Fan Fiction (Novel)

Chapter 1:

Ever since she started school, Joanna has never stayed in one no longer than a year. She would somehow get in trouble and subsequently expelled.

This time, her parents decided to place her in a school near home, in hopes of keeping a close eye on her behavior.

As they walked down the hallways of Hogwarts, Joanna rolled her dark brown eyes trying to keep up with her father’s fast pace. In embarrassment, she let her black hair cover half of her face, as the Professor with them, who wore a peculiar half-moon shaped glasses, was trying to ignore her father’s rambling speech, which were supposedly attempts of scolding her.

They finally stopped in front of the headmaster’s office and at the mention of a magical creature, the statue of a phoenix revealed a staircase leading upwards.

Joanna followed after her father as they made their way into the headmaster’s office. An old man, who was nearly bald and somewhat feeble, smiled as he greeted them.

Embarrassed once again as her father was trying to convince the headmaster to let her enroll, Joanna went on to staring at the floor. Minutes later, the headmaster ended up convincing her father that Hogwarts is always open to students like her.

Students like me? You mean troublemakers, Joanna thought to herself as she bid her father goodbye and followed the Professor with the half-moon shaped glasses, who went by the name of Dumbledore, to her first class; potions.

In class, Joanna was introduced as a transferred student from the Wizarding School of Dramatic Arts, which was partially true. She was then asked to sit with a boy who had no partner, and so she obediently did.

The boy had black hair, and his dark eyes somehow complimented his pale skin, making him rather handsome. He looked at Joanna and smiled. “What did you say your name was again?”

“I didn’t,” Joanna answered shortly.

“Joanna isn’t it? I believe i heard it right,” the boy continued on.

Joanna looked at him as he threw a few twigs into the bubbling cauldron.

“My name is Tom.” The boy reached out his hand as he introduced himself.

Joanna responded with a hand shake and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m brewing some amortentia,” Tom answered, reaching for the jar of Ashwinder eggs.

“Why make a love potion when you can make a hate potion with almost the same ingredients?” Joanna asked as she uncapped the jar of powdered moonstone.

“I would, if Professor Slughorn stopped hovering over me all the time.” Tom watched the Professor walk up behind him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

When Professor Slughorn had finally retreated behind his desk, Tom asked, “You have not been sorted yet?”

Joanna shook her head in reply. “I am suppose to see Professor Dippet after class, but…”

“You can’t remember where his office is?” Tom finished her sentence for her.

“No.” Joanna shrugged as she flipped through an old copy of Advance Potion-Making.

“I can show you where, if you like,” Tom said as he threw in a pinch of moonstone powder.

Smoke rose from the cauldron with a poof and Professor Slughorn stood up clapping.

The class ended with Professor Slughorn constantly praising Tom for his excellent work, while the rest of the students grew green in envy. Joanna however, couldn’t care less as she waited for the professor to release Tom from his clutch of admiration.

Finally, after everyone had left, Tom walked her out of the class and led her down a long hallway.

“So, why did you transfer?” Tom asked before Joanna could sarcastically comment on him being the teacher’s pet.

“I didn’t exactly transfer. I was expelled,” Joanna answered.

“For what reason?” Tom asked curiously.

Joanna smirked and Tom narrowed his eyes at her.

“Oh, look, we’re here,” Joanna said unexcited. Tom took the courtesy of saying the password and following after her.

As they entered the headmaster’s office, the paintings on the walls looked down at them immediately. But their soft chitter-chatters were immediately obliterated by Professor Dippet’s exclamation, “Mr. Riddle! What brings you here today?”

“I was just showing my new friend where your office is,”Tom replied with a smile.

Since when were we friends? Joanna silently asked herself.

“Ah, yes yes. Ms. Chen needs to be sorted! Come now my dear.” Professor Dippet ushered her to a chair as he continued, “Would you help me get the hat?”

Tom nodded and reached for the sorting hat on one of the shelves. He handed it to Professor Dippet and the Professor took no delay in placing it on Joanna’s head.

Joanna couldn’t help but look up skeptically at the hat on her head.

“Doubting are you?” the hat spoke. It’s voice echoing in her head. “Hmmm… cunning but loyal. Patient but rather ambitious. This one isn’t easy.”

To be continued…

(Leave a comment below or vote on which house you think Joanna should be sorted in to, and i will place her in the highest voted house!)

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