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The Family Guy

The Family Guy

“I’m Monica Rivers from Channel 4, wishing you a happy holiday!”

The news ended with the typical credit roll while Monica Rivers sat at the desk trying to look busy. Little did she know that she would soon be reporting her first, of the mass holiday murders, in her news-casting career. She didn’t have to worry though, it was not happening in her country this year.

As he switched off the television, he smiled to himself. He was ready to leave his chilly home and move to somewhere warmer, just for a couple of weeks. It was sort of a ritual, that every year, he would pack his bags and go on a little trip; a little trip that wouldn’t end so well for many.

Being that he looked innocent with his chubby face, he got away with almost every crime he committed. No one knew he was wanted in countries all over the world, because no one suspected him at all. How could this sweet, quiet, fat man, be the evil of such heinous crimes? Oh, no, it couldn’t be him alright, and that was what everyone said.

The FBI had announced that they were looking for a middle aged man, who expressed a special fondness for families. They suspected him not to have any family, which would suggest that he traveled alone, and met his followers only at the site of the crime. On top of that, they knew he only acted on one special season of the year, and they never failed to caution the general public when the holidays came around. To his surprise, these profilers were right about him, proving that TV shows never over exaggerated their skills.

Since he was especially fond of families, his favorite holiday of the year was Christmas. He loved how families would come together, and celebrate a day which had no significance to some of them. He also loved the presents and he loved the food. That explained why he was growing more side ways than upwards as the years went by.

This year, he decided to pay special visits to the families in a little town called Oakwood. He was going to slip into their brightly decorated houses at night, steal the children from their beds, and drained the parents dry. He would then bag the children and keep them for the rest of the year. What he would do with them, well, I won’t tell you just yet.

Being that he was a very organized man, he entered Oakwood as a traveler, friendly and harmless. He made a small inn his stay for the coming weeks and worked out his ‘visitation’ plans; who to visit first and who to visit last. The order never really mattered though, as long as the entire town was covered.

One would wonder how one man could murder and kidnap everyone in a town. They suspected he worked in a team of course, but they were wrong. There was one thing they did not know about him, one thing they would not even believe.

You see, this cute chubby man was no man at all. The misconception of vampires being tall, dark and handsome, has even made the supernatural believers debunk the idea all together. Instead, they have chosen to believe he was a pedophilia murderer leading a group of mad men. Though he was slightly disappointed with their assumptions, he could only blame the media for painting such false impressions. No, vampires weren’t all tall, dark and handsome, in fact, most of them looked fairly ordinary, and they never even attempted to lead a normal life.

Once again, how does he manage to wipe out an entire town? That question is answered.

But what did he do with the children? After killing the parents and washing down his dinner with the glass of milk they had provided, he would take the children, tell them they have been naughty this year and convince them that they can make up for it and get the toys they wanted. He would then pack them in red sacks and bring them home.

Since he lived in the North pole, humans were a rare sight. Hence, some of the children would be his food for the rest of the year, before he went to collect more next Christmas. He also made use of them, turning some to be his little slaves. Most of them would help around the house, while others made toys to lure in the new prey.

Unfortunately for him, he had to feed some of the useless ones to them as well. It may seem rather cruel, but if elves wouldn’t work on an empty stomach, what more these little monsters.

Over the years, this chubby vampire has been doing the same routine of gathering slaves and building an army, and no one knew how to stop him. Maybe this is because the children of the world constantly called him Santa, thinking he was the man who could make all their dreams come true.

Well, who could blame them, it was another common misconception after all. And who knew blood stained clothes could become a seasonal costume.


Wait, what? Vampire Santa?

My friends and I were talking about how ‘Vampire Santa’ could end up becoming a film when the cinema runs out of cheesy stuff. I bet we are not the first to come up with such a ridiculous notion, especially when the conversation started over a Facebook picture of me under a chimney.

I hope this story isn’t as cliche as the idea though. Do let me know what you think!

And, happy holidays!

