Nescience & The Lucrative Business

What is Nescience? And what is The Lucrative Business?

Nescience was a short docudrama mixed corporate video which I did for my final film assignment. But like many other film students, I did a re-cut for myself. The re-cut will be up on youtube this Sunday (GMT+8).

The short film will be posted on my Facebook page and my Twitter Account. I will also publish ‘The Lucrative Business’ page on this blog, where the video will be on as well.

You can like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or just revisit my blog on Sunday to find the video 🙂

The Lucrative Business is a collection of 4 short stories based on the characters in my short film. They are more like back stories to give the film a little more depth. One short story will be out on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since I don’t like cramming multiple stories on my blog on a single day, I decided to spread it out.

 Briefly, both the short film and the 4 stories are based on the global crisis of human trafficking. The stories are fictional but set in today’s setting, to be more precise, in Malaysia.

To find out more about the stories and why I have decided to embark on this short series, visit ‘The Lucrative Business’ page (under the Originals tab) this Sunday.

I hope you guys would enjoy it, and share it with as many people as possible. I’m looking forward to reading your comments soon!

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