Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 23:

Joanna had sent a message to Tom to meet her at their tower hideout during Herbology. Five hours after that, Joanna found herself walking up the stairs slowly, wondering how he would react to her current situation.

When she finally reached the door, she hesitated for a moment. What was she hesitating over? The person she  chose to be with.

Then, as though she had reminded herself she was doing the right thing, she opened the door and spilled half the story before she could even shut the door after her.

“Dumbledore, he planned this,” Tom finally said after he heard it all.

“He couldn’t have hurt my mother,” Joanna replied softly, still wondering on how to tell Tom about her decision on going home.

“Well, he sure knows how to manipulate the situation. He has always had this thing against me. Every thing I do, he always finds a way to make it look wrong. I would kill him the moment I get the chance,” Tom said, with more hatred in his voice Joanna has ever heard.

“He thinks that just because I spent the summer with you, you’d probably help me, so he’s getting you out of the way. But you’re not going to let him do that right?” Tom immediately turned to her.

“Tom, my mother needs me,” Joanna said slowly, as she watched him carefully. Tom was not his normal self, considering his normal self was not at all normal for normal people.

“So? Are you going home then? To the woman who loves your cousin more than you?” Now Tom was angry at her, and Joanna didn’t know what to say.

“Look, when my father gets back-“

“When your father gets back? You don’t even know when he will be back,” Tom interrupted, without raising his voice once, which scared Joanna, as he seemed pretty angry and composed at the same time.

“She’s my mother Tom, no matter how she treats me, she is still my mother. Why can’t you understand?” Joanna replied softly.

“Of course I can’t understand. I killed my father remember. Well, it looks like you’ve made up your mind,” Tom paused as he looked away.

There was a long moment of silence before he finally turned to face her. “I made a mistake trusting you, I made a mistake opening up to you. But no matter, you’re just a dispensable pawn in my chess game.”

“How can you say that?! I have always been there for you!” Joanna could not believe he could just flip the switch and be so cold towards her. “I never backed out on you once, and just because-“

“You should leave.” Tom nodded at the door expressionlessly.


“Fine, I’ll leave. But I don’t want to see you in here ever again,” Tom said as he brushed past her towards the door.

Immediately, Joanna reached for him, attempting to stop him. But when he turned, he had his wand pointed right at her face.

“Don’t touch me. I’m not afraid to use this.”

Staring into his eyes, it was as though the Tom she knew was no longer there. His eyes were cold and emotionless, and it challenged her very belief that Tom did not mean what he was saying.

“Please,” Joanna choked. There was a pain in her chest that made it harder and harder for her to breath or speak. It was the pain coming from her heart. “Please don’t be like this Tom,” Joanna pleaded as a tear rolled down her cheek.

But even as the tear dripped onto the floor, Tom did not break. He merely stared at her briefly before turning around and exiting the room.

It was then that it really began to hurt. She may not know how she felt about him, but she knew that it hurt her to see him act that way towards her. Falling to her knees, all the anger, hurt and betrayal finally came gushing out as she began sobbing.

She hated her father. She hated her mother. She hated Dumbledore. She hated Tom. She hated everything. Why was her life so jinxed that when something good happens, everything bad comes to destroy it? Joanna couldn’t understand.

When she finally regained her strength, she dragged herself back to her room, and buried her face in her pillows as she cried herself to sleep.

That very next morning, Annoria helped her pack her belongings while Joanna sat by her bed, writing a letter to Tom. She hoped she would get the chance to pass it to him before she left, but when she saw no sight of him on her way to the train, Joanna told Annoria to tell Tom she would be waiting for him at the station.

The train was to leave at 11 that morning, and Joanna was already at the station by 10. She sat by the wooden bench, watching the the train being prep for departure with the letter in hand. But when 10.50 came, Tom was no where to be seen, instead, Annoria came running towards her.

As Annoria reached her, Joanna took all her will power not to burst into tears. Somehow being able to sense her feelings, Annoria flung her arms around her and said, “Give me the letter. I’ll make sure he gets it, alright?”

Joanna wanted to have passed the letter to Tom herself, but she won’t get the chance any longer. And though the letter contained more secrets no one else should ever read, Joanna wanted to trust Annoria, but her little heart still worried about protecting Tom and his secrets.

To Be Continued…

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