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Chapter 3: An Icebreaker


Matthias wondered why he waited. Was it because he wanted to be a gentleman or was it for the sake of competition? Deep down he knew the real reason. Matthias had the constant need to prove himself and what a relief he felt when his need was met; Jodie simply took one glance at Richard before she decided to hop on beside him.

“Jodie, right? I’m Matthias,” Matthias introduced, as he followed after the other carts.

“Done some research, have you?” Jodie asked.

“Always. I’ve been monitoring your company’s stocks too.”

“That’s… nice to know.”

Matthias chuckled in reply. Assets, basis point, delist, prospectus, and everything under the sun of the figure driven world was probably not the best conversation starter to have with a creative mind. So, he decided to keep things light. He was flexible that way, as his mind could juggle between work and play. Matthias was the kind of friend everyone had in university that partied on an exam night yet still managed to ace the paper the next morning.

“Why do you think they made us drive out here?”

“They’re either toying or indecisive.”

“Toying. Most certainly toying.”

“You have research to back that up?” Jodie asked jokingly.

“Plenty. Why make hype over selling a clubhouse? Someone wants a show.”

“Or, someone is too lazy to leave the golf course to meet us.”

“I’ll bet you a ten bucks we’re not meeting anyone.”

“Only ten?”

“That’s all I need. Ten bucks and Skypeak is mine for free,” Matthias said as he gave Jodie a sideway glance.

“Cheapskate. Why not just make it a dollar?”

“I have a reputation to protect.”

Jodie laughed and Matthias gave her a cheeky grin. It was an odd time to make any comparisons, but Jodie reminded him of his sister; the only family member he actually enjoyed having a conversation with.

As the carts continued to cruise down the winding road, Matthias thought about his game plan. How was he going to play this game? Some might call it a competition while others insist it being a publicity stunt, but whatever the newspapers printed on the headlines, it was still a game.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want Skypeak?” Matthias curiously asked.

“Why do you?” Jodie asked in reply.

“A question to a question is not an answer.”

“I guess you’ll never know then,” Jodie said with a smile.

When the carts finally came to a stop, they found themselves near a large pond. Ms Leona exited her golf cart and strode to a hole with a flagstick near the bank. Just as Matthias had predicted, no one was waiting for them.

“You owe me,” Matthias said with a smirk.

“I never made a deal,” Jodie responded as she went ahead.

Once all five of them found themselves in front of Ms Leona, she began handing them each a brown envelope. When Zach attempted to open his, she snapped, “Not, quite yet.”

“What are we doing out here?” Richard asked.

“I thought we were meeting someone,” Guinevere added.

“We’re here for an icebreaker,” Ms Leona answered with a smile.

Matthias could not help but look over at Jodie. He was right again and he needed to make sure she knew it.

“Do you know what they call this hole?” Ms Leona continued with a question.

“A golf hole,” Richard said matter-of-factly.

“It’s the eye of the clubhouse,” Matthias corrected, and Ms Leona smiled at his response.

“Skypeak’s Eye is what we call it. One can see the grandeur of the clubhouse from this very spot,” Ms Leona stated and everyone turned to look around, everyone but Matthias.

Matthias had been at that very spot countless times, that even with his eyes closed he could see a panorama of the entire estate in his head. Every important meeting he has had was at the golf course, and everyone he played with wanted to win the game with a hole-in-one in Skypeak’s Eye. Matthias had never been able to do so, nor did he ever want to as letting a client win was all part of business.

“Majestic isn’t it? A good reminder as to why you are all here,” Ms Leona said.

“So, what’s in this envelope?” Richard asked, after having taken a quick look around.

“A name list of our staff. If you are to own Skypeak, you need to know the people working for you,” Ms Leona explained. “However, the name list is incomplete. You’ll need to fill in the blanks and return it to me before Skypeak closes for the day.”

In response, Richard chuckled, Guinevere shifted uneasily, Jodie folded her arms, and Zach opened his envelope. Matthias fed his curiosity and asked, “How is this an icebreaker?”

“You have the option of working together.”

That statement sounded a little absurd. Who would want to work together? Matthias knew there were other ways of completing the task without the help of others, but the mention of the option sounded like a requirement. Was the icebreaker really an icebreaker, or was it a test?

Not wanting to make the wrong move so early in the game, he decided to go for someone he trusted. Unfortunately, Jodie was already in a golf cart when he thought about her. Turning away with a sigh, the lady in red offered a handshake.

“She’s gone, I’m still here. My name’s Guinevere,” she introduced with a sly smile.

Matthias was about to take her up on her offer when someone gave him a hard slap on the back.

“Matty! For old times’ sake, let’s pair up. I have a plan,” Richard said, as he gave a childish grin.

It felt good being the centre of attention but it also came with two choices and Matthias had to choose one.

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The Clubhouse © 2014 – 2015 by Jeyna Grace. 
All rights reserved. No part of the series may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission from Jeyna Grace.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3: An Icebreaker”

  1. Do you plan on ever publishing your work? I am still debating whether to keep my posts fictional or not. I don’t want people to see my page and think it’s just a disgruntled persons diary.

    1. I have self-published a number of my works, which you can find on my ‘Bookshop’ page 🙂 The works on my blog are both for practice and exposure. At times, I would pull things off the blog and publish them. Most of the posts here are fictional except for contests, updates, and thank you posts.

    2. Okay I got ya! I apologize if i am bombarding you with questions and what not. Even though I have an extremely anonymous profile I am still nervous about what kind if reception my posts will get. I write a lot, but most of it sits in a spiral notebook beneath my bed!

    3. No worries 🙂 I was rather anonymous when I started too (holding back certain information in fear that there would be prejudice), but then I realized that the blogosphere is generally a nice place. It’s a great platform to practice your art, improve, and hear from your readers. Don’t worry so much about the reception, good or bad, learn from both. I sure did 🙂

    4. Thank you! Am going to officially start writing tomorrow. Its a good thing that I have a million stories and a million leasons to learn from all of them. Thank you for reaching out! Your advice has been so valuable. Give me a follow and leave some feedback! Thank you again!!

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