Let’s Be Honest

lets be honest

Let’s be honest, I never expected to come this far with my blog. My personal blog barely gets any reads so I never expected my professional one to be any different. But, here I am today.

Let’s be honest, all 5,270 of my subscribers were once very sceptical about my blog. None of you were dead sure you would enjoy my writing and some of you have considered of leaving. But, I’m glad all of you stayed.

Let’s be honest, you guys bring my blog to life as much as I do. So thank you, for being here and supporting my endeavours. I am not the best blogger in the world, certainly not the best writer either, but you guys are the best readers out there. I know, that’s a bias statement. I’m sure other writers have awesome readers too, but I’d like to think mine are the best. Thanks for being the best!

Let’s be honest, I was just trying to be creative with this post. But, it’s not really working in my opinion. Haha!

Anyway, speaking of honesty I’ve decided to try out something new.

I’ve been on this blogosphere long enough to have stumbled across a lot of book blogs and it’s so strange how it never dawned on me to approach any of them. Maybe… I was scared of being bashed? Well, fear is out of the door today.

From this day onwards, I will be on the look out for book bloggers and those who are willing to do honest reviews in exchange for a free e-book. I’m taking this step to improve my writing through constructive criticism and as a way to scatter my name across the World Wide Web. I’m pretty sure some of you are book bloggers too, so if you’re interested, drop me an email at jeynagrace on Gmail.

The books that I’m opening for reviews are:
– Raindrops
– The Battle For Oz: Exitium (which is already free)
– All my future novels including the upcoming ones, The Prince and The Battle For Oz novel.
– The second edition of Dream World: The Lost Child, which will be out in January next year.

My first novel is not on this list, but I don’t mind you doing a comparison of my first and latest novel; I know it’s not up to par with the rest of my works so I don’t want to wave it around. I’m not ashamed of it, in fact I’m glad I wrote it, but it is rather amateurish. I’m just being honest.

Honesty is the best policy, right?

Well, that is all for this ‘thank you’ post. Thanks again for your readership and continue being the best readers out there. I’m honestly happy to have your support and I truly appreciate it. Thank you!

( P.s., I’ll be taking a break for a week, so there will be no post next week. But, I will be back with something awesome! The new project I talked about in my last ‘thank you’ post will be starting then 🙂 It’ll be fun, I promise!)


17 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest”

  1. This is awesome! Just starting out in the blogging world, your comment was the first one I got . Frankly, I thought I would go years without a comment. I love how you use your blog and of course, how many people are interacting with it! You are definitely a blogger I hope to one day be like! Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you! I’m sure there will be more comments on your blog soon. And, you can definitely be a blogger like me one day 🙂 Keep it up and don’t give up!

  2. Hey Jeyna! You just received another reader! Writers supporting other writers right? 🙂 Anyway thank you for the comment earlier, I’m pretty fresh to this whole blogging thing and getting my writing out there, so if you have any tips that would be great! By the way your site looks AWESOME, hoping to either figure out wordpress a little more so I can upgrade mine as well or find someone who could do it for me. I got my BA in Creative Writing so I’m hoping to make it in the writing world as well, but in travel haha. I’ll be looking forward to reading your work! Good luck with all this!

    1. Hi! Why, thank you for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it 🙂
      Tips? Hmmm, I always tell those who ask the same thing; be yourself, visit other blogs, and be consistent with posting.
      Thank you for the compliment! I did not upgrade my site actually, I just explored wordpress and made used of all the free widgets. Take your time to learn the ropes and you’ll be able to customize it to your liking.
      All the best in your dream! Thank you again and I hope you enjoy what you find here 🙂

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