5 Things 4,600 People Will Know About Me


4,600 subscribers! It must be sub season. I realized that more people tend to subscribe to my blog towards the second half of the year. I know that sounds strange, but whether or not it’s merely a figment of my imagination, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you guys!

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I hope you are enjoying your stay and not regretting it already 😛 I promise to always try my best and continue to make this blog a place where we both can have epic fictional escapes. No adventure is fun and exciting without you, my dear readers 🙂 So thank you for being here!

Now, since my last few ‘thank you’ posts have been about updates and my latest books, I thought I should write about myself in this one. Here goes!

5 things most people, including friends, don’t know about me:

#1 I love old architecture. I love ruins, abandoned mansions and castles. Why? Aside from the beauty of it, I like imagining the history of the place. What could have possibly taken place here? What stories do these empty halls hold? My imagination takes me back in time and seeing these places becomes an adventure.

#2 I love museums, for the very same reason as #1. I like to wonder who the owner of the old pistol was, why is there a missing piece to the scroll, and where is the key to the locked, rusted chest. There’s probably a story behind every item and a museum is full of them. That’s why I’m not picky with museums; I visited the National Islamic Arts Museum during a high school trip many years ago, and I did not complain. Old things intrigue me.

#3 I love to explore. Yes, I’m an introvert and asking me to hang out might be a challenge, but if you propose an exploration, I would go. I love exploring places, old abandoned places preferably. If I’m on vacation in a little foreign town, I like walking around just to see what the place has. Something about discovering makes me excited. I also don’t mind doing it alone, me being an introvert and all, but if I could take one other person with me it would be fun.

#4 I love toy shops, big toy shops. Some weekends, I would enter Toys‘R’us just to look at toys. I don’t buy any when I leave, but I just like looking at them and imagining owning them… because toys are very expensive these days. It’s not like I was deprived of toys when I was kid, I just love toys in general. My inner child has never left me and I’m not afraid to admit it. I can’t wait to have kids one day, so I would have the excuse to buy and play toys.

#5 I love my imagination. It not only gives me a chance to go on an adventure while in museums and ruins, but it is also the simplest form of entertainment for me. If I’m bored, I could simply stare into space and go on an adventure in my head. It takes me places, to magical lands not of this world all the way to dreams of what my future would be like. Imagining meeting my favourite actors and being a member of the X-Men are just some of the places my imagination has taken me. I never had imaginary friends though… strange.

So, does any of these describe you too? If we do share some things in common, be sure to let me know in the comments below! I like getting to know you guys as well 🙂

I guess that is all for this post! Thanks once again, and stay awesome people!


*Current blog post schedule: A post every Thursday alternating between an original short story and a Harry Potter fan fic novel.

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Breaking Records

record breaker

I did not plan for this, and I was just hoping that I could get 100 new subs every 13 days. However, 13 days seemed too long for the unicorns who have been bringing you guys in, and they decided that 10 days was good enough.

Yes, I’ve gotten over 100 new subs in 10 days! One particular day, WordPress gave me a little trophy at my notifications saying I garnered 16 new subs that day itself! That’s.. a lot.

I’m happy, of course, but this is fast! So fast, it’s like a sudden gush of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a broken dam of excitement indicators flooding a pool of words! Is this even real? I silently wonder.

I can’t thank you guys enough for your support and your readership. As the number increases I feel more driven to perform and outdo myself; to keep on getting better for you guys and for myself as well. Sometimes when I struggle to write a good story, I think about the support I’ve been getting and I feel a boost of confidence. So thanks for everything guys 🙂

Well, that’s about it for this ‘thank you’ post! A big thank you to all 2,200 readers, and I hope you guys stick around for more adventures to come!

Btw, my e-books are now available on Gumroad for easier purchasing. Visit the bookshop today for the books up for sale!

*If you are relatively new to my blog, I publish a post every Thursday alternating with a Harry Potter fan fiction and an original short story. You can also check out my other works through the Originals page 🙂


The 1500 Convention


Happy Weekend Everyone!

So… I’m having a gathering for all of you, my 1, 500 subscribers! Yup, I think it’s about time we meet up. How?

I’ll throw a convention! Well… that’s not really possible and I would if I could, but I thought about setting up a chat room or a Google hangout where I can just talk to you guys. The only problem is… the time zone.

This is just a really random idea, but I thought it would be fun for me to meet some of you, especially those who have been around from the very beginning and have seen me grow in my writing. On top of that, I might also do a book giveaway (most probably my 2nd novel) to a lucky few during the chat 🙂

So, let me know what you think of this idea in the comments below!

Anyway, I just wanna thank all of you once again for subscribing to my blog. I feel like I’m slowly getting closer to my dreams as more people subscribe to me. It’s a wonderful feeling and a feeling I would not have if not for all of you! So thank you 🙂 Your readership means a lot to me.

I hope you guys are excited about the new HP fan fiction, and I think I should get the ball rolling next week with Miss Fiction’s Collection (though I don’t have a good story yet – if you have one, share it with me!).

Well, that is all for this short thank you post 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!




From the poll I have decided on what to run for the next few… months? I don’t know how long exactly, but that’s the fun part isn’t it?

Those who voted, thanks so much! Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated 😀

So, here’s the final lay down. Alternating between weeks I’ll run a HP fan fiction novel (vote as we go), and Miss Fiction’s Collection.

Which character for the HP fan fiction? Heh, a secret! Well, you’ll soon find out when I do the introduction later  today 🙂

For Miss Fiction’s Collection, I’ve set up a dedicated page. So check it out to learn how we can turn our life stories to crazy, out of this world shorties 🙂 I hope that this project would let me learn more about my readers and vice versa. I’m also excited to try out new things, and this would really be a challenge!

I know that short stories did get more votes than Miss Fiction’s Collection, but when I thought about it, they are pretty much the same. Miss Fiction’s Collection is a collection of short stories after all. But don’t worry, once in a while, I will post up short stories as well.

Well, that’s about it! For those who have followed Dr. Slubgob’s Letters from start to finish, do drop me an email at jeynagrace@gmail.com and let me know what you think!

Till the next dragon ride and deep sea exploration, have a great non-fictional week!


One Thousand Subs!

I officially started my blog on July 26, 2011. It is close to a year and a half now, and I’ve come a long way.

As of today, I have hit 1000 subs! That’s 10% of 10,000 people 🙂 How awesome is that?!

Watch the video below for my first ever video update!

Also, let me know if I should publish more originals, and if I should do more vlogs for my blog in the comments below 🙂

Thanks again for sticking around!


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