© 2012 Jeyna Grace

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Fan Fiction (Shorts)

An Extra Tea Cup

He sat on the old sofa, facing the unlit fireplace, staring blankly at it as though waiting for something to happen. Occasionally, he would take a quick glance at his watch, and would state to himself the minutes left before his arrival.

Typically, every year during the Christmas holidays, he would have driven to King’s Cross Station and waited for the arrival of the Hogwart’s Express. This year, he was pretty sure he didn’t have to, even if he wanted to. His son would show up all by himself, as he did all year round.

He often asked his son how he managed to slip out of school grounds, and if it was breaking any school rules, he would forbid him to do so. But his son assured him that since he was in his final year, he was given special privileges.

“There’s no harm father,” his son always said.

Strangely, it never really occurred to him how his son came home. Surely he did not use the floo network as the fireplace has not been used for a year now.

“I should ask him how he does it, my sweet sweet boy,” he said to himself.

Taking another glance at his watch, he realized his son was half an hour late, which was never the case.

“Cerena, your son is late,” he shouted to his wife.

Cerena appeared at the living room doorway and smiled to him weakly.

“He’s late. He’s never late. The train must be delayed. Should I check with Dumbledore?” he added.

“There’s no need my love,” Cerena replied with a smile. “Would you like some biscuits and tea?”

“Yes dear, that would be very nice.”

Just as his wife disappeared into the kitchen, he heard someone walking up behind him. Getting up quickly to see if it was his son, he was disappointed to find the cat, looking up at him like he was insane.

“What are you looking at? If it wasn’t for my son, you would have been gone by now,” he said angrily to the cat, who gave a meow in reply.

Taking another look at his watch, he started to panic. Why was his son late? The delay couldn’t be close to an hour, could it?

As his wife laid down the tray on the coffee table, he started pacing up and down. He felt it odd that his wife did not worry at all. Aren’t the roles suppose to be the other way around?

“How can you be so calm Cerena?” he asked his wife, slightly annoyed.

“Sit down dear. Have some tea. It will calm the nerves.”

Sitting down and taking the cup of tea from his wife, he noticed how there were only two sets of tea cups on the tray.

“Aren’t you having tea?” he asked his wife.

“I am. Why…” Cerena drifted off, as though realizing her mistake. “I just washed the other cup, and I’m drying it out. I’ll bring it out later,” she quickly added.

He nodded his head and continued sipping his tea. It was indeed relieving.

Moments later, the door bell rang. Jumping from his seat, nearly spilling over the remaining tea in his cup, he rushed to the door and pulled it open excitedly. There, on the gravel pathway, stood his son, smiling from ear to ear.

“I’m sorry for being late. The train was delayed. I hope I did not worry you?” his son immediately said.

“Oh, you worried me alright, but don’t worry about it,” he said, as he ushered his son in. “Your mother and I was just having some tea. You must join us and tell us all about school!”

Entering the living room, he announced, “Look who’s home!”

“Hello mother,” his son greeted.

Cerena looked up from her tea cup and smiled. She then got up and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Take a seat. Your mother is getting you a cup,” he said.

Not waiting for his wife to return, he immediately asked, “So, how’s that girlfriend of yours?”

“Father, she’s not my girlfriend,” his son replied blushing.

“You took her to the ball last year, that says a lot.”

“It doesn’t. We’re not going out anymore.”

“Why is that? Who stole her from you?” He narrowed his eyes, wondering who dared mess with his son’s interests.

“Father, forget it alright,” his son said and added, “Why is mother taking so long?”

“Don’t change the topic boy. I will not have anyone take away what is yours.”

“She’s not mine. She’s not an object to be fought over.” There was a hint of exasperation in his voice.

“Fine. At least tell me who she is with now.”

“She’s with Harry,” he replied softly.

“Harry Potter? Why? Why would she choose him over you?”

“Father, let’s drop this. You are clearly upset.”

“I AM upset. Harry Potter is nothing compared to you. You are the Triwizard champion, not him!”


“No, I must speak to that little nuisance! Who does he think he is?!”

Right at the peak of his anger, Cerena walked it, without the extra tea cup in hand.

