Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 19:

“What makes you think I’ll just give you my room Rose?” Joanna blurted out what she was screaming in her head.

“I just told you, I hurt my leg,” Rose replied. Joanna found it funny that she didn’t have the guts to demand her way with Tom standing right there.

“Well, I’m not giving it to you anyway.” Joanna raised her eyebrows as she folded her arms.

Just then, her aunt walked in looking rather cross. “My goodness child, what have you become? Rose is unwell and you’d rather her suffer than give her your room?”

“She’s lying!” Joanna tried to defend herself.

“Stop it Jo,” her mother said from the door. “You will give your cousin your room, and that’s final.”

Rose smiled sympathetically as she looked at Tom and said, “I’m so sorry you have to see our family feud.”

That was it, Joanna couldn’t take it anymore, and she stormed out of the room. She wanted to lock herself in her own bedroom but it wasn’t hers anymore. So she entered the guest room one floor up and never came out even for dinner.

When the clock stroke 10, a knock came from the door, followed by, “It’s me.”

Joanna opened it to let Tom in, and locked it again after.

“My guest room looks better than this one, want to trade?” Tom asked.

“It’s my house, I don’t have to trade for anything.”

“Then why did you?”

“I don’t have a choice. I told you already!” Joanna was getting frustrated. She regretted letting him in immediately.

“Well, it’s your house, isn’t it,” Tom added.

“Shut up.”

“Being nice makes you weak. Unlike you, Rose takes what she wants, and she’s not afraid of being mean.”

“If you like her so much, her room is just downstairs,” Joanna pointed at the door as she spoke.

“She is beautiful, and tall. And she does seem to like me,” Tom said, ignoring her anger on purpose. “But I’m not here for her.”

Joanna thought she had misheard him, and before she could say another word, Tom asked, “So, I hate my name and I’m planning of giving myself a new one. What do you think of Voldemort?”

Joanna laughed immediately. “And where on earth did you come up with such a ridiculous name?”

Tom pulled his diary from under his sweater and scribbled his name on it with a quill.

“I rearranged my name to I am lord Voldemort,” Tom said as he wrote it down.

Joanna took the quill from him and wrote something else down.

“Do you know, that if you rearrange Voldemort, you get Tom R Loved?”

Tom narrowed his eyes at the words and then chuckled. “I think I better change that now,” he added.

“Come on, you don’t have to cause I saw it that way. Besides, that name is horrid enough that people would not bother looking at it too closely.” Joanna smiled.

“I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing,” Tom said. “And Tom R Loved does not even make sense, I have never loved anyone or anything.”

“You love yourself?”

“But loved is a past tense, which means I have to be dead in order to have LOVED myself.”

“Whatever, I’m just saying,” Joanna said as she slumped on her bed.

That night, Tom accompanied her as she rambled on about her horrible cousin and it was until past 2 in the morning that she found out she had bored him to sleep.

Joanna watched him for a while before she pulled his diary from under his arms and decided to write in an entry herself.

‘Summer of 1945.

Tom and I have finally settled down in my oh so boring home. My cousin is also staying for the summer and I know that her stealing my room is just the start of it all.

Anyways, I think Voldemort is a ridiculous name. Who on earth would actually come up with it? Only Tom can. But on the brighter side, I found out that if you rearrange the alphabets, you would get Tom R. Loved.

He’ll hate my guts if he finds this entry and reads this. Haha! Too bad Tom, who asked you to fall asleep when I’m talking.

You know, I think you’re a very nice guy. If only you would open up your heart a little, then maybe you could experience love yourself 🙂

Anyways, I’m done doodling in your bloody diary. At least this entry isn’t about you killing somebody.’

When Joanna was done, she shut the diary, folded her arms on the table, and fell asleep.

Morning came with a knock on the door, and the familiar voice of her horrible cousin was calling to her. When she stared at the door contemplating, she noticed Tom was no longer in her room. And then realizing that her cousin was actually on the second floor, she opened the door and glared.

“Thought your leg hurts?”

“Oh, feeling much better today.” Rose smirked.

“What do you want?” Joanna asked as she rolled her eyes.

“Nothing, just wanted to see how you’re feeling.” Rose paused before she continued, “But I guess you are used to feeling useless huh? Expelled from how many schools already?”

Joanna merely gave a false smile in reply.

“That must have a bad affect on your studies right? I bet you can’t even duel properly. And you’re like what, 15 already?” Rose added in a mocking tone.

“I’m the same age as you Rose. I’m sorry you can’t count.”

“Then it’s worst! You know, I’m the best duel-er in my school. You do know that Drumstrang has pretty high standards.”

“I don’t care Rose, I really don’t.”

“Of course you don’t, because you suck. Unless you want to prove it,” Rose said, as though challenging her to a duel.

“Oh by the way, I think your mother left her wand lying on the kitchen table this morning, before she went to town,” Rose added so conveniently.

She was definitely challenging her to a duel. Should she accept the challenge and prove her cousin wrong?

To be continued…

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