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Thinking Of Giving Up? This Is For You

I’ve given up on a lot of things—I’ve given up on speaking fluent Korean, I’ve given up on all my musical endeavours, I’ve given up on relationships, and I’ve given up on ideas. And each time I give up on something, I find it harder to start again.

If you’re thinking of giving up, there’s something you must know. Because giving up is more than just saying, ‘I’m done’. When you give up, you’re closing a chapter in your life—you’re saying it’s over. You’re putting an end to all that you’ve done up till today. And if you choose to start again in the future, it’s going to be harder than it is now.

The drive and motivation you have today, for whatever it is you’re currently pursuing, isn’t going to be the same. You won’t be able to tap into the same energy. You’ll find yourself tiring out quicker than you expected. And sadly, you’re going to give up again, and again, and again. Because once you’ve given up, your endeavour has lost its value—what was once worth your time will slowly become a burden.

When I gave up on learning Korean, only to decide to start again—despite being able to recall certain words—I didn’t have enough motivation to learn for long. When I gave up on practicing the euphonium, the keyboard, and the guitar, I had little drive to stay disciplined. When I gave up on relationships, I moved on—rekindling what was in the past seemed pointless after the years of no contact. And when I gave up on ideas, I lost the inspiration to bring them back to life. When you give up on something, it ends.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t give up. Contrary, if what you’re doing now feels like a burden, then you should consider giving up. After all, if what you’re pursuing brings no meaning to your life, why are you doing it anyway? But if you’re on a journey that matters to you—if you’re fighting for a dream—don’t give up. Because deep down, you know you’re not done.

Personally, I’m not done with writing. I can’t give up on writing. It’s too precious. I’ve invested many years into it—many days practicing, researching, and imagining. I’ve spent most of my life focused on this single skill, and to give up would be the end of who I am. Regardless of success, I won’t give up. Even in doubt and exhaustion, I can’t give up. Because I know… I’m not done.

How about you—are you done? Can you say it is truly over? Are you willing to let it all go? If the answer is ‘yes’, then don’t be ashamed to give up. But if the answer is ‘no’, you know what you have to do. Deep down, you already know.

4 thoughts on “Thinking Of Giving Up? This Is For You”

  1. I’ve never thought about how once you give up on something, the drive to ever be at it like that is gone. I guess teaching myself French and shorthand has turned out that way and it’s a little disappointing for my own wishes. I think you are quite right and I hope I don’t get to the point of giving up writing.
    I’m more tired these days and some days I wonder if I should write when I spend more time dabbling at it. But then a new idea comes along, I write it and, boom, the fire is back.
    Yeah, I would like to pull back the original fire for french, but ill be happy if I keep some really important things.
    Great perspective and reminder.

    1. I’m sure writing is a passion of yours—it’s almost impossible to give up on something you’re truly passionate about 🙂 Besides, giving up and taking breaks are two separate things. You can always take a break from writing, but the fact that you always go back to it means something.

  2. I don’t give up on very many things. I thought about it awhile after reading the post. Even things I can’t do anymore due to health issues I still plan to find a way to do again.

    However, I did stop carrying a purse in 1994. It seemed to have mostly junk in it that I never needed. I carried a wallet for years until I got a wallet case for my phone. No more purses. Freedom!

    I don’t wear make up at all. Never. I am not good at putting it on. I touch my face and it smears, etc. Not for me. I haven’t since maybe 2010. None. Ever.

    I gave up long hair several years ago. Again, I am not good at “doing” my hair. It was scraggly. I wasn’t wearing it in a ponytail all the time because that just looked like short hair. So, chop, chop. It’s gotten shorter over the years. I usually get a men’s style. SHORT. My husband says he’s cool with whatever makes me happy. People ask me about that all the time.

    Those things I’m FINE with giving up. Great post!

    1. Love your tenacity to find a way around physical challenges! And all those examples of giving up… perfect! Some things are definitely worth giving up for sure.

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