“What took you so long? And where is Cedric’s cup?!” he demanded.

Cerena just looked at him and to the empty chair he had been speaking to for the last ten minutes. She didn’t know what to say.

Maybe… maybe it was time she gotten him the help he needed.



I’m in the midst of writing and planning a new book. It’s themed fantasy and I’m planning on getting my dear friend with his artsy skills to illustrate. I guess he is pretty busy at the moment, that is why you don’t see any of his new illustrations, but he is still working on some of the older Joanna posts, and it’ll be up soon, I hope.

So my new book, that’s right. I’m planning on a collection of short stories, well, not too short, but short enough. Since my short HP fan fictions are getting many likes, I thought of honing my writing skills in the area of short stories.

If you guys hope to read this new book, in which I plan to be published by the end of next year, you could support me by buying my recently published book. The profits I collect from this book will, no, not go to a new computer, even though I want one so badly, but to the printing and developing of my new book. So your support is greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate, do let me know as well, I will be really grateful.

On a side note, I might be putting up more of Joanna’s fan fiction more frequently (taking over the weeks of which I post up my short fan fics) as I have cooked up some spicy twist and turns I can’t wait to share. And as for the requested stories for the short fan fictions, I am still cracking my brain. Too much to write at the moment 🙂

Anyway, that is just a short update. To those awesome people who have purchased my book, do send me a review via email! I would love to post some of it up in the book shop!

That’s all for now! Till next time, have a snowy Christmas! (Even though it doesn’t snow where I come from.)

*In case you are wondering what my recently published book is about, you can read the first chapter here, and a bonus prologue here.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

I have recently published my first book on paperback, however, the paperback version will not be available internationally just yet.

BUT since it is Christmas, I have decided to throw a promotion!

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I do hope many of you would enjoy my new book!

Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 7:

Joanna spun around in the white silk dress her mother had sent her. It had a black ribbon that tied around her waist and black flowers that would occasionally disappear and reappear.

“You look beautiful,” Annoria, who sat on the bed waiting for her, said.

“Thank you,” Joanna responded as she began to do her hair.

“Tell me again how Tom Riddle asked you?” Annoria smiled cheekily.

“Is it really that hard to believe that Tom invited me?”


“Am I that-” Joanna stared at herself in the mirror, trying to find another reason why boys didn’t like her.

“It’s not you, it’s him. He only has friend’s in Slytherin and, well, he always keeps to himself. To think he would go to a ball, well, you get what I mean,” Annoria explained what she felt rather unconvincingly.

” I think I do. I’m ready, let’s go.” Joanna got tired of trying to pin her hair up that she decided to let it be.

They walked down to the great hall together but went in separate directions to meet their dates. Annoria was invited by a fellow classmate who, Joanna had noticed, constantly stared at her during class. But seeing that Annoria didn’t have a problem with the chubby Ravenclaw boy, she didn’t either.

When Joanna finally looked away from the overly excited Annoria, she saw Tom, standing a few feet away from her.

Tom smiled, genuinely. Which came off as a surprise to her. Since she knew Tom, she only saw smirks, and occasionally a fake smile that sent Professors all over him. That night, it was different.

“Do you want to stand there the whole night?” The smile disappeared as he spoke.

Joanna walked towards him and spared him a compliment, “Looking rather handsome.”

“I must say, you don’t look too bad yourself.”

Joanna chuckled. The boy couldn’t give a compliment without sounding sarcastic.

“Shall we?” Tom offered his arm and Joanna took it.

The great hall had transformed into a winter wonderland. There were small tables around the hall that were made of ice, and a long buffet table that changed in the variety of food ever so often. From the ceiling, snowflakes fell lightly and disappeared before they could touch the ground.

“Amazing!” Joanna said in excitement.

“What is?” Tom asked as he led her to a table.

“The snow,” Joanna answered as she watched Tom waved his wand over the empty glasses on the table, making liquid rise from the bottom.

“Haven’t seen snow have you?” Tom said as he handed her a glass.

