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So, What’s Next?

Recently, I’ve been asked this particular question by almost everyone I meet, “What’s next? Are you writing another book?” So to answer everyone else, who may have this question in mind, I thought to share my response here.

The next, after The Slave Prince, is the Raindrops trilogy.

Or, at least, I hope it remains as a trilogy and not become a series. Why? Because trilogies and series aren’t really my thing. I’ve discovered, through writing Book 2, that writing a trilogy is quite a challenge for me. As Book 1 was completed–sent to beta readers–in April 2016, a handful of story facts have gotten lost in time. I’ve misspelled some of the not-so-important character names, I’ve confused certain plot lines, and… I’ve forgotten how some of the places actually looked like. I had to reread Book 1 before writing Book 2. And yet, even after doing so, I’m still making mistakes!

When I think about it, a trilogy is just a really long book. It shouldn’t be too difficult to remember what I, myself, have concocted. Alas, I’m better suited writing standalones of 60k to 70k words–my sweet spot. And funnily enough, I’ve only just learned this fun fact about myself. However, I am going to complete this trilogy. With Book 1 done, how can I not write Book 2? It would be silly to stop a story when I’m this far in. I just have to tough it out and get it done–you have no idea how many times I’ve coaxed myself to keep going. Why did I even think writing a trilogy was a good idea? This writer, right here, had no idea what she had gotten herself into.

With that said, I plan to pitch Book 1 to agents once I finish the first draft of Book 2–it should be done by this year despite the turtle pace. I also plan to spend a good amount of time next year rewriting Book 2. Honestly, that is about it with my plans. All I can do as a writer is to keep writing–to keep running the race. I don’t know what will happen along the way. I might not find a publisher even after I’ve completed the entire trilogy. Or, I may land a publishing deal next year. Anything or nothing can happen. But, I do know what’s next.

For me, it will always be the next word, the next sentence, the next chapter, and the next book. It’ll always be one story after another. Despite how tiring it may be or how unmotivated I sometimes feel, I’ll keep writing. Stopping midway in this journey is, and never will be, an option.

PS, if you’re curious what Raindrops Book 1 is about, let’s just say it follows the tale of a teenage king in search of his father who many believe to be dead. With the magic in raindrops, this youthful king leaves home to travel to other realms. From the hazardous trip behind enemy lines to the festive East Asian-esque Meihua; from the kingdom hovering above the clouds to the military-driven Bevattna; from the heterogeneous society of a tunneled realm to his duel with the heir of Tentazoa, every step in his adventure uncovers a gem of his past, present, and future. And in one foresight, this young king learns the daunting fate of his own realm. That… is all I can say. Hopefully, you’ll get to read this book one day.


7 thoughts on “So, What’s Next?”

  1. Hello, again! 👋🏾😆

    Have not said anything to you in a while, OMG. 😨 Anyways, I just came to say:

    1. Good luck, hun! I know you can do it! 😊

    2. Making mistakes & forgetting is my specialty, so I know what it feels like. I update my fanfics chapter by chapter & I have to keep looking @ the previous chapter to know what the heck is happening in my own tale. 😩😂😂 Don’t let that stop you (even if it’s tedious af 😂). 😃

    3. I hope to see more from you. I’ll be delighted to see “by Jeyna Grace” on a book (unless some idiot makes you give a pen name just so you can target a certain audience (like w/ J.K. Rowling))! 😍😆

    1. It’s so nice to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your continuous support 🙂 It’s really encouraging when readers like you believe in a striving author. I truly hope I can present more of my works in the future–looking forward to the day YOU can read them.

    2. Same! Your kind nature is refreshing. 😃

      Looking forward to your works (if I have the money. Or a bookstore (my fave store (had great prices) closed years ago… 😩). Can’t catch a break… 😂😂)! 😆

    3. 😆

      I hope I do too, otherwise, getting to read anything I love (like Harry Potter) will be difficult. 😩😂

      When I find something I love, I’m dedicated af. 😂😂 & yeah, authors wouldn’t have much purpose w/out dedicated readers. 🙂

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