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Chapter 10: Weekend Chores


The weekend was coming. That meant Matthias had to finish up most of his work that day. He was a lawyer in a huge car manufacturing company and the amount of cases he had to handle went beyond the typical lawsuits. Being trustworthy enough to work alongside the CEO, he has found himself caught in the most awkward family feuds. If only he was spared from that.

To Matthias, his day job was how he paid the bills. What he did after office hours was his true calling; stocks. Matthias loved researching, analysing and buying. He had the brain for it and he made more money independently than in a company. If so, why keep the day job? It was his fishing pond to find potential clients for his one-man investment company. Hopefully, that one-man would have a new assistant by the end of the day.

He would not admit it, but Matthias was hoping Zach would take him up on his offer. When his phone rang with an unidentified number, his heart skipped a beat. Zach would make a valuable asset, especially with the upcoming tasks at Skypeak. If he had one competitor in his hand, it would increase his chances of winning. That was how he planned on playing the game. Matthias wanted to be in control.


“Hey, it’s great to hear from you,” Matthias said, recognizing the insecurity in Zach’s voice.

 “Er- well, I thought about your offer and I’m interested.”

 “Good! We should meet up next week and have a chat about it.”

 “Ok. Could you tell me what the job is?”

 “My assistant. I’ve been looking for one for a while now, and I think you would do a good job.”

There was a long pause between them. Matthias sensed Zach hesitating already. Not wanting him to slip from his grasps, Matthias assured, “Don’t worry. It won’t hinder your weekends and I promise to draw the line between work and play.”

 “Oh, ok then.”

 “I’ll text you regarding our meeting next week.”


 “See you this weekend!” Matthias replied before ending the call.

Matthias tackled Zach like a client, stringing words with positivity and assurance.  Speaking was his forte, so it was no surprise that he managed to reel in the fish in such a short call. Now all he needed to do was finish up the rest of his work and call it a day.

When the weekend arrived, Matthias found himself in the company of two in the wee hours of the morning. Ms Leona sent him a message on where he should report in, and when he arrived he only found the other two aces; Guinevere and Zach, neither in uniform. Matthias heaved a silent sigh of relief, as he too could not bring himself to dress like a janitor beforehand.

“Where are the others?” Matthias curiously asked.

“No idea,” Guinevere replied while Zach shrugged.

The three of them were in the surprising cosy and well organized janitors lounge. There were lockers lined up against the wall across a row of changing rooms. In the centre was a circle of sofas around a coffee table.

“Any idea what happens now?”

“I guess we wait,” Guinevere said.

So they did. They sat quietly for a few minutes before two women walked in. They were dressed in uniform and when they saw how the three of them were still in their clothing of choice, they simply pointed at the changing rooms. The lack of words sent Matthias scurrying into the outfit he hated upon sight.

Once changed and downgraded to the level Matthias never saw himself at, he and Zach parted ways with Guinevere. Guinevere protested, but her words fell on deaf ears. Matthias could only guess what she was tasked to do as he and Zach were brought to a large broom closet.

“You mop the floors, you clean the windows,” the woman with them ordered.

When Matthias was not sure on which item he should take, the woman shoved a pail and a window cleaning tool in his hand.

“There are a lot of windows,” Matthias could not help but say.

“You have the weekend. Both of you can start at the west wing,” the women simply replied.

Zach nodded as he pushed his mop and bucket out of the room and Matthias followed suit. Despite the fact that Matthias hated the task, he refrained from complaining or making a scene. It was a test after all, and Matthias was determined to excel in it. Unfortunately, the west wing was not a great place to start.

The west wing had a huge ballroom with long glass panels that overlooked the swimming pool. Matthias grunted the moment he saw how high and wide each glass panel was. It looked like it would take him longer than he had expected. There was no way it would help him prove his efficiency. As he began hammering his head on a smarter way to complete the task, he saw two people outside by the pool.

Richard was struggling with his pool cleaning equipment while Jodie was wiping down the chairs and tables. Matthias wondered if he should go out and greet them, but his moment of contemplation was interrupted when a splash of water hit the glass panel from the other side. Matthias jumped backwards in surprise only to find Richard snickering with a pail in his hand. At that moment, he had the urge to start a fight. But was it wise? Perhaps ignoring Richard was the better option. Matthias had to decide.

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