“As a matter of fact, never.”

“Sad,” Tom said insincerely.

“What are you drinking there? Not wine I hope!” a voice jokingly asked.

Joanna turned to see who it was, and as she had recognized, it was Professor Slughorn.

“Not wine sir, just punch. Would you like a glass?” Tom offered.

“Oh, no need my boy.” Professor Slughorn patted Tom on the back. “I helped brew the punch, drank a lot of it myself!”

“It’s an excellent mix sir,” Tom praised.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I added some boomslang skin. Blends the flavors better,” Professor Slughorn said proudly.

“Boomslang? That’s interesting,” Joanna said as she slowly placed the glass on the table.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s just snake skin, won’t kill you.” Professor Slughorn chuckled.

“Sir, aren’t boomslang skin rather hard to find?” Tom asked, and Joanna immediately knew why.

“You have to know where to look my boy.”

“Do you have more? I’m curious on how it looks.”

“Why of course! I’ll let you see it. It is for academic purposes right?”

“Yes sir, strictly for academic purposes,” Tom confidently answered.

“Very well, after class on Monday then. Enjoy the ball!” Professor Slughorn said and went on greeting more of his favorite students cheerfully.

“The book says we need boomslang skin, am I right?” Tom immediately turned to Joanna.


“Let’s go,” Tom said as he eyed Professor Slughorn.

“Go where?”

“Slughorn’s office, we’re going to get some skin,” Tom said as he grabbed Joanna’s hand and led her out of the hall.

“Now?!” Joanna asked as they turned into a deserted hallway.

“It’s the best time, all the Professors are at the ball.” Tom made a good point.

They finally made it to Professor Slughorn’s office. It felt more like a home than an office, with a fireplace, a dining table and a wall full of pictures.

“He keeps his stuff over here,” Tom said, walking over to a huge cabinet. As Tom pulled the doors open, Joanna saw jars of all sorts. Some bigger, some smaller, but all labeled. There were more than a hundred of them and she gulped at the thought of finding just one.

“There are so many,” Joanna stated. “Can’t we just use a spell?”

“And risk breaking everything?” Tom shook his head and started looking on the top shelf.

Joanna sigh and decided to start with the bottom. She turned every jar, read every label, but there weren’t any boomslang. If only Professor Slughorn took some time organizing this cabinet, finding something would be a lot easier.

Once she was done with the bottom shelf, Joanna gave up and walked over to the fire place.

“What are you doing?” Tom asked calmly.

“It’s impossible,” Joanna sighed, but before she could give a better reason, the office door opened.

Joanna quickly turned to its direction, and standing in the doorway was Professor Dumbledore.

“Ms. Chen? What are you doing here?” Professor Dumbledore walked slowly towards her.

Joanna took a quick glance at the cabinet and Tom wasn’t there. He must have slipped behind it.

“I, er, Professor…” Joanna was lost for words, so she swallowed and shrugged.

“Well then, I’ll like you to follow me,” Professor Dumbledore said, after he took a long suspicious look around the room.

Joanna obediently followed after him as he headed out the door. It was then that she saw a small jar on a side table. The label read, “Boomslang skin”.

A question came to mind immediately, does she make a  quick grab for it and risk getting caught? Or should she just leave it there.

To be continued…

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Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 6:

Joanna sat in the second floor girl’s bathroom. Tom had asked her to meet him there the day before, because apparently, no one visits this bathroom anymore. And Joanna was oblivious to the fact why.

As she sat alone, an occasional wave of sudden chills ran through her body. Joanna had a feeling something was not right, and when she heard a soft moan coming from one of the cubicles, she stood up with confirmation.

“Who’s there?” Joanna asked loudly, suppressing the urge to run.

But instead of a reply, the moaning grew louder and Joanna slowly backed towards the exit. She was about to turn and make a dash out, when she bumped into someone. Immediately, she spun around, only to find Tom standing behind her.

“Are you scared?” Tom chuckled.

“There’s something in this toilet,” Joanna quickly answered.

“Get out of here Myrtle,” Tom said as he walked pass her.

