Version 3.1

version 31

Since I hit the 3k mark, it feels like I have upgraded in one way or another. Now here I am again, hitting another  upgrade! Once again, thank you for being a reader of my blog. To all 3,100 of you, I appreciate your time spent on my blog and your presence. After 30 ‘thank you’ posts this probably seems dry, but I still mean it. Thank you!

Anyway, to end it there would be too short, so I decided to do something called ‘A Writing Process Blog Tour’. I was approached by Melissa, a fellow blogger, and I thought it was a pretty neat idea. So let me get to it by answering these questions:

1. What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on The Battle For Oz book 3. I also have my third novel in mind but because I haven’t released my second novel yet, I might put the writing of that novel on hold.

Busy, busy times ahead!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not one to answer this question, as I would not be able to tell. The best person to answer this question is a reader of my works. So if you have the answer to this, leave me a comment!

3. Why do I write what I do?

Well, I always have a message to share and by putting them in stories I can share them better. It may seem like I’m just putting my imagination out there, but most of my stories carry a message whether it is caught by my readers or not. 

4. How does your writing process work?

For novelettes, novellas and novels, I would draft out the sequence of the story in point form. When I’m ready to start work, I would lie on my bed at night and play out what I intend to write the next day. I would act it out, voice the dialogue, and verbally throw ideas back and forth.

People might think I’m crazy for playing pretend during bedtime, but it is the best way for me to step into my characters’ shoes and experience the emotion and situation with them. Let’s not forget it is also fun 🙂

For short stories, I don’t draft out a sequence. I jump straight to the play pretend followed by the writing the following day.

This process helps me get into the momentum of writing till my works see completion. By imagining every night and writing everyday, I save time by not hitting a writer’s block halfway through. It may be weird to some people, but it works for me 🙂


The blog tour is incomplete if I don’t hand the baton to someone else. The thing is, nominating individuals is not easy for me. I hate picking favourites! So call me lazy, but I’m going to open this platform to everyone who reads my blog. If you would like to share your writing process, copy/paste the questions and answer them on your blog, don’t forget to leave me a comment too! This might be against the rules, but rules are meant to be broken 🙂

Well, that is all for this ‘thank you’ post. If I have not said thank you enough here, take some thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you home with you 😀

13 thoughts on “Version 3.1”

  1. It’s so great to hear that someone else plays pretend, voices their character’s dialogue and moves like them. 🙂 I love to imagine and act out as I walk to and from my day job – people totally give me weird looks when I say dialogue out loud or start walking in a strange way (because I’m so in to my characters and the way their bodies move). My only problem is when I do sit down and write when I get home I can’t remember everything I imagined. I suppose I just need to practice more! 🙂

    1. Haha! You’re bolder than me when it comes to play pretend. I always internalize the dialogue if I’m out in public 😀
      I think you just need to play pretend a little more 🙂

  2. You know, I think that playing pretend would actually be great for me to try and actually get my stories out. I often have so much trouble putting things to paper, while ideas are bouncing around in my head and maybe that way they will come out. I’m definitely going to try!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only weird one around! Haha. Playing pretend is the best, if only I could jump around in costume!
      I used to act them out during the day too, but I stopped because I had moments where I wondered if I actually spoke out loud and sounded like a lunatic.

    2. I would love to just play pretend all day! Sometimes (a lot of the time) I DO speak under my breath and just hope that no one notices. And (thankfully) they usually don’t.

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