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Chapter 55: It’s Dinner Time


“He… was Gabriel.”

“Richard’s brother?”


“The new head of Wilhelm Group?”


And what about the betraying of friends? No, Guinevere didn’t repeat her question. It suddenly felt too intrusive. And yet, Matthias answered her anyway.

“As for the betraying of friends, don’t worry, it wasn’t you.”

“I was just curious,” Guinevere said in defense.

“How much did you hear?” Matthias asked.

“Oh, you know, not much,” Guinevere said, “but if you ask me, I’d suggest you take him up on his offer.”

Matthias furrowed his brows. It was an expected reaction, since supporting the notion of helping the enemy didn’t seem orthodox.

To be fair, she saw it as an opportunity for Matthias to help them. Perhaps behind enemy lines, he’ll be able to dig up more information regarding Wilhelm Group. The only problem with the suggestion was the possibility that Matthias would switch sides instead. Then, they would be in trouble. Then, there was no way of saving Wayne or her family at all.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. You can be our inside man.”

Matthias chuckled.

“We trust you,” Guinevere added.

“That’s good to know.”

“We’re closing in on the end of the clubhouse competition. The only way to save us all is to have someone on the inside.”

“I’ll think about it.”


Matthias ended the conversation there with a lazy wave of goodbye. As he strolled off, Guinevere heaved a deliberate sigh. She had no intentions of listening in on Matthias’ conversation. In fact, she was surprised she stumbled into him in the first place. Now having heard everything, it was as though she was given hope only to have it taken away from her. Still, she didn’t know Matthias well enough to know why he hesitated. Perhaps there was more to his story than just being the sly lawyer.

Deciding she was done jogging for the day, she headed back to her car. And to her utmost surprise, she found Wayne waiting for her. He wore a serious expression, one that turned her brief joy into worry. What was he doing there? How did he know where to find her?

“Hi,” Guinevere said.

“We need to talk,” Wayne replied.


“About my change of plans.”

“What change of plans?”

“I’m stepping down from my post.”

“What? Why?”

“You know why.”

Wayne didn’t seem angry with her, which was a relief. But the thought of him giving up wasn’t. Jodie mentioned Wayne would take care of his own situation, but quitting wasn’t what she had expected.

“I’m playing it safe. And I understand if you want to break off the engagement,” Wayne added.

“No! No, I don’t want to break it off. My family does, but not me.”

“I actually think it’s best if we do break it off. You and your family shouldn’t be entangled in this mess.”

“But we already are,” Guinevere insisted.

Guinevere was afraid – afraid he would end the relationship she worked so hard to built. Yes, the relationship started off in search for power, status, and money, but it became more than that. Like she told her father, she really did like Wayne. If he was stepping down from his position, why did they have to end it? Wilhelm Group will leave him alone, wouldn’t they?

“I’m going to disappear for a while. So I vote we end this here.”

“No!” Guinevere reached for his hand and held on as tight as she could. “No, they only want your position, they don’t want you.”

“I’m afraid that’s not what they’re planning to do. I’m their scapegoat, whether I give up my seat or have them shove me off. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. And then we can talk about us again.”

Wayne pulled his hand free and gave Guinevere a hug.

Guinevere knew she looked like a pathetic puppy, being abandoned by her owner, but she wasn’t going to whine and whimper about it. Still, it took a lot of effort to nod in reply.

“Don’t look for me, Gwen. I’ll be back.”

That evening, Guinevere returned home to find her parents waiting for her in the living room. She solemnly announced she broke off her engagement with Wayne, and ignored the smile that spread across her mother’s face.

“Good,” her father merely said.

“You’re welcome,” Guinevere muttered.

Having lost all appetite, she headed straight to her room. Thankfully, her sister wasn’t there to jab at her open wound. After a long bath, where she tried to stop herself from bursting into tears under the rain shower, she retreated to her bed in hopes to end her day. Unfortunately, before she could switch the lights off, her phone beeped a message. Seeing who it was from, she grunted and tapped it open.

This weekend is the annual Wilhelm Group shareholder’s dinner. We have everything set and ready, but we need a team to oversee the night’s event.

As part of the challenge, you and the other contestants will be in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. But before anything else, a team needs a captain. Aside from you, who do you think will make a good leader?

At that point of time, did it really matter who took the reigns? Matthias might have dropped out of the challenge by tomorrow, Jodie had more important things to handle, Richard may or may not show up – even if he did, it would be for fun, and Zach was already the doomed winner.

Guinevere had the urge to ignore the message, but then wondered if that would only create suspicion. Thinking about how the shareholder’s dinner might work to their benefit, she decided it best to hit reply. Maybe this was the opportunity they were waiting for? If they could uncover something of value, then Wayne might not need to disappear. But the question still remained: who should be team captain? Guinevere had to choose.

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