A ghostly figure of a girl came swooping out of a toilet cubicle. Her hair was tied up in two ponytails and she screamed in such a high pitch that Joanna instinctively covered her ears.

“I told you to get out you filthy mudblood!” Tom raised his voice.

The ghost stopped and choked on her cries. “Fine!” she said as she wailed into a cubicle and splashed into a toilet bowl.

“Who was that?” Joanna asked as she peered into the cubicle where the ghost disappeared into.

“Some dead mudblood,” Tom shrugged as he sat down and placed the thick book he carried around on his lap.

“Right,” Joanna said as she joined him.

They spent their entire evening break in the girl’s bathroom, with the surprising absence of the moaning ghost.

Joanna told stories of how a few of her uncles were trying to make a Horcrux and each of them had different results, all bad of course. But strangely, as their conversation left the room of dark arts, Joanna started to fear him less.

A week into secret toilet hideouts and Joanna had gotten Tom to talk about his childhood. It was her way of trying to get him to stay away from the Horcrux topic as long as possible, hoping he would forget about the idea all together.

But when Tom spoke of his younger days, he seemed to be loathing it.

“Bloody orphanage muggles thought I was sick! Got me muggle doctors and all,” Tom scoffed.

“Then who told you about magic?” Joanna asked.

“Dumbledore. He came for me one afternoon.”

“But, Dumbledore…” Joanna had noticed the way Dumbledore looked at Tom, and it wasn’t the same way most of the other Professors did.

“He doesn’t like me I assume. He’s always watching me, trying to catch me or something,” Tom finished her sentence for her.

“You’re not afraid of him are you?”

Tom didn’t answer, instead he changed the topic with a question directed to her, “Why were you expelled?”

“I set the headmaster’s office on fire.”


“He’s a muggleborn, who made us read books ONLY by muggles.” Joanna rolled her eyes at the memory.

“He said muggles were the best in arts. But he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Shakespeare and DaVinci weren’t muggles and they were famous! Yet he chose not to teach about them,” Joanna continued. “So one day, I decided to set his office on fire.”

“Was he in it?”


“How unfortunate,” Tom sighed and Joanna chuckled.

“I know, but I would be in prison if he was. I’m somewhat thankful he didn’t die,” Joanna said.

“I would break you out if you were.” Tom smiled.

“You didn’t know me then, how could you break me out?”

“That’s true. I guess it would be horrid to have your life sucked out by Dementors everyday.”

“Horrid indeed. My aunt’s in prison,” Joanna conveniently stated.

“Wicked family you have, and yet you don’t practice dark magic?”

“My mother has lost a lot. I don’t want to be another lost to her. I am after all, the only child.”

“That’s one reason I don’t have to worry about.”

Joanna went silent at the thought of how her parents would react if she had died. Even right now, her mother was constantly grieving as one after another, her brothers and sisters were suffering, disappearing and dying because of dark magic. And though it was in their family heritage to practice it, her mother never promoted it. The lost was unbearable and the only good thing that ever came out of dark magic was death.

Tom must have noticed her drift away as he asked, “You still here?”

“Sorry, I was thinking,” Joanna replied.


“About the Christmas ball.” An excuse she made.

“Are you going?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know. No one has asked me yet,”

“It’s a little too early to be asked don’t you think? It’s a full month away.”

“Yes, but I don’t really have a lot of friends.” Joanna realized it was a fact the moment she said so.

Since she started in Hogwarts, the only Hufflepuff she knew by name was Annoria. The rest were just “hey”s and “hello”s. And for those who weren’t in Hufflepuff, she knew no one but Tom and Malfoy, who had suddenly became awfully nice to her.

“I”m a friend,” Tom said, and he sounded like he meant it.

“That’s nice to know.” Joanna smiled, as she deciphered his tone.

“Do you…” Tom’s voice trailed off in uncertainty.

“Do I what?”

“Do you… want to go to the Christmas Ball with me?”

Joanna was caught by surprise. She wanted to go but should she?

To be continued…

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