FHB: Chapter 10

05 Sep

FHB Chapter 10

“Can I speak with you?” Ms Evans asked.

“Regarding?” Lucius replied, as he watched Tanya say her goodbyes and leave.

“I want you to leave Severus alone,” she said.

“Who?” Lucius responded. His honest question for being temporarily distracted came off sarcastically.

“Severus, my friend?”

Lucius gave her a long look before asking, “Why?”

“You’re bad for him,” Ms Evans answered boldly.

Lucius gave a false chuckle. “I think you are mistaken. The poor boy has no other friend but you, and one day you’ll leave him too. When that happens, I’ll be the only one he has left.”

“I won’t leave him.”

Lucius smirked. “We’ll see.”

He didn’t bother to stick around and argue with the girl any longer, as he walked off and politely excused himself from Professor Slughorn’s dinner party.

Lucius thought he had managed to leave Ms Evans behind, but when she left the office after him, he knew she was not done.


Did she just call me by my family name? Lucius asked himself silently. She was not going to get away with it.

“I’ll have points deducted from your house for your lack of manners,” Lucius immediately replied.

“I don’t care. I don’t know who you are or why you act like you own this school, but I’m not letting you bully me,” Ms Evans shot back.

“You don’t know who I am?” Lucius asked, curious as to why.

“Why should I?”

“Don’t your parents teach you?”

“They taught me well enough,” Ms Evans paused before she continued, “just not about this world.”

“Oh, so you’re a mudblood too.”

What’s wrong with Dumbledore? All these mudbloods are ruining our prestigious institute. Father must hear about this, Lucius told himself.

“What’s a-”

“Dirty blood. You don’t belong here. You’re not a real witch, you’re filth to our society,” Lucius answered her unfinished question.

“That’s discrimination! I’m just like you, I-”

“Don’t ever compare yourself to me, Ms. Evans. You are nothing like me. I’m of noble birth and my bloodline is pure. Yours however, won’t account for anything if it’s spilled,” Lucius spat.

Ms Evans innocent looking face flared up. She looked like she was about to throw a punch.

“Touch me, Ms Evans, and you will be expelled,” Lucius warned.

“How low can you go to threaten a child?” a familiar voice asked from behind him.

When Lucius turned his head to look, he saw Tanya standing a few feet away. Almost instantly, his anger turned towards her.

“You lied to me! You almost made me a fool!”

“You are, for thinking yourself better than everyone else,” Tanya replied.

Lucius shook his head to calm himself down. After weighing out the different replies he had in his head, Lucius said, “You see, that’s the problem with you mudbloods. You are all ignorant fools, thinking you are special being here. Go on and live in your fantasy world, but be careful, you don’t want death bursting your little bubble.”

Lucius did not stick around to explain further and he stormed off. When he finally returned to the common room, he swung his hand at a lamp on the nearby table and with a crash the room fell silent.

“What, what happened?” one of his so-called friends asked.

“Severus!” Lucius called out instead. When nobody responded, Lucius demanded, “Where’s that boy?”

“He’s not back yet, I think,” another so-called friend replied.

Just then, the common room door swung open and Severus entered. His eyes were locked on the ground and he only looked up when Lucius blocked his way.

“What’s with you?” Lucius asked.

Severus looked as though someone had called him a mudblood. It was the kind of reaction Lucius was hoping from the little brat just now.

Severus gave no reply as he looked at everyone in the room. All eyes were on him, and his mind was visibly blank.

Noticing the problem, Lucius turned and asked, “What are you guys doing standing around? Shouldn’t you all be in bed?”

An older prefect immediately started ordering the crowd to their warm beds, and soon Lucius and Severus were the only ones left.

“So, what’s with you?” Lucius asked again.

“Nothing,” Severus replied softly.

“What do you mean nothing?” Lucius gave Severus’ shoulder a squeeze in hopes to lead him to the sofa by the fireplace, but as he did Severus quickly pulled away and yelped in pain.

“What happened? Did you forget to jump on the enchanted stairs?”

Severus shook his head, but his lips were still sealed.

“Stop being a coward and tell me what happened,” Lucius demanded.

“I- I- the other boys were rough,” Severus managed a reply.

“What other boys? Boys from our house?”

“Gryffindor,” Severus said softly, as though saying the house name might do more damage.

“Name,” Lucius merely said. It sounded like a statement more than a question and Severus took a while to get it. When he finally did, he muttered, “Potter.”

So the rough little boy went by the name of Potter, eh? Lucius thought as Severus stood awkwardly with a hand rubbing his shoulder.

“I’ll handle this, Severus. But tomorrow, tomorrow you’ll be hanging out with Avery and Mulciber. They are very funny boys,” Lucius simply said.

Severus nodded and headed straight to bed. Lucius however, stayed a while longer. What should he do? Should he leave it to the professors or should he handle it himself?

“You see Ms Evans, Severus needs me,” Lucius whispered just as the flames in the fireplace puffed out.

To Be Continued…

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14 responses to “FHB: Chapter 10

  1. b00kreader

    September 7, 2013 at 1:34 am

    Lucius seems a bit more go-getter in your stories than the in-the-shadows adult version, I bet he takes care of it himself.

    • Jeyna Grace

      September 7, 2013 at 9:53 am

      I think he used to be a go-getter, being that he became an important person in the ministry. Most probably after years of supporting Voldemort, things changed.

  2. abbles

    September 7, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Well obviously he should tell the professors… but since this IS a story… 🙂

  3. secretlyyoung

    September 11, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Ahhhh can’t wait for the next one

  4. TRShakespeare

    November 29, 2013 at 6:06 am

    I can definitely see Lucius taking into his own hands. He needs to get a better grip on things, it’s almost like the rug is slowly being pulled out from under him.

    • Jeyna Grace

      November 29, 2013 at 9:22 am

      I think it is safe to say everyone agrees he’s the kind that prefers to do things his way.

  5. TRShakespeare

    November 29, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    But not always in a hands on approach if you know what I mean. He seems like he never wants to get his own hands dirty.

    • Jeyna Grace

      November 30, 2013 at 12:02 am

      Yes, I agree. He definitely does not want to get his hands dirty.

      • TRShakespeare

        November 30, 2013 at 12:08 am

        Do you think he get manicures and pedicures, making daily trips to the Wizarding spa??? xD

        • Jeyna Grace

          November 30, 2013 at 12:17 am

          Haha, you never know. With that long hair, its hard to tell.

          • TRShakespeare

            November 30, 2013 at 12:20 am

            Wahahaha I would love to see that in a fic some day or even just in a piece of fan art. I think I would die laughing!

          • Jeyna Grace

            November 30, 2013 at 12:22 am

            Haha! Someone might just do it, or you could just do it.

          • TRShakespeare

            November 30, 2013 at 12:28 am

            I suppose I could ….hhmmm maybe I will…. oooo doubt my evil friend is setting in. I don’t think I could do it justice.


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