Fan Fiction (Shorts)

Last Letter to Lily

He stood in the owlery staring at the letter in his hand. This was his final attempt. If this didn’t work, then he would stop trying, not because he had given up, but because he was willing to pay for his mistakes. Mistakes he wish he could fix with a flick of a wand. But unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as that.

When he finally stopped staring at the letter, he headed to the nearest owl to have it attached. The owl hooted softly as he finally let go. It swished up and out of the owlery and as he watched it disappear into the evening sky, he hoped it would return to him with a reply.

That night, the same owl came knocking on a window, eyes darting across the Gryffindor common room, looking for the person it was sent to. But instead of the girl with red hair and green eyes, a boy with black hair and hazel eyes opened the window and retrieved the letter.

Addressed to Lily Evans, the boy mischievously tore it open and read.

Dear Lily,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because for calling you a mudblood. I never meant it. I swear I never meant it.

I know you wouldn’t talk to me, so I thought that maybe, if I wrote you a letter, you would know that I am truly sorry. And I wish I could take my words back.

I know it was wrong, but it was a slip of the tongue. Potter keeps kept picking on me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to defend myself, and I’m really sorry I hurt you along the way.

Honestly Lily, I know I shouldn’t point fingers, but this is happening because of Potter. Both you and I know he is an arrogant toerag. And if he would just leave me alone, none of this these these would be happening.

Please Lily, forgive me. I am sorry once again for saying those mean words. And I know now that death eaters are bad, and I’m not going to be one. I promise.

I miss the time we had together. I miss brewing Felix Felicis with you, and staying up late trying to study for exams. I miss sitting in your front yard and counting the stars at night. Last Christmas, I barely saw you. Even though I walked past your house a million times!

Lily, you have to know this is killing me. Please forgive me. Ask of me anything, and I’ll do it for you, if you could just accept my apology. We’re best friends, and you promised we will be best friends no matter what happens.

I’ll wait for your reply, hoping that thinks things can go back to the way it used to be.

Sincerely sorry, your Half-blood Prince.

The boy chuckled at the end of it. “He blames me?” he asked in disbelief as he walked over to the fireplace.

“Well, since it’s my fault, I shall own up to it then.” The boy crumpled the letter with its envelope and threw it into the flames.

“What are you doing?” a demanding voice asked from behind him as the flames made a soft ‘poof’.

“None of your business Evans,” he replied with a smirk.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot I was speaking to an arrogant toerag,” Lily said as she left him to his bloody business which she hoped he would get in trouble for.

(*Update_2015: Wow, I just realised this piece has the most likes and comments! Thank you to all for reading this. I appreciate all the feedback and I’m glad so many enjoyed it 🙂 ) 

102 thoughts on “Last Letter to Lily”

  1. Just read it, and I think that James would never do that. He was a meddlesome fool, yes, and he really liked to mess with Severus, but even then, he could not bring himself to take his friends away. However, that is my opinion. I also loved your story. Why not put it up on and get more exposure, huh?

    1. Interesting thought. I never saw James as a boy that cared much about Severus. Bullies in general don’t care. It’s hard to see a bully having a conscience, plus, James was still so young. Children tend to do things without thinking.

      Anyway, thank you 🙂 I did try once, but the admin gave me ridiculous reasons why my story was not approved. So I decided to stick to my blog. I also don’t write fanfics anymore, and have been focusing on originals.

  2. The fact that I just had to teared up a bit at that short piece of writing concerning Snape’s feelings towards Lily 😦 Been such a long time and I haven’t been reading any fanfics for the past year. Teenage James is the kind of guy I would hate in real life

    1. Glad it made you tear up 🙂 I have stopped writing fanfics, but I’m happy to see that it’s still being read. Thank you!
      *I doubt I would ever like teenage James either.

    2. Teenage James and Sirius are the bad boys in school. We would love to hate them but we will probably still be in love with them at the same time. How old are you btw?

    3. Haha, it’s funny, cause I don’t like James and Sirius even after they grew up. Honestly, I Wasn’t sad when Sirius died.
      I’m 25 this year 🙂

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