Fan Fiction (Novel)

Joanna Chen: A Fan Fiction

The harry potter craze has officially ended. As a harry potter fan myself, I enjoyed the books and the movies. And deep down inside I never wanted it to end. One can only hope for it to keep going on.

So to cope with this Post HP depression, I have decided to write a Fan Fiction. This story is set during the time Tom Riddle attended Hogwarts, the exact year, 1944. It is my imagination of how Riddle became you-know-who, and it is written as close to the facts found on

Do note that the characters portrayed are to my perception. They may be a little different from the books, but it may be because I choose to see the good side in them.

I will add a short chapter once every fortnight, on Thursdays. And you’ll get to participate too, as there will be a poll after every post which will help decide on how the story flows!

So If you find it interesting, please share and subscribe!

Note: This is a fan fiction. Nothing more, nothing less.

(You can find all the chapters to the Joanna Chen fan fiction here.)

42 thoughts on “Joanna Chen: A Fan Fiction”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to browse my little Blog and leaving a comment, your Blog is intense! i also love Harry Potter Fanfics So I look forward to reading it and you as I go on. 🙂

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