Monday Giveaway


*TL;DR: Read the bold-ed words.

Phototastic-25_3_2016_3c0a52c3-badb-4ed3-9450-101a4fe90704Prior to the launch of The Battle for Oz, my publisher threw a Goodreads giveaway. 20 copies were up for grabs and over 1,000 people entered. I’m still in shock at the number of readers interested in the book. I know some books get way more participants, but for me, 1,000 is a lot! So anyway… now that it’s a little over six months, my publisher and I have decided to throw another giveaway.

Just like round one, there are 20 paperback copies to be won. And don’t worry, despite the blog title, the giveaway is not just open for today. In fact, it runs from March 28th to April 25th. The only downside is this paperback giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, my publisher cannot extend it globally… yet. However, they’re more than happy to give 10 free e-books to my readers living outside of US and Canada.

So, if you’re living in the US and Canada, you can enter the Goodreads giveaway HERE. But if you’re not from either of these two countries, you can leave a comment below stating who you like better, Dorothy Gale or Alice Liddell, and stand a chance to win an e-book! Sounds cool?

I’m not sure if any of my blog followers won the Goodreads giveaway the last round. I saw a familiar name, but I cannot be certain. This time, I hope one of you do win a copy. It would be awesome to hear your thoughts on the book. So be sure to join! You have close to one month to enter, and I don’t advise waiting. What if you forget? Ok, ok, fine, I’ll remind you when the date is nearer. But if you have nothing to do now, enter/leave a comment today!

That’s it! I used a lot of ‘so’s in this post didn’t I? So I better end this here. Happy Monday dear reader! And thanks for always sticking around 🙂


Christmas Giveaway

Christmas giveaway

This post is here again and it’s paired with a something special, but first I would like to thank my readers!

This Christmas season I cheer for the number of readers that have decided to make my blog their regular stop. 2013 has been great and my blog has grown a lot this year, but it would not be where it is today if not for all of you. So I just wanna thank all 3,200 subscribers that have shown support over this thing we call the internet. I would love to meet you guys one day and thank you personally, but for now, I can only thank you through satellite signals. I hope you don’t mind 🙂

Since I’m cheering for the support I’ve gotten, I would like to spread the cheer too. So, I’ve decided to give away 20 e-books for free!

I would be posting 2 links on my Facebook and Twitter page on Christmas Day, one would be The Dreamer and the other would be Dream World: The Lost Child. The links will bring you to a download page, where the first 10 people will be able to download for free. Since it’s first come first serve, be sure to click the link the moment you see it!

I know these two books may seem ‘old’ to some of you, but rest assured, I have 3 works hitting my online bookshop next year 🙂 So it’s definitely going to be exciting!

Anyway, thank you all once again and I hope you all have a merry, merry Christmas!