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Curse Of Royals

Curse of Royals

I sat on a cracked windowsill, watching the stars in the night sky. My legs dangled high above the mad waves that crashed against large deathly rocks, but that did not bother me. I was immune to the danger. Nothing could kill me, so I feared nothing.

As my mind drifted off to what my life was, I wondered if I would have done things differently. The answer was always the same; a definite ‘yes’. But despite my desire to relive my life, I knew I couldn’t. Curses don’t give you second chances, especially curses you inflict upon yourself.

Let me start from the very beginning.

I was born into a well to do family, with riches and power. My family ruled a kingdom with my father as king. Since the day I was born, I was pampered, loved, protected and treated the way a princess should be treated. Commoners would have said I had the perfect life, but I saw it differently. Everyday, I woke up to the thought of being shortchanged of being a royal. I had 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters, which made me the 7th in line for the throne. Unless all of them died, I was never going to rule.

Call me greedy, call me envious, but I really wanted the throne. I was not going to kill my siblings unlike the others I know, but I was planning to out live them. So, when I was old enough to leave the palace to take strolls among the people, I began searching for a way to live forever… or at least until all my siblings died. Yes, it was a foolish quest, as you may probably know that my siblings would not die without leaving heirs. But at that time, it did not dawn on me.

After years of search, I finally found a witch who offered immortality. She was very clear on how it worked but I was too blinded by jealousy to see how destructive it was. As I sat in her small cabin in the forest, the witch explained, “Take a drop of your brothers’ and sisters’ blood and boil it with pig’s fat. Then add a drop of your own blood into the concoction and drink it. The next day, you would be immortal.”

“That simple?” I asked, wondering why I did not have to chant a spell.

“I wouldn’t call it simple. But be warned, this is not a blessing.

“It’s not good-”

“No, it’s bad. It’s known as the curse of royals. The old kings used it on treacherous brothers.”

“Why is immortality a curse?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Because this immortality does not protect you from pain. If you are wounded, your wounds won’t heal until you chant a spell, a very long spell for that matter.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I know how to protect myself. Thank you for your time,” I said. I gave the witch a bag of gold as a consultation fee and left.

A month later, I placed the curse on myself and saw it as a gift. But as the years went by, I realized the witch was right. The spell to heal wounds was long and difficult to pronounce under pain, and living forever while I watched my brothers produce heirs that pushed me further away from the throne was tearing me up inside. I was never going to be crowned ruler no matter how long I lived, and I was losing out in life.

I never found a charming prince to marry, my family shunned me when they discovered my secret, and when I left home, I was alone for many years. There was no need to feed myself but that was the only purpose I had in life. So I wondered, hunted, and questioned my existence. I thought that I was going to live like that forever, but a few years ago I stumbled upon a royal like myself.

Home was now oceans away and this young looking prince offered me a new home. We related to each other through the black scars on our bodies that came from wounds healed from a spell. When he introduced himself as Prince Kalton, the 11th son of King Aton, ruler of Withermore, I knew his story immediately. Both he and I were the result of envy.

You might think something exciting happened after that, but my story ends there. Everyday is the same, waking up and watching the sun till it sets, then watching the moon until I fall asleep. Everyday is as uneventful as the day before, but just as I was about to conclude the same for today, I heard a scream.

Turning to see who it was, I saw Prince Kalton dragging Prince Jaer up the tower steps and into the circular room. As he dropped the bloody prince on the ground, Princess Frey brought in Prince Jaer’s arm.

“What happened?” I asked, not at all surprised.

“He went back and threatened his grand nephew again,” Princess Frey answered as she threw the arm on the ground.

“Don’t! Throw! My! Arm!” Prince Jaer shrieked.

Prince Kalton was the kindest of us all as he picked the arm and placed it where it should have been. He then waved us over to help speed up the spell. Reluctantly, I helped.

Once the spell was done and Prince Jaer had his arm reattached to his body, he began to weep. We all left him then, and I returned to the windowsill. As his sobs echoed down the ‘royal’ tower, tears began escaping my eyes. No matter how tough I had grown over the years, I still cried when one of us sobbed. Those tears are a reminder of the life I could have had; a life happy and mortal, a life I lost to envy.


Envy is known as an insatiable desire that pushes individuals to covet what they cannot have. Just like a royal too far from the crown, he/she feeds their desire by finding ways to obtain it. Some kill and some curse, but at the end of the day, the one that suffers is the one that’s envious.

Chasing after what you cannot have blinds you to what you can have. You miss out on all the good things in life because you’re so focused on that one thing. When you finally come to your senses, you are only left with regret for the time and opportunities wasted. Simply put, envy is not your friend… it’s your enemy.

Well, this short story wraps up the 7 Deadly Sins collection. If you have not read the rest, head on to the short stories page and check them out. And as always, let me know what you think of this story in the comments below!

© 2014 Jeyna Grace

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8 thoughts on “Curse Of Royals”

  1. Hey this was really intriguing. Had me wrapped up in the tale till the very end. I love how you talk about the deadly sins through your talent to create stories. You inspired me.

  2. I really liked the concept behind this story, and even your envious little princess and her friend of solace Kalton. However, your additional two cursed characters come out of nowhere. I would have liked at least a sentence explaining them, “Over the years we found others like ourselves cursed by what we naively thought would be a gift,” or something similar. Just my opinion though :/ Great story as always!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Ahh, it didn’t dawn on me. I only intended to bring them in as an end wrap up, but you’re right, I should have gave a little explanation. Thanks for the feedback!

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