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Chapter 16: To Understand Is To Know


There were numbers in his phone that existed merely for him to ignore, and that list included his father, ex-girlfriend, and Richard. Matthias had Richard’s number saved when they were in university. After graduation, Matthias completely forgot the number was still in his phone. It was only when he received a call from him that he realised he had not erased it.

It was on a Monday afternoon when he saw Richard’s name as his phone vibrated during a meeting. Just as Matthias had previously intended, he ignored the call. That very same night, Richard called again. Once more, Matthias let it ring out. He did not know why Richard was calling him and he could only assume it had something to do with the reunion on Friday. Matthias had already given his answer and began feeling annoyed when the calls continued.

Tuesday, Richard called three more times. On Wednesday, he sent a text instead. It simply read, ‘Pick up your phone. This is important.’ When Richard called again and Matthias did not bother to answer, the calls stopped. It was as though Richard had gotten the message, and the silence on Thursday was a relief. But when the sun rose on Friday, Matthias found himself with a series of messages he could not ignore.

They came in the form of pictures, making his phone bleep like an alarm clock. When they finally stopped, Matthias groggily scrolled through them before being rudely awakened when it got too personal. The images sent to him were snapshots of his and his sister’s private information. Seeing whom it was from, he immediately returned the call.

“I can sue you for this! What do you want?” Matthias demanded, the moment he heard the line click.

“I told you it was important,” Richard replied.

“Why do you have my info? And why do you have my sister’s info?”

“I thought you would know. I mean-”

“I’m in no mood to play around with you, Richard.”

“Relax, ok? I found them. Let’s meet up and I’ll tell you about it.”

“You found them?” Matthias found that reason hard to believe.

“It’s a long story. Like I said, let’s-”

“I don’t want to meet up. I’m not playing your game.” Matthias had enough of Richard’s childish endeavours.

“I’m not playing a game, I’m serious. I tried to call you the whole week, but you wouldn’t pick up. I’m sorry I had to send you the pictures. It seemed to be the only way to get your attention.”

Matthias remained silent at the response. Richard did not sound as though he was joking around, and Matthias began to worry. It was one thing to deal with Richard if he was planning to exploit him, but it was another whole ballgame if it wasn’t him.

Calming himself down, Matthias took in a deep breath before saying, “Fine. Where did you find it?”

“Can’t we meet up?”

“I can’t. I have a full day. Why, is there more?”

“There’s more.”

“What do you mean there’s more?” Matthias felt his heart skipped in panic.

“More information, but not about you, about someone we know. I didn’t know who to tell and since you’re sort of involved, I thought…”



Matthias wasn’t expecting to hear Jodie’s name. He was tempted to ask what the information was, but quickly pulled himself back.

“Wait, let’s back up a little. Where, when, and whose, first.”

“I was in my father’s office the other day and I found his safe.”

“Naturally, you had to open it,” Matthias added.

“And it’s a good thing I did,” Richard snapped. “Anyway, I found your information inside an envelope, and Jodie’s inside another.”

“What info on Jodie in particular?”

“Hers is a case. I think my father is representing someone to sue her company. It’s none of our business but some of the claims seem stretched. It doesn’t feel like a clean case.”

“I don’t know Jodie well. I don’t think we should tell her either.”

“That’s why I told you. The things my father knows about you, it’s like he or someone he knows, is stalking you.”

“Thanks, for telling me. Sorry for, you know, not answering your calls,” Matthias said, feeling a little bad for assuming Richard was always up to no good. But he still didn’t trust him fully and was curious why he wanted to help.

“You’re… welcome?”

“Why me though? I know the information is about me, but why choose me over your father?”

“I guess, I like you more,” Richard replied with a chuckle. “Besides, it didn’t seem right.”

“Well, yea, it doesn’t seem right.” Matthias never knew Richard had a moral stand, and it came as quite a shock.

“So, what do we do with Jodie’s case?”

“Send it to me, I’ll have a look at it. Then we can decide later,” Matthias said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m not even supposed to have it.”

“Trust me. If it’s really dirty, I’ll find out.”

Richard remained silent for a whole minute before agreeing. After they ended their call, another series of pictures were sent to Matthias’ phone. He briefly scanned through them before a strange feeling nudged him in the gut. What if, the person involved with Jodie is the same person who needed his information? Something told him that if he found the answer to one, he would find the answer to the other. Unfortunately, to understand Jodie’s case is to know Jodie.

Matthias did not know Jodie well. The only ones that knew her were Guinevere, who had issues with her, and Zach, who somehow befriended her easily at Skypeak. If Matthias wanted to know more about her, he needed to ask one of the two. He had to choose.

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