Tag, You’re It!

Tag You're It

Three thousand three hundred subs! Thank you all for your subscription, I really appreciate it. Starting off the year with 3.3 gives me hope to end the year with 5.3… if possible. But numbers aside, I’m really grateful for your support and readership. I hate repeating those cliché words, but I have to because I still mean them 🙂 So never forget, your presence means a lot to me!

Anyway, since I just gave an update on New Year’s day, I thought I should do something else in this post. Because I love Harry Potter, I’ve decided to do the Harry Potter tag! Don’t worry, I’ll keep my answers short and sweet.

#1 Would you rather go to the Yule Ball with Harry, Draco or Ron?

Oliver Wood.

#2 Would you rather be sorted into Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? 


#3 Would you rather explore the Forbidden Forest or the halls of Hogwarts?

Halls of Hogwarts.

#4 Would you rather enroll in Divination, Defense against the Dark Arts, Potions or Charms?

Defense Against the Dark Arts.

#5 Would you rather buy a Cat, Rat, Owl or Toad?


#6 Would you rather have the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone or the Cloak of Invisibility?

Elder Wand.

#7 Would you rather be tutored by Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?

Hermione Granger.

#8 Would you rather, in the final battle, fight Nagini or Bellatrix? 


#9 Would you rather fight a Basilisk or a Dragon?


#10 Would you rather be part of the Malfoy or Weasley family?


#11 Would you rather have Butterbeer or Pumpkin juice?

I have no idea how Pumpkin juice tastes like. Can’t pick.

#12 Would you rather fly on a broomstick, Hagrid’s motorbike or Buckbeak?

Ford Anglia.

#13 Would you rather meet J.K. Rowling or Daniel Radcliffe?

J.K. Rowling.

#14 Who would you cast to play Harry Potter in the movies?

The real Harry! Wait, he’s not real? 

If you want me to elaborate on any of my answers, leave me a comment! I definitely have something to add, I just don’t want to bore those who aren’t in the Harry Potter fandom.

Well, that’s it for this post. Thank you again and continue to stay awesome! (Now that is a word I haven’t used in a while.)

*Current blog post schedule: A post every Thursday alternating between an original short story and a Harry Potter fan fic novel.

26 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It!”

  1. Call me weird, but for number 9, I think I’d take on both the dragon and the basilisk….(preferably at the same time.)

  2. It’s funny how people’s responses to these questions actually tell us a ton about the person! I suppose that’s the beauty of the Harry Potter series. Seems like a fun tag 🙂

  3. Haha, I can tell you’re in Slytherin. I am too. >:} And yeah, I’m actually kind of nervous about the movie… although Rowling is supervising the script (at least that’s what I’ve been told). And I guess Peeves would’ve been annoying, but it would’ve been awesome to see him mess with Umbridge in the movies. 🙂

    1. Yea, we wouldn’t know how it would really turn out. Hopefully not disappointing.

      True! It’s sad how they never added him in the movies at all.

  4. I love all the Harry Potter stuff on your blog. And AAH, on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?” Also, who do you like better: The Bloody Baron or Peeves?

    1. Haha, thanks 🙂
      Hmm, 9 3/4? Haha! Actually an 8, because I’m not sure if it would meet my expectations.
      Definitely the Bloody Baron cause I’m in Slytherin and Peeves is just so annoying.

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