Fan Fiction (Shorts)

An Extra Tea Cup

He sat on the old sofa, facing the unlit fireplace, staring blankly at it as though waiting for something to happen. Occasionally, he would take a quick glance at his watch, and would state to himself the minutes left before his arrival.

Typically, every year during the Christmas holidays, he would have driven to King’s Cross Station and waited for the arrival of the Hogwart’s Express. This year, he was pretty sure he didn’t have to, even if he wanted to. His son would show up all by himself, as he did all year round.

He often asked his son how he managed to slip out of school grounds, and if it was breaking any school rules, he would forbid him to do so. But his son assured him that since he was in his final year, he was given special privileges.

“There’s no harm father,” his son always said.

Strangely, it never really occurred to him how his son came home. Surely he did not use the floo network as the fireplace has not been used for a year now.

“I should ask him how he does it, my sweet sweet boy,” he said to himself.

Taking another glance at his watch, he realized his son was half an hour late, which was never the case.

“Cerena, your son is late,” he shouted to his wife.

Cerena appeared at the living room doorway and smiled to him weakly.

“He’s late. He’s never late. The train must be delayed. Should I check with Dumbledore?” he added.

“There’s no need my love,” Cerena replied with a smile. “Would you like some biscuits and tea?”

“Yes dear, that would be very nice.”

Just as his wife disappeared into the kitchen, he heard someone walking up behind him. Getting up quickly to see if it was his son, he was disappointed to find the cat, looking up at him like he was insane.

“What are you looking at? If it wasn’t for my son, you would have been gone by now,” he said angrily to the cat, who gave a meow in reply.

Taking another look at his watch, he started to panic. Why was his son late? The delay couldn’t be close to an hour, could it?

As his wife laid down the tray on the coffee table, he started pacing up and down. He felt it odd that his wife did not worry at all. Aren’t the roles suppose to be the other way around?

“How can you be so calm Cerena?” he asked his wife, slightly annoyed.

“Sit down dear. Have some tea. It will calm the nerves.”

Sitting down and taking the cup of tea from his wife, he noticed how there were only two sets of tea cups on the tray.

“Aren’t you having tea?” he asked his wife.

“I am. Why…” Cerena drifted off, as though realizing her mistake. “I just washed the other cup, and I’m drying it out. I’ll bring it out later,” she quickly added.

He nodded his head and continued sipping his tea. It was indeed relieving.

Moments later, the door bell rang. Jumping from his seat, nearly spilling over the remaining tea in his cup, he rushed to the door and pulled it open excitedly. There, on the gravel pathway, stood his son, smiling from ear to ear.

“I’m sorry for being late. The train was delayed. I hope I did not worry you?” his son immediately said.

“Oh, you worried me alright, but don’t worry about it,” he said, as he ushered his son in. “Your mother and I was just having some tea. You must join us and tell us all about school!”

Entering the living room, he announced, “Look who’s home!”

“Hello mother,” his son greeted.

Cerena looked up from her tea cup and smiled. She then got up and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Take a seat. Your mother is getting you a cup,” he said.

Not waiting for his wife to return, he immediately asked, “So, how’s that girlfriend of yours?”

“Father, she’s not my girlfriend,” his son replied blushing.

“You took her to the ball last year, that says a lot.”

“It doesn’t. We’re not going out anymore.”

“Why is that? Who stole her from you?” He narrowed his eyes, wondering who dared mess with his son’s interests.

“Father, forget it alright,” his son said and added, “Why is mother taking so long?”

“Don’t change the topic boy. I will not have anyone take away what is yours.”

“She’s not mine. She’s not an object to be fought over.” There was a hint of exasperation in his voice.

“Fine. At least tell me who she is with now.”

“She’s with Harry,” he replied softly.

“Harry Potter? Why? Why would she choose him over you?”

“Father, let’s drop this. You are clearly upset.”

“I AM upset. Harry Potter is nothing compared to you. You are the Triwizard champion, not him!”


“No, I must speak to that little nuisance! Who does he think he is?!”

Right at the peak of his anger, Cerena walked it, without the extra tea cup in hand.

“What took you so long? And where is Cedric’s cup?!” he demanded.

Cerena just looked at him and to the empty chair he had been speaking to for the last ten minutes. She didn’t know what to say.

Maybe… maybe it was time she gotten him the help he needed.

Fan Fiction (Shorts)

The Raven with Broken Wings

Her swan floated in the air, dancing slowly as it faded. And as it finally disappeared, she tried again, trying to gather the happy memories she had with him. But as she whispered, “Expecto Patronum” nothing happened.

She finally placed her wand down on the bathroom floor. The bathroom had been her hideout for the past few days. It was where she could be alone. It was where she didn’t have to face everyone and their attempts to make her feel better.

As she stared at an empty wall, imagination was magic itself. On the plain brown wall, she imagined how it would be like to still have him around. She could see his smile, and how he naughtily narrowed his eyebrows at her. She could feel his touch as he kissed the top of her hand. She could hear his voice as he whispered sweet things into her ears. These were all memories, memories that made the tears fall once again.

She missed him so much. She missed talking to him, and telling him how the day’s classes had been. She missed practicing Quidditch with him, and how he would always let her win even though he constantly denied doing so. She wished he was here right now, holding her hand and telling her that everything that had happened was just a horrible nightmare. If only he could tell her he was never leaving her.

Gripping on to the raven pendant he had given her on her birthday, she recalled the day he sneaked her out of her common room to the astrology tower.

“Where are we going?” she asked softly as they ran down the empty hallway after hours.

“You’ll see.” He smiled.

“We’re breaking the rules! And you’re a prefect, if we get caught-“

“I’ll make sure we WONT get caught.” He playfully grinned as he led her up a flight of steps.

At the top of the astrology tower, he had already magically conjured pillows, blankets, and everything she considered soft, in shades of light blue, her favorite color. As he slumped into them laughing, he patted for her to take a seat next to him.

“Is this allowed?” she asked worriedly.

“I don’t think so, but i don’t really care, do you?” He gave another boyish grin.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she finally took a seat next to him. And a few minutes later, she could hear the school clock chime loudly. She had almost forgotten what the day was until he reminded her.

“Happy birthday beautiful,” he said as he pulled out a small box.

“You remembered?” She was rather surprised. They hadn’t been dating for long, but that moment felt as though they had been.

“I always did,'” he said while he slowly opened the box and took out a raven pendant.

Gently placing it on her palm he swished his wand, and silver chain hooked itself onto it.

“Do you want me to put it on for you?”

Still staring at the pendant, she smiled and nodded.

And just as he did, she turned and wrapped her arms around him.

“Thank you,” she whispered into his ear.

“Anything for your beautiful eyes,”

“Just my eyes?” She pulled away, playfully pretending to be offended.

“The eyes are the windows into the soul, no?”

She shook her head as she blushed. He was a smart one.

That night with him was a memory she would never forget. It felt just like last night, but she knew she was here alone last night, and the night before. Because he was gone.

Never again will he cheekily wink at her in the great hall. Never again will she see a future with him. All she had was memories of what they had, and dreams of what they could have. It wasn’t just his absence that made things so hard, it was the fact that kept ringing in her heart that he was dead.

More tears fell as her heart broke further. She couldn’t be fixed. She was like a bird with broken wings. He was the one that helped her fly. He inspired her to be the best. He had never given up on her. Without him, how could she brave the skies?

“Please come back,” she sobbed.

Pease help me fly again Ced, Cho thought as she pulled her knees to her body and wept.