Fan Fiction (Shorts)

She Left Didn’t She

5th May, 1990

It was a beautiful day. The sun was up, the sky was clear, and the yellow flowers Luna had collected was perfect for the vase on her bedside table. She had just turned nine 3 days ago and she felt as though she was “big” enough to conquer the world.

She skipped in her floral blue dress in their family’s garden and shooed the gnomes backed into their holes in the ground. She didn’t really like the gnomes, nor did her father, but no matter what she did, they always came back.

It was tea time and Luna was done playing outside. She hurried up the old wooden steps and into the crooked house she called home.

But when she thought the day was too pleasant for tears, her father proved her wrong. Sitting by an old armchair was Xenophilius Lovegood, the man Luna occasionally called the Happy Nargle. She found it rather odd, and wondered why he was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Father? What’s the matter?” Luna asked as she squeezed next to him on the armchair.

Xenophilius shook his head in reply. He didnt know how to tell his daughter what had just happened.

“Did the gnomes make you upset? I can yell at them if you like,” Luna smiled innocently.

“Luna-” Xenophilius choked on his words. The girl was nine. She was too young for this.

“Are you upset that i came home a wee bit late? I promise to be on time next time.” Luna felt bad. What she said didn’t help and she didn’t like seeing her father cry.

“I’ll make you some tea, just as you like it,”Luna said and walked to the kitchen before her father could stop her.

As she entered, she stopped dead in her tracks. The kitchen was in a mess. The windows hung broken and pieces of the kitchen cabinet laid on the floor. On the kitchen table was her mother’s cauldron, but it seemed to her that her mother needed a new one because this one had a big crack.

Luna was careful not to step on the wooden shards as she headed to the stove. She watched the floor as she maneuvered but when she finally looked up, the answer to her question of a messy kitchen was answered.

Lying on the floor was her mother. Eyes shut and body limp, Luna wasn’t sure what to make of it. She slowly knelt down beside her mother and touched her hand. It felt cold.

As Luna looked up, she saw her father standing at the doorway. He seemed to be looking for words to say but none came out of his mouth.

“She left didn’t she?” Luna asked softly.

Xenophilius was confuse. He didn’t know what his daughter was talking about.

“She left didn’t she?” Luna asked as she stood up.

“Luna, your mother-“

“It’s ok father. I won’t leave so soon.” Luna walked over and gave her father a hug.

She knew what was going on. Her mother had left them. But she was determined not to.

After all, she was nine. “Big” enough to be strong for her deeply upset Happy Nargle.

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