Fairy Dust & Nightlock Essence

Look what I made! Can you guess where the fairy dust is from?

I forgot to publish this earlier, so here goes!

600 subscribers! Thank you all for subscribing to me. I truly appreciate your support, even though you may or may not check out my stories every week. It’s good to know you think I’m worth your time 🙂

A small update. There will be changes in the way I’m posting up my stories. As you may have seen, I published a polling post a while back, to understand my readers, and the response was pretty good. I see that there are quite a number of HP fans who are HG fans as well! And for those who answered the polls, thank you!

So, what I’m going to do is this. The Joanna fan fic will run as usual, every forth nightly, until it ends, while the short fan fics will alternate between Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Once a month, you would get one short HP fan fic, and one short HG fan fic. Sounds good?

At the same time, my originals would be posted up every week, and for those who have subscribed, you would get the passwords via email. Trust me, it is going to be good 🙂

Be sure to also participate in the weirdest dream contest (more info in Dream World Chapter 3), to stand a chance to win a free pass into Dream World!

Till next time, Happy Easter!