Chapter 23: News Worthy

09 Apr


Some days, Guinevere wished she could stay home and idle – hours spent by herself, catching up on her favourite shows and books. It would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, she lived a life constantly surrounded by people. Even though Guinevere didn’t have a job, she still had to clock in hours at malls and tea parties. Socializing was what she was told to do and the richer her friends, the better it was for her family. That Monday, her schedule was packed like a stuffed up suitcase.

Guinevere started the day by visiting Wayne’s office. Her mother gave her something to drop off and she obediently acted on it. She briefly bumped into Wayne while running the errand and simply gave him a kiss. There was no need to linger any longer as she had promised to meet up a friend for brunch. Having made sure she timed her plans properly, she least expected to be delayed by a fellow Skypeak member.

As she exited the elevator on the ground floor, Guinevere spotted Richard by the front desk speaking to the receptionist. He seemed to be asking something and the receptionist was adamant about giving in. Curious as to what was going on, she called, “Richard? What are you doing here?”

When Richard saw Guinevere, he quickly jogged up to her.

“Hey! I’m trying to arrange a meeting with your fiancée, Wayne,” Richard said.

“When do you want to see him?”


“I’m sorry, he’s very busy. You can schedule for next week?” Guinevere suggested.

“This is kind of important. My father asked me to check with Wayne about his investment. There’s something he wants me to do.”

Guinevere recalled Wayne’s late night meeting with Richard’s father, and when she put two and two together, she knew Richard was lying.

“Wayne’s not going to buy that, Richard,” Guinevere stated.


“I know you’re lying. Wayne has been working with Mr Lee for a long time, and I don’t think he would fall for that.”

Richard remained silent for a while. He simply stared at Guinevere, as though thinking of something convincing to say next.

“Maybe… I can help,” Guinevere offered. “I can’t go treasure hunting, but I’ll keep my ears open.”

She knew that there was something fishy going on in that family and Richard seemed to be pitifully oblivious. If she could spare him the family drama, she didn’t mind listening more. After all, it was something she did on a daily basis. She always used her ears to collect dirt on those who wronged her.

“Thanks, that would help,” Richard replied. He gave her a small smile and a nod before walking off.

Guinevere watched him leave before heading to her brunch meeting. After which she went shopping, followed by a gossipy tea session, before a free spa treatment from one of her silver spoon friends. By the time the day ended, she rarely had a moment to think about Richard. Putting up with the daughters of millionaires took a lot of brainpower. Thankfully, the next day was less eventful.

Sometimes, Guinevere would decline an invite from a fellow socialite, but there were two she could never say no to. They were her mother and younger sister. Her mother called their Tuesday tea ‘Mother-Daughter bonding’. But in reality, it felt more like mother-daughter shaming. Her mother and her sister would gossip about their friends before questioning what Guinevere was doing with her life. No Tuesday tea was ever different, and no Tuesday tea would change.

“How dare she say that? How dare she say my daughter isn’t good enough?” her mother huffed.

“Forget her, mother. Her son looks like a pig anyway,” her sister, Genevieve, said.

“I thought you said you liked him?” Guinevere asked.

“You must be deaf. I never said such a thing,” Genevieve snapped.

“Why would Genevieve say that? He really does look like a pig,” her mother defended her sister, once again.

He didn’t look like a pig, Guinevere knew that. In fact, the young man her mother was trying to match her sister with was rather handsome.

“Anyway, I’ll be catching up with Jared when he gets back. Who knows, something might happen,” Genevieve said in a cheeky tone.

“I’ll speak with his mother then.”

Guinevere rolled her eyes. She had enough of the conversation and decided to turn to her phone instead. Randomly scrolling through her social media feed, she stumbled upon shocking news.

“Oh my god, Jodie is being sued,” Guinevere announced.

“That’s good news. Now you don’t have to worry about her, Gwen,” Genevieve casually stated.

Guinevere read the article again. It was pretty vague but it sounded serious. When she finally looked up, she spotted a familiar face outside the café. Zach was by the walkway, ending a conversation with a stranger as he was handed a brown envelope.

“Who’s that?” Genevieve asked when she saw Guinevere staring.

“I’ll be right back,” Guinevere said, before hurrying out of the café.

Everyone knew that Jodie and Zach were the only two among the five that became friends. He probably heard the news and might know more.

“Nice car!” Guinevere shouted, just ask Zach pulled open the car door.

“Oh hey, it’s not mine,” Zach stated.

“Did you hear about Jodie?” she quickly asked.

Zach stood by the driver seat in silence. He looked distracted and hesitant at the same time.

“You have, haven’t you?”

“I have to go,” Zach simply replied, as he entered the car.

Guinevere had an inkling Zach knew more than just the news. Maybe she could hijack the car to get the information she wanted? Or maybe, she could just ask Jodie herself. Guinevere did not know why she was so interested in the whole affair, but she did know she had to make a decision. Guinevere had to choose.

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