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Chapter 38: Who’s Watching?


In his schooling years, Matthias used to imagine what it was like to be one of the elite. He wondered what kind of friends he would have, and how many parties he would be invited to. As he entered the adult world, he began to realise that it was actually better to earn a million dollars than to inherit it. After all, the immature men acting like boys were a good example why.

When he finally managed to escape the noisy bunch, he heard his name being called. Up ahead was Guinevere, waving him over. The moment Matthias hesitated, she jumped to her feet and walked over to him.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I want you to meet somebody,” Guinevere said.

“Why? We’re working,” he stated.

“You love networking, don’t you? I’m giving you a chance.”

Guinevere did not wait for his reply as she held onto his forearm and led him to a table. There, a man in his late 60’s sat beside a woman many years younger than him.

“This is Mr Rogers and his wife. He’s the founder of Rogers Talent Agency,” Guinevere introduced.

He placed the food plate down and quickly extended his hand for a shake. Mr Rogers greeted him with a smile, but before Matthias could introduce himself, Mrs Rogers said, “Matthias, right?”

“Yes, how did you know?” he asked in reply.

“Oh, you know, word goes around,” she simply said.

Matthias was not sure if that was a good or a bad thing. What kind of words got around? Sure, almost everyone in Skypeak knew about the competition, but was there a weekly report? Were some people informed on who ranked better than who? He knew the whole thing was a game, but he didn’t know who was watching.

“You know the ladies, they love getting together to gossip,” Mr Rogers said. “What do you do, Matthias?”

“I’m a lawyer at Auctor Automobiles.”

“Oh, that’s right. No wonder she recognises you,” Mr Rogers replied, giving his wife a nudge.

“Oh?” Matthias simply responded. As far as his memory served him, his company had nothing to do with a talent agency. They were in completely different industries after all.

“Now I remember. Your company needed talent for an advertisement. The person in-charge pointed you out,” Mrs Rogers said.

“They did? What was their name?” Matthias asked.

“I can’t remember.”

The pair’s cover up was the worst cover up anyone could have done. It only made Matthias even more suspicious. He wondered if Guinevere spotted it too, so he decided to end their little meet there.

“I don’t have my name card on me, perhaps I could give it to you later?” Matthias said.

“Oh, sure. Here’s mine,” Mr Rogers replied, as he handed Matthias his.

“Thank you. I wish we could talk longer, but I need to get this plate refilled,” he added.

“Please, don’t let me stop you.”

Matthias gave a nod. He wanted to ask Guinevere to join him, but she was quick to say, “Me too. Let’s go.”

As they walked out of the pool area and into the hallway, he decided to raise his suspicions, “It’s strange, don’t you think?”

“What is?”

“The two of them recognising me. Skypeak has thousands of members, even if they know my name, why would they know my face?”

“They said they were doing an ad for your company, weren’t you-”

“We have never done an ad with that agency.”

“Maybe no one told you about it.”

“I would know.”

Guinevere shrugged and pushed the door to the kitchen open. Once inside, the headwaiter took their plates and handed them another. That was the end of their conversation.

The whole evening continued on the same way. Matthias would serve the food and dishes on plates and trays, and then get them refilled. He did not speak with any of the guests unless spoken to, and he did the job as best as he could… all the while bouncing different theories in his head.

By the time the party ended, it was way past midnight. He finally got to rest his feet around three in the morning. None of the five said much when they handed their uniforms in. Richard, who was following Matthias home, did not say a word about the task either. Just as they were making their way to the car park, Matthias heard a voice.

“We should have left earlier. My back is aching,” Mr Rogers said.

“I don’t want the boy getting into trouble. He won’t do nonsense if he knows I’m watching,” Mrs Rogers replied.

The couple was at the lobby, waiting for their car. Matthias would have walked right by, but what they said next made him stop.

“I wish we could have spoken to Zach,” Mrs Rogers added.

“You know that’s not allowed.”

“They used our party as part of the challenge. What were they expecting?”

“They were expecting you to keep your mouth shut.”

“Oh please, Mrs Dune spoke to him. She even gave him a free pass.”

Matthias remembered that day clearly – the day Mrs Dune let Zach off the hook but would not give in to any of his own solutions.

“Do you think this is a game?” Mr Rogers scolded. He looked furious, and then he whispered a series of inaudible words.

“What is it?” Richard asked, when he noticed Matthias glued to the spot.

“Nothing,” Matthias replied.

He did not stick around any longer and left before the Rogers discovered him eavesdropping. Once home, Matthias felt the need to share his thoughts with someone. He told Jodie about his theory when they first met, and he wondered if she would have a better insight to the new information. He also wondered if it was better to ask Zach if he knew what was going on, since Zach seemed to be the person of interest. In order to fall asleep, Matthias had to choose.

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