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Chapter 14: Mama, I Love You


When Matthias turned Richard down, she assumed he already had plans on Friday night. So, it was quite a surprise when Guinevere received a text message from him at the end of the day. She was the first person to bounce out of her horrible uniform and head straight to her car. Half an hour later, just as she pulled into the carpark of her fiancée’s office, she received a text message.

It read, ‘Let’s meet over dinner. 7pm at Dragon Scroll Palace. Or would you prefer someplace else?’

‘No, I like that place,’ Guinevere swiftly typed in reply.

‘Great, see you then,’ a reply beeped in.

‘Looking forward to it. Remember, it’s a secret.’

‘My lips are sealed ;-)’

‘Good, and thanks.’

‘You’re welcome. Goodnight, sleep tight!’

“Sleep,” Guinevere muttered. It was something she wanted. If it weren’t for her sister dropping by Skypeak with an assignment from her mother, Guinevere would be home, ending the day with a warm cup of tea before bed. Oh, how she struggled to love her family then. They were always scheming and setting things up, just like that night… just like her engagement.

There was no need to deny to herself that her engagement was for the benefit of her father’s company. Though the reason may be much more cynical than what was painted in the media, Guinevere still loved Wayne. Yes, she approached him under the orders of her mother, but he grew on her. It had become hard to imagine what she had to do after they got married. The thought of it scared her, and the move into investment was a backup plan should she fail her task.

Finding the thought of her future too troubling, she quickly pushed it aside as she reached for the red paperbag on the passenger seat. Inside, was a square box with a designer watch her mother had ordered. Guinevere was to give it to Wayne on the pretence that she bought it for him. Not wanting to waste any time, she made her way to the top floor. Once there however, she was told he was still in a meeting.

When Guinevere called Wayne in the evening, they planned to meet for dinner. But shortly after, Wayne told her he had an emergency meeting with a client. As much as he loved his job, having to clock in on a Sunday night meant he was dealing with a big client. Wayne suggested they meet on another day, but Guinevere insisted on seeing him just for a short while. She knew her mother would only nag at her if she brought the watch home.

“Could you just let him know I’m here?” Guinevere told Wayne’s assistant, who was seated outside the office.

“Sure,” the young man replied, as he walked up to the office door and gave it a knock. A few seconds after, he peeked his head in.

“Yes, David,” Guinevere heard Wayne say.

“The lady is here.”

“I just need to pass him something,” Guinevere quickly stated.

“She needs to see you briefly,” David conveyed.

Wayne said something Guinevere could not catch, and then she heard a response from his client.

“Oh, we don’t mind. Please, attend to your missus.”

“Thank you, Mr Lee. I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time,” a female voice added, over what sounded like speakers.

A few clacks of the shoes later, Wayne was at the door. He ordered David to attend to the client before asking, “What’s so urgent?”

“I’m sorry. Here,” Guinevere said as she handed him the paperbag.

“A gift? I could have waited,” Wayne replied with a chuckle.

“Well, I have a busy week ahead. So I just wanted to make sure you have it before your big meeting on Tuesday.”

“Is this a good luck charm?”

“It could be. You should go back to Mr Lee now,” Guinevere said with a smile.

“Yes, definitely. It has been hard to arrange a meeting with those two.”

“Mr Lee and his wife? Which Mr Lee is this?” Guinevere curiously asked.

“Lawyer Mr Lee.”

“THE Mr Lee? Richard’s father?”

“I believe so,” Wayne replied as he raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“He’s in there with his wife?”

“I have to get back now. I’ll text you later, O.K?” Wayne quickly replied, before pecking her on the forehead and disappearing behind his office door. He did not give her a chance to respond, which made the situation even more suspicious. Guinevere attempted at getting answers by questioning David instead, but unfortunately, his lips were sealed too.

It shouldn’t be strange that Wayne had a meeting with Mr Lee, but the presence of the wife made it odd. During lunch that day, after Matthias had left the table, Richard made a statement of not having a mother. When Guinevere probed, he said she left when he was seven. Richard, nor the press, made mention of Mr Lee remarrying. So if that woman was his wife, she never really left.

Could Richard be lying? Why would he? Guinevere had the urge to clear it up with Richard. Even though it was none of her business, the twisted family drama overshadowed hers. It was comforting to know that other families had secrets too. But, Guinevere still hesitated. Would she be helping Richard or would she be making things worse? Casually making a statement wouldn’t hurt, right? Guinevere had to decide.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Mama, I Love You”

  1. I am an editor for a news site down here in Enugu, Nigeria and I was going through my email and saw your newsletters. Indeed I was impressed and thought to myself ‘why not share this with my readers?’ So that’s what brings me to you.

    I want to share your stories with my readers, I’m looking at starting a page for your posts only.

    You can give me a story or I pick a story and post it on that page, from chapter one down to the last chapter.

    I didn’t want to dive in and copy and paste it because I have respect for your work and skill (also scared of copyright laws, LOL) so I’m begging you. Please grant my request. All rights will still be yours, we won’t claim your work.

    My site is Blazestories.Net thanks.

    1. I’m glad you’re impressed 🙂

      Hmmm, I’ll have to think about it. Why don’t we discuss it over email? Hit me up at jeynagrace@gmail.com.

      Btw, thank you for reaching out to me. It’s nice to know you value and respect my work 🙂 That’s a huge compliment.

  2. Oooh, now I have to go back and read the first 13 chapters. I’m so impressed with this! I have always wanted to write a novel, but I don’t seem get past about the first 4 or 5 chapters.

    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll join me in this blog series 🙂

      I actually had the same issue when I first wanted to write books. I was stuck at chapter 4 for a very long time. Then I decided to try again by writing a different story, and I managed to finish it. Maybe a fresh idea would help? It could even end up being a better one 🙂

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