The Golden Ticket

04 May

Congratulations! These are the lucky 6 who will be given the Golden Ticket into Dream World!

1) Sam Sin

2) Ariadna

3) Kiara Paramita

4) Caroline Guisson

5) Tomte

6) Amira

(Two were given special admission for their support in my first book.)

To claim your golden ticket, send an email to with the subject, ‘Golden Ticket’. Also include the email address you wish to use and your name. (If I have already requested it from you, you don’t have to do it again.)


For those who have missed the chance, you can still gain access into Dream World by supporting me! A minimal donation of 0.99$ is required for the subscription of the entire series. But if you would like to give more, by all means!

(Note: Please leave you email address after you have donated so that I can add your name into the emailing list. You will receive a confirmation email a day or two after.)

Click the HERE to place your donations!

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