31st May Is Here

tbfoexitiumThe day has arrived!

Have you been eagerly waiting for the release of The Battle For Oz: Exitium? If yes, you’re awesome but if no, just nod your head and pretend alright 🙂

Exitium CoverThe Battle For Oz is a project that I partnered with Zaquard, the artist who worked along side me artistically, which I completed writing last year. Since it’s completion, Zaquard has drawn up a visually beautiful storm while I worked on improving the content. So today, we are both very excited to release the first book to you!

To not delay any longer, here’s the secret to getting your e-book copy of TBFO: Exitium completely free! Just click… on the… book cover in this post. Wow, what a secret! To download, just fill in your email address and you should be able to get the book immediately. Simple, eh?

All links to The Battle For Oz: Exitium on this blog will lead you to a free download, but if you find a link that is not free, just type ‘free’ into the offer code section. You should get your 100% discount 🙂

Now on to the IMPORTANT PART, which I underlined, capitalized and bolded because it is very important!

Since Exitium is the first book of The Battle For Oz novelette trilogy, the response that we (Zaquard and I) get from this book will determine how we release the other two books and possibly a concept art novel as a fourth book. So it is very, very, very important for us to hear from you.

There are a few ways you can leave us a feedback after you’ve devoured the book.

#1 Goodreads – If you have a Goodreads account, we would appreciate if you leave a rating and a review.

#2 Email – If you don’t have Goodreads and you prefer to take the more personal route, you can send me an email at jeynagrace[at]gmail.com. If you wish to contact Zaquard separately, you can find his information at the back of the e-book.

#3 Facebook – If you don’t have Goodreads and you’re not a fan of emails, you can visit The Battle For Oz fan page and leave us a message or write on our wall.

#4 Comment – Lastly, if you’re not comfortable with any of the above, you can visit the teaser post for Exitium on this blog and leave a comment there.

We really hope to hear from you guys and we will definitely appreciate all the feedback we receive. We also hope you will enjoy the story and look forward to the second book!

Lastly, I just wanna say thank you in advance to everyone who intends to download and read the book. If you love it, do tell your family, friends, neighbours, and even your pets! I bet your pets will love it, after all, there’s a dog in the story… unless… unless you pet is a cat. Then we’re in trouble.


Dream World Mini Series

The banner sure does look interesting, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m introducing a new mini series of 16 chapters. This series is an original story, not a fan fiction, but a world out of my own head. It’s about time isn’t it?

This mini series would run for 16  weeks consecutively (not affecting the current fan fictions). It would be password protected and only those who have the passwords will be able to access the chapters of this story.

A starter of 3 chapters would be given out free, and will be posted in this blog in the next 3 weeks (fan fictions will be on hold). But to obtain the passwords of the following 13  chapters, one must pay a minimal fee of $ 0.99.

Just look at it this way, you’re only paying less than 10 cents per chapter! And to put it in a more simpler concept, you are paying for a weekly subscription 😀

The registration of subscription opens till May 31st and the series would start in the third week of June.

Also, I would be giving out a chapter for free during the course of the series, for those skeptical and for my new subscribers.

Now, for the big questions, why am I doing this? Why am I charging?

As a writer and a student in my final year, I wish to have the opportunity to make some money with my original works. Just like youtube stars and etsy artists, their skills give them a chance to earn a living.

So, I can assure you, that the small amount of 0.99USD would be an investment to bring me to the next level. And I personally hope, that with the money collected, I can start a website where I can create more room for interaction with my readers and a chance to create a career for myself with my passion.

I know you may be skeptical about this mini series, I mean, you’re probably thinking, what does this fan fiction writer have in her head?

Well, I promise you, I will personally make sure to bring excitement in every piece of my work in this series. All you have to do is trust that I won’t bore you and if you think I’m a good writer, what’s stopping you?

So, how do you register as a subscriber?

Send an email to jeynagrace@gmail.com, with your full name, after Chapter 3 has been published. A payment request would be then sent to you via paypal, and once you have paid, your name would be in my system.

Every week, you would then receive the link and the password of the new chapter via email immediately after it is published.

So, what are you waiting for? A small investment might go a long way!

If you have any inquiries, go ahead and leave them in the comments below!

(For more info on the mini series, do visit the dream world page!)