Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 3:

Joanna hurried after Tom. She managed to dodge a few professors who were walking the hallways as she tried to stay on his tail.

He seemed to be taking turns after turns till she came to one hallway where she completely lost him. Joanna sighed, “This was a bad idea. How do i get back now?”

“Good question.”

Joanna spun around to find Tom, arms folded, staring expressionlessly at her.

“I was-”

“Following me?” Tom interrupted.

“Curious,” Joanna finished her sentence confidently.

“Curiosity kills the cat.”

“Well, i’m not a cat am i?”

“Certainly not. If you’re so curious, you could have asked if you wanted to tag along.”

“Well.” Joanna paused briefly, “Can i?”

Tom did not reply, instead he turned and continued walking. Joanna did not hesitate this time as she hurried after him.

“Where are you going?” Joanna asked when she finally caught up with him.

“The library,” Tom answered and picked up pace.

Joanna decided to keep her questions for later as they arrived at the entrance of the library. The doors were locked, and as expected, Tom pulled out his wand. With an “alohomora” the door made a click and creaked open.

It was already 8 at night and the library was swallowed in complete darkness. Joanna could barely see anything in front of her and instinctively she pulled out her wand.

“Lumos,” she muttered under her breath. But the little light coming from the tip of her wand didn’t help much and she unconsciously grabbed on to Tom’s wrist. Tom, who was already maneuvering around the tables, stopped immediately and turned to her.

“I can’t see anything,” Joanna answered innocently.

Tom didn’t answer and continued deeper into the dark library.

They were walking for quite a while, and Joanna was starting to wonder how big the library actually was. In the dark, she could only imagine it to be as big as a Quidditch field, which seemed rather ridiculous.

But just when she was about to ask, Tom stopped. He hovered his wand over a small sign by a gated door. It read, “Restricted section.”

Tom slowly pulled his hand from Joanna’s grip as he opened the door and said, “Help me find a book.”

“What book?” Joanna asked as she knocked her wand on her hand, hoping it would give more light.

“Secrets of the Darkest Arts,” Tom said, and before she could raise another question, he disappeared behind a bookshelf.

“How do you look for a book in the dark?!” Joanna whispered to herself.

She felt her way towards a bookshelf and immediately knew it was impossible, so she decided to try something else. Joanna waved her wand as she called softly, “Accio Secrets of the Darkest Arts.”

Joanna waited for a while, but nothing happened. Slightly disappoint, she muttered to herself, “Accio bloody book.” And to her surprise, a book came flying towards her. Joanna grabbed for it but dropped it immediately when she felt the wet covers.

She knelt down to take a look at the book, and indeed, it was bloody. “Ugh,” Joanna said in disgust as she kicked the book under a shelf.

“Accio Secrets of the Darkest Arts,” Joanna tried again, saying it as clear as she could. But instead of a flying book, she heard a voice. It was whispering and she could barely make out what the voice was saying.

Joanna tried to find the source as she walked down a few shelves. She finally stopped when the whispers were no longer whispers.

“Over here,” the eerie voice said.

Joanna turned to a shelf and jumped backwards in surprise when a book fell onto the ground in front of her.

With her hand still clapped over her mouth, she slowly picked the book up. It was the book she was looking for.

Relieved that the eerie whispers were finally gone, she didn’t want to stay in this section any longer. But as she turned to leave, she gasps in surprise.

“Found it?” Tom asked, standing only a few feet away from her.

“Yes,” Joanna replied.

Tom reached his hand out, but Joanna smirked. “I found it. I want to read it first.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “You don’t even know whats in it.”

“You’ll be surprise of what i know,” Joanna said as she walked pass him, trying to maneuver in the dark.

But she might have underestimated Tom’s capability, as the book managed to slip out of her hand and float towards him.


“Shh!” Tom whispered sharply. He then slipped the book under his cloak and grabbed Joanna by the wrist, leading her out of the library. He finally let go when they exited to a quiet hallway.

Joanna was sure that everyone was sound asleep as a hand on the clock on the wall pointed at 10.

“You should go back to your common room,” Tom said, pointing to his left.

“Not yet. I want to see the book,” Joanna said, pointing at his cloak.

Tom didn’t answer and Joanna resorted to grabbing it. But before she could reach the book, Tom waved his wand and sent her flying backwards. Joanna managed to cushion her landing by conjuring a beanbag before she landed.

“What was that for?” Joanna asked angrily.

“Sorry. You should get back to your common room,” Tom said blankly.

To be continued…

(Leave a comment below or vote on whether Joanna should attempt to get the book or obediently retreat to her common room!)

21 thoughts on “Chapter 3:”

  1. Getting better and better each chapter. I seriously love your portrayal of Riddle. And I love the art work btw. Its really good.

  2. I love the bloody book thing. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH. 😀 i love your potter fanficts! You should post it on a reading community or…something. 🙂 good job!

    1. Haha! That was really a random idea. Thank you 🙂 Do you know any reading community i can post it on other than fan fic sites? If you do, let me know!

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