Fan Fiction (Novel)

Family, Honour & Blood : A Fan Fiction


Carrying on with my previous trend, this is another Harry Potter Fan Fiction with a vote as you go concept. After a few months break at the end of Joanna Chen, I believe it is about time I start another.

This story is set in 1969; Lucius Malfoy’s 5th year in Hogwarts. It will be a journey of questions and soul searching as Lucius makes life altering decisions. This is my imagination of how Lucius Malfoy became the man we all read about in the books, and it is written as close to the facts found on

Do note that the characters portrayed are to my perception.

A short chapter will be published every fortnight, on Thursdays. And you’ll get to participate with the polls after every post 🙂

So If you find this fan fiction novel interesting, please share and subscribe!

Note: This is a fan fiction. Nothing more, nothing less.

(You can find all the chapters to the Family, Honour & Blood fan fiction here.)


28 thoughts on “Family, Honour & Blood : A Fan Fiction”

  1. I’m gonna check this out! 😀 I really love “Origin” stories. 🙂

    Be back when my laziness decides to give up… O_O

  2. After accidentally reading the latest chapter of this fanfiction, which is “Goodbye”, I got curious on what the story is about. XD I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I wanna see what you’ll make of of Lucius. He isn’t exactly my favorite character but I’d give it a go. Besides, a story that is told in the antagonist’s perspective is always interesting. 😀

    1. Haha, yup 🙂 He’s not my favourite too, but I like exploring what the unlikable characters had to go through. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

    2. True! Sometimes, I like antagonists the best because I understand them even more since I’m pretty much an antagonist myself. Haha! And yes, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this fanfic. 😀

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