked a limp.

“So, yea, I’ll be taking your room,” Rose continued.

At that very moment, Joanna felt the urge to say no, but Rose would just laugh her off. She could never prove herself any better than Rose no matter how hard she tried. But with Tom watching, and waiting, to see how she would react, Joanna knew she had to do something.

To be continued…

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