Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 13:

Joanna sat in library that evening, thinking if she had just made a mistake. She had agreed to join the team after they gave her excited looks, making it harder for her to burst their bubbles.

But the idea of flying again seemed so surreal. Being on a broom itself reminded her of what had happened, as though it was just yesterday.

“Right. So when I give the thumbs up, you go for it,” Joanna addressed her seeker, Kevin, and he nodded in reply.

“I can’t wait to show our seniors how much better we are!”

“They’ll hate us!”

Her team was rushing with adrenaline. It was their first match as the youngest team. They were the best in their classes and Joanna, who excelled in most of her classes, was appointed captain. This year, they were going to be playing against their seniors. It was not the prize that came with the victory that they wanted, it was the pride. Being the youngest team and being the best.

It was with that goal in mind that Joanna taught the whole team how to broom surf. It was dangerous, yes, but it was worth it. Or so everyone thought.

As they walked out into the field and started the match, everything went well. After they had bridged the gap in the points between them and their seniors, Joanna gave a thumbs up to Kevin, who had spotted the snitch moments earlier.

Within seconds, Joanna watched as Kevin stood on his broom, speeding up and reaching for the snitch. But before he could grab a hold on it, a bludger came right at him, hitting him from the back and sending him off his broom.

His fall broke with a loud crack and the screams coming from the crowd was deafening. Joanna stayed on her broom, hovering in the air as she watched the Professors hurrying Kevin to the in-house hospital.

Moments later, she was standing with her team in the headmaster’s office, being questioned.

“Whose idea was it?!” her Seeking Professor yelled. “I believe I did not teach any of you such a dangerous stun!”

“I did,” Joanna softly answered. She knew she couldn’t let the whole team take the blame when it was her idea to begin with.

“I thought better of you Joanna. Do you know what you have done?!”

Joanna gulped at the thought of seeing Kevin in a casket.

“Kevin will not be able to walk for the rest of his life! Do you like that on your conscience?!”

Kevin was paralyzed and she felt horrid. She wanted to hide away in her room and cry but she was given no chance, as one professor after another came to yell at her. They finally came to a conclusion to bring this matter up to the school board to decide on her punishment.

But what was worst than that was the looks everyone in school was giving her. Her team stuck with her, but everyone else shunned her.

It was high time that the board had decided for her expulsion and when it was her father’s turn to yell at her, she had grown numb. Numb enough not to care anymore. She was tired of explaining and tired of being interrupted with disgraceful looks.

That was when she decided that her dreams were completely gone and that she wasn’t going to bother staying in a school any longer than she could.

But Hogwarts seemed to be different. She had a chance at Quidditch once more, she had new friends, and she had a feeling she wanted to stay till she graduated.

Maybe it was a good idea after all.

Her thoughts were cut short when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Heard you made the team,” Tom said as he took a seat next to her.

“Yea.” Joanna couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s the final match for the year. It’s going to be a big game,” Tom added.

“Yea, so they told me.”

“Did you catch the last few matches?”

“No, I was helping YOU, remember?” Joanna did not fail to point out.

“Oh, right. Well, I’ve heard that you’ll be playing against Slytherin.”


“I don’t care really, I don’t even like Quidditch. But just so you know, Malfoy is a pretty good seeker.”

Malfoy, right, Joanna thought. He had been rather nice to her lately, but she doubt he would be the same on the field.

“Anyways, can I have my book back?” Tom asked.

“What book?” Joanna briefly forgot about Tom’s diary, that even the mention of it did not ring any bells.

“The book I asked you to hold on to last night?”

“Oh, that book,” Joanna recalled.

Joanna had not even read it yet and he was asking for it back. Should she give it back to him or should she attempt to read it again?

To Be Continued…

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