Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 2:

The sorting hat was whispering to itself as Joanna tried to make out his words. Finally it spoke, “Hufflepuff it shall be then!”

Professor Dippet cheerily removed the hat from her head and patted her on the back. “A fine house, Hufflepuff. Now run along, i believe you have a class to attend.”

Joanna nodded and followed Tom as they made their way to class.

“Congratulations,” Tom said.

“What for? Do great witches come from Hufflepuff?” Joanna asked.

“Not really,” Tom chuckled. “Unfortunately for you, you cant change houses.”

“Fortunately for me, i wont be staying long,” Joanna corrected him.

“Planning to get expelled again are you?” Tom narrowed his eyebrows as he waited for a reply, but all Joanna gave was a chuckle.

They finally made it to class. Quietly they walked in, trying not to disturb Professor Dumbledore as he was explaining about human transfiguration with his back towards them.

But one could only get past him if invisible as Professor Dumbledore turned and greeted the late comers, “Ah, i thought you two were lost!”

“Ms. Chen was to get sorted after Potions sir, i accompanied her,” Tom spoke first.

“That’s right, i almost forgot about that,” Professor Dumbledore said as he looked at Joanna’s cloak. “I see the sorting hat has placed you in Hufflepuff, very wise of it.”

Joanna caught Tom raising his eyebrows as Professor Dumbledore continued, “You’ll make good friends in Hufflepuff.”

“I hope so,” Joanna replied uncertainly.

“Now please take your seats, there’s an empty one next to Ms. Belle over here.” Professor Dumbledore pointed to an empty seat and Joanna took it.

Ms. Belle introduced herself as Annoria Belle. She had light brown hair that almost seemed yellow and coincidentally a student from Hufflepuff as well.

“We can share,” Annoria said sweetly as she pushed her copy of “Guide to Advance Transfiguration” towards Joanna, and she smiled in reply.

The class carried on for another half an hour before Professor Dumbledore ended it early for his emergency meeting. The students cheered at the news and waited for him to leave before they slowly did.

Joanna thought she could escape the crowd and follow Annoria to the common room, but she was wrong.

“So you transferred from an Art’s school eh?” a boy called to her.

When she turned, the blond boy spoke again, ” I presume you don’t learn spells then, must be hard coming to Hogwarts.” The boy laughed, and a couple of his friends chuckled. Tom, who was watching them gave no expression.

“Let’s go, there’s no point talking to Malfoy,” Annoria whispered in her ear.

“It wouldn’t be called a school if it didn’t teach spells. Are you plainly naive or just dumb?” Joanna retorted.

“Prove it then,” the Malfoy boy said in a challenging manner.

The students who were still in the class decided to remain as they stood in groups, whispering and watching.

“What’s your name?” Joanna asked.

“Abraxas Malfoy, why? Does it ring a bell?” Abraxas asked sarcastically.

Joanna laughed. “Mr. Malfoy, not only do you have a ridiculous name, but i believe your arrogance is nothing more than your incapability of doing magic.”

“Avis,” Abraxas said with a swift of his wand, and a flock of birds appeared out of thin air and flew around the classroom.

“That’s a spell for babies.” Joanna folded her arms as she whispered, “Finite incantatum.” And the birds disappeared.

Abraxas seemed rather insulted as he walked towards her, gripping his wand tighter, “Let’s see if you can counter this! Petrifi-“

“Incendio,” Joanna cut him off midway as she set his robes on fire.

There were a mixture of gasps and chuckles from the remaining students, but the screams of help from Abraxas drowned them all.

Tom walked forward and waved his wand. Immediately the fire died down. But Abraxas Malfoy was still on the ground squirming, and Tom had to pull him up.

“Walk it off,” Tom whispered sternly as he let go of Abraxas.

“Disperse. We all don’t need detention,” Tom addressed the class, and to Joanna’s surprise, they obeyed.

“Let’s go,” Annoria said as she tugged her hand, and Joanna followed after her.

Classes had ended for the day, but the day was not over yet. Joanna was told to head down to the great hall for dinner by one of her house prefects, just an hour after she settled in.

And since Annoria had already left, she was pretty much on her own. But finding the great hall wasn’t too hard as she followed a crowd of students who were heading in the same direction.

Joanna was about to enter the great hall when she saw Tom standing by the doors.

“That was quite a spell you pulled,” Tom said as he eyed a student who seem to be hiding something under his cloak.

“How’s Malfoy doing? Still traumatized?” Joanna chuckled.

“He’s fine.” Tom nodded towards the Slytherin table where Abraxas Malfoy was already scoffing down a chicken drumstick.

“I saw you sitting next to him in class. Are you two friends?” Joanna was curious.


Joanna smirked and gave him a nod before walking towards the Hufflepuff table. Her stomach was already growling and she didn’t want to starve it any longer.

At the table, Joanna slipped next to Annoria, the only person she knew from Hufflepuff.

Dinner carried on with a buffet of food which were highly pleasant to the taste, that by the end of it, Joanna couldn’t look at anything edible.

So she turned her attention to the students around her and tried to befriend the other Hufflepuffs, but they were never really her type of people to begin with. They were such a cheery and optimistic bunch that she decided to walk back to the common room alone after.

The hallways were full of students and prefects were ushering each to their houses. Joanna who disappeared from Annoria’s sight on purpose, were the last few. She was walking down a hallway when she saw Tom disappearing at a corner.

Should i follow him? Joanna silently asked herself. She was used to sneaking around at night in her past schools, and she was pretty good at not getting caught. But this new school was a bit too new for her, and she might just get lost.

To be continued…

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34 thoughts on “Chapter 2:”

  1. I have to say that your writing sounds very professional, I could be forgiven if I were to mistake myself in an ‘actual novel’. I don’t want to sound like I’m criticising, because I really love it so far, but I couldn’t help but notice that none of the ‘I’s were capitalised, other than that, there really are no flaws, I really hope I can catch up soon and get involved with the voting!

    Well done!

    1. Thanks!

      Yea, I didn’t caps them as I was rather lazy when I started off.
      Of course, over time, I made sure my stories looked as professional as possible.

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