These Fan Fictions were written to release the overflowing amount of imagination in my head. They revolve around the theme of ‘what really happened’, and I hope you enjoy reading them!


The 2 Types of Fan Fictions

Short Fan Fiction

Short fan fictions are… well… short. They can be found under the Fan Fiction Short page. Comments are very much welcomed!


Novel Fan Fiction

Each novel fan fiction falls under the Fan Fiction Novel page. A new chapter of 800-1000 words was added every fortnight. Readers participated and voted after every post to help decide on which way the stories would go!


35 thoughts on “FanFics”

  1. WOW. I thought HP fanfics died out! I might even start breaking out my old plots. I always believed in the H/HR pairing LOL <333

    1. I had a lot of ideas for HP and FFX and wrote only one finished story for HP years ago.. but I think I’ll tackle those when I’m feeling comfortable again lol you’ve inspired me to dig out my old inspirations after cruising your blog!

  2. Hiya!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! One of my very best friends does Superman fan-fiction =D I am so excited to find HP fan fiction, and I will definitely be sharing it with her!!

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