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Real Life Struggles Of An Author

Often times, the struggle isn’t writing a book. Often times, the struggle is being an author who needs to write a book. I don’t really have a choice–writing is a part of who I am and I just need to do it. It’s a love-hate relationship. And unfortunately, this is where the struggle begins.

If you’re an author, I’m pretty sure you can relate with some of my struggles. If you’re not, here’s an insight to the tug-of-war between me and myself. These struggles make writing both enjoyable and dreadful. Yes, I know it sounds strange. The practise of writing is often like having a sibling you fight with but still love. It’s like owning an old car that keeps breaking down but you can’t sell it off. It’s something or someone you’re stuck with for life–something or someone you don’t necessarily like being around, but you’re too attached with to let go. And thus why the struggle is real.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to…

#1 Wait, what’s going on? I think I forgot something. Did I spell his name correctly? Was it fourteen or fifteen feet? Which chapter was it that I mentioned her age? Why on earth didn’t I note any of these down?

#2 I’d rather stare at a wall than do any form of writing today. Heck, cleaning the house sounds so much more fun. Should I volunteer to do all the chores? Yes, yes I should– I’ll do anything but write today.

#3 This wasn’t part of the plan, but OK. I’ll just run with it. It seems to be going somewhere better. It’s not like it matters anyway–the time I spent trying to plot the whole thing. Wait, does this mean… Does a story actually write itself? Did I just…. unlock a philosophical thought that I should totally blog about?

#4 The ending is going to be so awesome. I can see it in my head. It’s so freaking cool! I’m so tempted to write it now. I just need to write another ten chapters first though. Ten… not so cool… I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing chapters.

#5 Why did I even start? Why did I think this was a good idea? Why was I so ambitious? Was I even in the right state of mind? I actually have to finish this now. I have to put another idea on hold for a story I’m no longer as passionate about as when I first started. What was I thinking?

#6 Google, ‘types of eye shapes’. Google, ‘shades of blue’. Google, ‘east Europeans’. Google, ‘name of skin colours’. Google, ‘the different parts of a merchant ship’. Google, ‘medieval commoner clothing’. Google, ‘what is ‘magic’ in Latin’. Google, ‘pariah definition’. Google, ‘best TV series to binge watch’.

#7 I’m tired. I should go to bed. But wait, why do I have this sudden urge to write? Why now–when I’m brushing my teeth? Why couldn’t this strange, uncontrollable desire come when I was bored out of my mind five hours ago? What is wrong with me? I’m going to sleep.

Indeed, the struggle is real. Out of these seven points, how many can you relate with? And, if you’re a creative of another form, do you face similar struggles? Or, are your struggles a little different?

I’d love to know the challenges you face in your craft, so list your struggles in the comment section below. Let’s share our love-hate relationship with our passion. Sometimes, admitting that it sucks–being aware that it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine–helps us to keep our end goal in sight. And that’s important–in the pursuit of our dreams, we should never lose sight of the finish line.


9 thoughts on “Real Life Struggles Of An Author”

  1. At this point, I think we’re psychically linked… 😩😂😂

    #1 plagues me greatly. Just why, brain? Why you no remember? 😂

    #’s 2 & 7 are related for me. I’m ill, so I become tired too quick, hence my desire to sit & do nothing instead of write.

    #’s 3 & 5 (also related for me)… I’m gonna have to change crap in the latest chap. of an MLP fanfic I’ve been writing forever (like, since-2014-forever 😩😂) ’cause it’s NOT going the way I need it to… hopefully, by some miracle, it writes itself from me getting another idea outta nowhere… 😅😂

    #4… Don’t even get me started. Blended w/ #5, the sequel I have planned for the aforementioned fanfic is something I REALLY wanna start, but the current 1’s holding me back (I’m also starting to lose passion for it… 😩)…

    #6: I can’t count how many times I’ve Googled stuff this week (ALL for stories)…

    #7 is also holding me back. My MLP fanfic hasn’t been updated for the longest time, mostly ’cause I’m too tired to type… Saddest part? The fanfic has 1 chapter & an epilogue to go. 😟

    1. You’re so close to finishing your story! Come on, you can do it! If I can’t motivate myself, at least I can try to motivate you. Hahaha! Just suck it up and get it done! Go!

    2. 👋🏾

      Well, I finally finished my story. 😩😂😂

      Thanks for the enthusiastic encouragement! 😆

    3. That’s great! Did you go out to celebrate? Because you deserve it 🙂

      And you’re welcome! That’s the least I can do for someone who has been supporting me for years.

    4. Thanks so much. 😆

      Had inner celebration (too tired for outer one. 😩😂). 😂😆

      I’ll support you the best I can, Jeyna (you turned 3 freakin’ words into a story (more than once); you are pretty talented). 😆

  2. Mm, number 4 and 7 definitely.

    I read recently Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, which helped me understand how my own inspiration works, and #7… I think it happens because this is the moment (for me also when I just go to bed) is when we get really quiet, when the world stops filling our minds with (often unnecessary) information, and we have actually time to listen what happens deep within us, and our Inspiration/Muse dares not just to knock, but barge in and dance with us . Because we’re open to it.

    1. Wow, I never actually saw it that way. Now knowing, perhaps there’s a way to condition the mind to quiet down for inspiration. If we could do that, we’ll be able to write anytime, anywhere.

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